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Awesome Music / Sakura Wars

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  • The countless renditions of its opening theme, as well as the uplifting heroic battle theme from the first game, "Roar! Imperial Floral Assault Troop".
    • Compared to the rest of the lyrics, the speech part is nothing but clichenote  but the sheer bravado in the singer's delivery makes it sound badass.
    • Sakura Wars (2019) came along with a new arrangement, and it is every bit as epic as its predecessors.
  • The opening theme of Sakura Wars III is also great, having a choir in the background, giving it a holy feeling. The Chattes Noires remix of it is pretty damn good as well.
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  • The main theme of the fourth game is an awesome remix of the opening theme songs of the first and third games, giving the song this finale feeling.
  • Despite the fourth game being rushed because of the Dreamcast being on its deathbed, Kimi yo Hana yo still proves to be an emotional and uplifting credits theme.
  • Erica's image song, Prayer, is a bright and optimistic song that perfectly fits Erica's character. That, and it shows that Noriko Hidaka can do more than just call out attack names. The version used in-game is also great.
  • The ending theme of the Ecole de Paris OVA, Au Revoir, My Tears, is also really good, once again highlighting Noriko Hidaka's singing skills.
  • Coquelicot's image song is ridiculously catchy. If you don't hear "Aruko! Aruko! Aruko!" even after you're done listening to it, then you have ears of steel.
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  • Gemini's image song, My Dream, has a wild western feeling to it that fits Gemini perfectly.
  • Sagitta/Cherion's image song, Downtown Heart, just makes you wanna shout, "PRAISE THE LORD FOR MAKING THIS GAME! HALLELUJAH!"
  • Rikaritta/Rosita's image song, Bounty Hunter Rika, has a fiesta feeling to it.
  • Diana's image song, Looking to the Blue Sky, initially sounds sad and hopeless, but then turns into something bright and optimistic, symbolizing her character development in her chapter.
  • Sakura Amamiya's image song, I am a Maiden, is overflowing with heart and determination. It also counts as heartwarming as the song is about her feelings for Kamiyama.
  • Hatsuho's image song, Lady! Festival Spirit!, is a Hot-Blooded medley of rock and traditional Japanese music.
  • Elise's image song, Schwarzer Stern, is a militaristic anthem befitting the tough-as-nails leader of the Berlin Combat Revue's Schwarzchild.
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  • Azami's image song, Azami the Ninja, is a lighthearted tune to go along with the adorable ninja prodigy.
  • Lancelot's image song, Knights of the Round Table, is equal parts epic and uplifting.
  • Anastasia's image song, Somewhere to Return, is slow, smooth, and would fit right in with a Film Noir setting.
  • Yui's image song, Over the Rainbow, is nearly as Hot-Blooded as Lancelot's theme, and no less awesome for it.
  • Clarris's image song, Ronde, is a sweet ballad befitting the sweet scholar.
  • On the villain side of things, we have Ciseaux's theme, which doubles as a Leitmotif and a proper Villain Song.

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