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Heartwarming / Protect Me Knight

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  • The ending of Gotta Protectors:
    • As much as Princess Maria's tried to have the sprites assist her in attacking Magicadia and summoning the Demon of Doom to plunge it into chaos, she ultimately wanted to see her long lost sister again, which Lola was more than happy to be with her long-lost sister and patch things up with her, and the two princess happily returns home. Even the Four Fiends were happy that the two were able to reunite, and when Horus was worried they'd never see Maria again, she reminds them that they'll as be family to her as well.
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    • The Great Sprite's monologue, it's a heartfelt speech about video games' evolution from their 8-bit beginnings and sprite-based graphics to the 16-bit era and beyond, yet she lets the player know that the 8-bit era of yore will always be with them, no matter how many bits the real-world may have.
    • The closing credits theme, 8-bit Memories, accompanied by the lyrics sung by Princess Lola and Maria, is also loving tribute to the 8-bit era and many of the memories those video games have brought to many long-time gamers. Seeing Princess Lola arranging a parade and happily returning home with her long-long sister Maria on their way back to the kingdom also adds to this moment.


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