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Heartwarming / Sakura Wars

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  • Whenever the battle theme "Ganbare!! Teikoku Kagekidan!!" plays.
  • During one of Erica's dates in Sakura Taisen 3, she and Ogami see a boy sitting by himself. Erica (No matter what choice Ogami makes regarding him) then goes to the boy and asks if he would like to play with the other kids. Sure, he runs off just after she asks, but it was still sweet of Erica to check on him.
    • Later, in chapter 8, the morning after Ogami lets Erica sleep over at his apartment, Erica decides to perform her special Good Morning Dance for him, which doubles as a CMOF. Afterwards, Erica treats Ogami to a homemade breakfast made by her (Which has a questionable taste). Goes to show how much Erica would do for Ogami out of the kindness of her heart.
  • The third episode of the Sakura Taisen V OVA has plenty of CMOH between Subaru and Shinjiro.
    • One that especially stood out was right after the fight scene between Subaru and the mysterious man from the first two episodes (as well as this one) on top of the construction site. During the fight, Subaru gets knocked out in an explosion, falls and is caught by Shinjiro. Though it's not shown on screen, it can be deduced since Subaru wakes up in Shinjiro's arms and immediately starts reprimanding him, saying "What are you doing, Taiga? What are we to do if anything happens to the lead actress? More importantly, why are you doing something so reckless?". Shinjiro's only response is "Subaru-san. Thank goodness, you're alright." Subaru goes completely silent and just rubs his back in an attempt to console him.
      • Made even better by the fact that you can hear the panic in Subaru's voice when they're scolding Shinjiro. Even though Shinjiro is the only one who blatantly states it, you can tell that the two of them are just relieved that the other one is safe.
      • Not to mention that Subaru was fighting to get the mysterious man off of Shinjiro's case in the first place, including by claiming that Shinjiro is Subaru's fiance.
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    • From the same episode:
    Subaru: Your straightforwardness is shocking, but it always seems to captivate the heart of the audience. (expression softens) I understand, Taiga Shinjiro. Just stay the way you are.
    • And then they just smile at each other. D'aaaww.