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IOSYS's logo.

IOSYS is a prolific doujin circle that specializes in music remixes, particularly vocal remixes of the background music from the Touhou Project series, with 33 albums (as well as several karaoke/alternate-remix and best-of albums and two re-releases) just dealing with Touhou in the past six years. Many of their vocal remixes have been given music videos by various artists. They also make plenty of original songs as well, including songs for rhythm games.

The group most likely got their name from the kernel file of MS-DOS (IO.SYS), which was used by every PC-98 machine.

IOSYS's (Touhou) albums to date:

  • Touhou Kazakuraen ~ Phantasmagoria mystical expectation (May 2006)
  • Touhou Otomebayashi (August 2006): Features IOSYS's biggest (and perhaps most memetic) song "Marisa Stole the Precious Thing"
  • Touhou Tsukitourou (December 2006): Features IOSYS's second biggest song "It Stops at the Affected Area and Immediately Dissolves ~ Lunatic Udongein" (a.k.a. "Overdrive")
  • Touhou Eijanhou (May 2007): Remixes of the stage and boss themes from Imperishable Night (except the Extra Stage, for some reason)
  • Touhou Suisuisuusuu (August 2007)
  • Touhou Kasokusouchi (December 2007)
  • Touhou Makashinsai (May 2008)
  • Touhou Souyuu Shinpi (August 2008)
  • Touhou Hyousetsu Kashuu (November 2008): Remixes of fan-favorite Cirno's leitmotif (and, appropriately, their 9th album)
  • Touhou Bubbling Underground (December 2008)
  • Touhou Chotto Matten (March 2009)
  • Bloom (March 2009): Solo instrumental remixes by IOSYS's guitarist, ARM
  • Touhou Nengara Nenjuu (August 2009)
  • Touhou JeuXinTerdiTs (December 2009): Like Bloom, but with IOSYS member minami taking the spotlight
  • Touhou Ageha (February 2010)
  • Touhou Crystallized Ocean (March 2010)
  • Moero! Touhou Brass Band (May 2010): Remixes of boss themes done in the style of high school baseball songs (re-released in August 2012 with a live band as "Moero! Touhou Brass Band Raw")
  • Touhou Faithful Star (July 2010): The follow-up to JeuXinTerdiTs
  • Touhou Koiichigo Musume+ (August 2010)
  • Touhou Merry-Go-Round (September 2010): Remixes of themes from Embodiment of Scarlet Devil done in the style of, well, merry-go-round music
  • Touhou Fushigi Kakumei (October 2010)
  • Touhou Unfufuufu (December 2010)
  • Touhou Meringue Shoujo Yakou (March 2011)
  • Touhou Variable Spellcaster (May 2011): The follow-up to Faithful Star (i.e., yet another solo minami work)
  • Touhou Ageha Destiny (July 2011)
  • Touhou Precious Ryuusei Shoujo (August 2011)
  • Touhou Reflection of a Drive (September 2011): The follow-up to Variable Spellcaster (yes, more minami)
  • Touhou Telepathy Shoujo Kashuu (October 2011): Remixes of Satori Komeiji's theme (like Hyousetsu Kashuu, but with no drama tracks)
  • Touhou Electric Denpa Shoujo (December 2011)
  • Quality Underground (April 2012): Mostly solo-arranged by IOSYS member uno
  • Touhou Twilight Heaven (April 2012)
  • Touhou Ageha Nightmare (May 2012)
  • Quaky Divines (September 2012): Dance-style remixes of various themes from Mountain of Faith (mostly solo-arranged by uno again)

IOSYS is also known for the song "FOE", a remix based around the infamous bosses in mook clothing from Etrian Odyssey. They provided one of the endings for the anime Penguin Musume Heart, and many of the songs for Dream Eater Merry.

See also Albatrosicks (a side project created by members ARM, quim, and miko to do their own stuff), monoROSETTA (member void's side project), and Sugar Honey Babies (IOSYS' "original idol unit").

Tropes that appear in IOSYS's work: