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Awesome Music / Sam & Max: Freelance Police

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  • The opening credits theme from Sam & Max Hit the Road. "Cheesy retro ambience" never sounded so awesome.
  • The opening credits theme from the Sam & Max: Freelance Police cartoon, a psychotic hard bop piece that nicely sums up the cartoon's charming madness.
  • The main themes to each of the Telltale Games seasons:
  • World of Max.
  • The War Room. Great horn and drum combo here.
    • War Song. Political correctness? The president is a violent sociopath! There is no such thing as PC.
  • The driving theme, "Cruisin'".
    • More than Jerks Cruisin with lyrics, used as the credits song in one of the episodes.
    • The low-bittage remix (heard in Episode 105) isn't half bad either.
    • Sticking with low bit music, the composer J.E.J shows us he can excel in other genres (for the record, he is the voice of the C.O.P.S.) than jazz.
  • "Cogs in Motion" definitely counts. It's like something out of a factory scene in a silent black-and-white 1930's cartoon, which makes it awesome. (It does play in a factory (of the 30s themed Toy Mafia).)
  • The Godfather certainly had its effect on the Toy Mafia episode.
  • Santa's Demonic Workshop, inside and and outside.
  • Jurgen's Lair Suite qualifies, too. Come to think of it, the series has a dozen tracks like this, particularly in season two and DEFINITELY in season three.
  • The ominous "Fugue and Dies Irae".
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  • Season 2 has a time travel episode. Back to the 80s!
  • According to composer Jared Emerson-Johnson, each of the Telltale episode contains as much music as an average 30-hour console title. So these games are really concentrated with music of awesome.
    • If an area is reused, the music is reused too - and a lot of areas are reused in Season 1. Even then, some of the tracks are remixed, so to speak, in later seasons. Sybil's office in particular has extra musical accompaniment in Season 2 that wasn't in Season 1.


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