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The Sakura Wars series often provides some classic laughs.


  • In the second episode of The Gorgeous Blooming Cherry Blossoms, Kohran's working on her lie detector that will later be used on Ogami in the first game. When Kohran tells the detector that she's very intelligent, it promptly explodes. Kohran's response?
    Kohran: Looks like there's another bug.
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  • In the English dub of part 1 of École de Paris, we have Glycine's blunt reaction to Erica pulling out one of her machine guns.
    Glycine: Is that what I think it is?
  • In part 3 of École de Paris, guess how Erica wakes up Ogami. She straddles him until he wakes up. She even says that she learned it from Lobelia of all people!
  • Also from part 3 of École de Paris, we have Ogami trying to finish writing his letter. But, while he's trying to do it, Glycine and Lobelia get into an argument, which makes a plate of pastries Erica was about to eat spill onto the ground. Erica's reaction to this is infinitely more hilarous in the English dub:
    Erica: OH GOD WHYYYYY!!!


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