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Heartwarming / The Last Story

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Warning: Unmarked spoilers.

  • Mirania's Team Mom tendencies and genuine concern for the welfare of everyone around her got a few heartfelt smiles out of this troper.
  • General Asthar testing Zael to become a true knight, and post-boss battle against Asthar himself as the last test, giving Zael his own medal as a reward. This actually demonstrates how much trust Asthar already has in Zael, especially given what that medal is used for later on in the game.
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  • On the way out of the secret passage that Calista, Zael and Therius went through to find out the truth behind the Outsider, Therius takes the time to apologize to Zael about his earlier assumptions and behaviour towards him and the other mercenaries, resulting in Zael and Therius bonding a bit and vowing to have a friendly duel later. They end up dueling each other in the Epilogue, where Zael and Therius hash out Therius' decision to return to the Empire and train more virtuous knights, as well as Zael affirming his vow to fight for Lazulis and its people.
  • A very small one, but post- Zepha's death, there's a short cutscene where Zepha's brother, Zesha, is about to go attack the main party out of revenge. Zangurak simply tells him "Do not die" instead of trying to stop him, which possibly hints that he acknowledges their brotherly bond.
  • When the party escapes the Last World, Syrenne tells the others to go on ahead so that she can bring Lowell (who took a sword through the chest for her) back with her. Dagran's spirit uses the last of its power to bring Lowell back to life and Syrenne bursts into tears when he gets back up, wondering what the hell just happened.
    • Dagran's last words to the party before he passes away.
    "Now get the hell out of here. That's my final order... sorry to be so demanding right up 'til the end."
  • Zael's true knighthood ceremony in the ending. To see him finally achieve his dream, to be knighted by Calista using his and Dagran's old sword. Another wrinkle to this — Zael's first knighting ceremony is in the Count's private quarters, while this is on the street, in public. It shows a marked change in how Calista will be a ruler for the people.

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