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Funny / Sam & Max: Freelance Police

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  • The one-page Our Bewildering Universe has some of the best:
    Sam: Try imagining how far the universe extends! Keep thinking about it until you go insane.

    Title: Max's World of Discovery
    Max: Here's an experiment you can do! Leave a bag of bread on top of the refrigerator for a long time. It will eventually turn grey and taste bad. Now throw it into the street.

    Title: Baffling Animal Wonders
    Sam: (pointing at a tapir) Look at that. Isn't it ridiculous? Maybe it will leave if we all laugh at it.

    Title: Amazing Produce
    Sam: Which fruit or vegetable is the most resilient when you throw hammers at it? How can we find out?
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  • During their trip to the Philippines in which the duo finds themselves standing in front of several bizarrely designed buildings.
    Sam: Well here we are in the Philippines.
    Max: Drawn without reference material apparently.
  • In the same issue cultist are preparing to sacrifice Max to a volcano god. As the head cultist prepares to drive the ceremonial dagger through Max's heart, Max is saved at the last second by the cultist suffering from spontaneous combustion.
  • The rampant Nightmare Fuel on display in "Beast From the Cereal Aisle" is neutralized by one of the funniest lines in Sam and Max history
    Sam: I've never witnessed such mind-numbing horror. Well, there was that geriatric nude volleyball tournament.
  • During the road trip in Sam and Max on the Road, Sam tells Max a ghost story about a vengeful spirit who roams the highway looking for victims to tear apart. Immediately after the story ends, Max sees a seven-foot apparition of evil which fits the description of the story. As Max panics the creature jumps on the hood of the DeSoto and begins strangling Max. Then Sam wakes Max up revealing most of it to be a nightmare as Sam comments:
    Sam: You're missing all the fun. A seven-foot tall specter of evil appeared in front of the car, so I ran it over. Sounded like a bag of laundry going under. Hope I didn't hurt the tires.
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  • In The Big Sleep, Max throws the villain out the window of a hospital. When he looks out the window hoping to see his questionable mortal soul, among other things, dripping out the back of his skull, Max realized the room they were in was on the ground floor.
  • Sam kicking Count Orlok in the face in the Halloween special.
  • Fizzball! It's like baseball, sort of, except without the bases or balls, and more cases of warm beer cans and flying shrapnel. Here are some crazy people actually playing a brief round of it.
    Sam: That one guy is wearing a helmet, Max.
    Max: Pansy! Let me bite him in the face!
    Sam: You crack me up, little buddy.
  • Steve has posted an old unfinished comic on his blog which features this gem.
    Sam: with those semi-automatic weapons and their huge stores of ammo, they shouldn't be able to hold out for more than eight to ten hours. Then we'll make our move.


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