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Sakura Nankyoku. Daughter of Nankyoku Mega-Corp. Otaku fangirl. Student Council President. Total nutcase.

This is the world of Penguin MusumeHeart. Adapted from the Penguin Musume manga running in Champion Red, it's one of the few anime to air completely online. No episode exceeds 14 minutes (counting the OP and ED), and new episodes went at 12:00 Japan Time on Saturday at (sometimes earlier for users of Nico Nico Douga, a Japanese YouTube analogue) Each episode follows Sakura (alias "Penguin"), her True Companions and whatever comedy can fit into that short span of time. The web series ran for 22 episodes, all of them available at the previous link.

By the way, IOSYS of Touhou Project fame (specifically ARM) composed one of the ending songs.

This anime contains examples of:

  • Animal Motifs - Sakura: penguin, Kujira: whale, Marie: polar bear, Sha Chi: orca.
  • Barbie Doll Anatomy - Whenever a character is naked or has very little clothing. However, when clothed nipples are visible through clothing, as well as a little camel toe.
  • Broke Episode - Marie loses all of her fortune and is reduced to living in a shack in the aftermath of the giant naked catfight incident. On her birthday, no less.
  • Fanservice - Quite a bit of it. Most of the girls are remarkably well-endowed for high school students.
  • Flung Clothing - Sakura attempts it and ends up nude in the classroom. A second attempt makes it end up right.
  • Gag Dub - An official one, too. Including recasting the show as a wrestling show and a Sentai team, all while messing around with the first 11 episode's scenes in a style reminiscent of a Fan Vid.
  • Genius Ditz - Sakura is an expert on all things anime. Completely brain-dead in all else.
  • The Power of Love - Sakura turns several feet tall and naked with the support from everyone in her duel against Marie. But not before she gets hit with a tranquilizer first. Marie tries this too, but since her own supporters are initially.... less then exuberant, she only grows a few feet or so initially but manages to do better a few moments later.

Alternative Title(s): Penguin Musume Heart