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Heartwarming / Bayonetta 2

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As a Moments page, all spoilers will be unmarked!

  • Bayonetta fist bumping with Madama Butterfly. After Gomorrah's betrayal, it's nice to know at least one of Bayonetta's demons is genuinely friends with her.
  • Bayonetta getting to fight alongside Rosa, her beloved Mummy, who is suitably badass. Even better, Rosa recognizes her, even with her completely different haircut and outfit. It's unclear if she realizes that she's from the future or not. But even so, Bayonetta gets to hang out with her Mummy again, and Rosa gets to be with her daughter once more before her death. It's bittersweet, but mostly sweet.
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  • Bayonetta's last moments with Balder, in which she finally acknowledges him as her daddy. Also doubles as a gargantuan Tear Jerker, knowing what will happen to him.
  • The sheer amount of trials Bayonetta goes through to rescue Jeanne from Inferno, to the point that she only truly focuses on Loki's problems after she's sure that Jeanne is safe. And in spite of that, she always does her damnedest to help Loki.
  • Rodin playing Santa for Enzo's kids while Bayonetta kidnaps him for whatever. Rodin even admits he had fun doing it.
    • For that matter, Rodin goes out of his way to help Bayonetta save Jeanne after the prologue, free of charge, and even passes her a new weapon after Bayonetta does most of the work subduing the demon it was made from.
  • It's easily missed, but Bayonetta referring to Luka by his name when he shows up, especially after she had made it clear to Loki she only refers to someone by their real name once she feels like they've earned her respect. Even Luka was taken back, fully expecting Bayonetta to continue calling him "Cheshire" and treating him like a cat.
    • Doubling as a Funny Moment, Bayonetta immediately tries on Luka's hat and strikes a few poses while watching her reflection in a shop window.
  • After playing the game through once and knowing exactly what's going on, the last scene during the Records of Time intro takes on a stunning new meaning.
    Balder: My dear, sweet child. At last, you have fulfilled your promise to me. Fear not, for I am always watching over you...
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  • The Nintendo Switch port adds amiibo functionality, and includes some messages from Rodin if you use them. All of them are comical, but some of them are also pretty sweet, like Rodin expressing a desire to share some tea with the residents of the Mushroom Kingdom, or talk shop with a certain weapons dealer in Inkopolis.
  • While searching the cathedral, Loki admits to Bayonetta that he has no idea who he is or why he needs to get to Fimbulventr so badly. Bayonetta then reassures the stressed out teen that as long as he has a goal, he'll be okay, since that's what got her through her time not remembering who she was.
  • The ending shows Bayonetta and Jeanne really care about Enzo, saying she's actually starting to like him, and they miss having the foul-mouthed little Italian guy around. In general, Bayonetta being "off duty" and just going out shopping for her own pleasure for a change.
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  • Bayonetta's pole dance to the original Andy Williams performance of "Moon River" is a touching tribute to the singer.


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