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  • The Triumphant Reprises of the main themes are always incredible, and make awesome moments like Yukimura's final charge even better. Have a listen to 1's Superiority, 2's Annihilation, 3's Winning, Chronicles's Imminent Triumph, and 4's God of War.
  • All "You're screwed" tracks are pretty awesome, too, despite being played when your forces are losing. Have a listen to 1's Destruction by Fire, 2's Backwater, 3's Life or Death, 4's Blunder, and Spirit of Sanada's Anti Conquest.
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  • Retreat battle music from 2 is hauntingly awesome! It's usually played when your army is in great disadvantage from the beginning of the stage and in the midst of retreat, such as Oda army's Kanegasaki, Uesugi army's Hasedo, Musashi's Sekigahara, etc.
  • Osaka Castle theme in ALL games is gracefully awesome, which perfectly fits the last battle of Yukimura, the series' poster boy. Here are the versions from the first, second, and third game, respectively.
    • Chronicles splits the Siege of Osaka into two battles. The first, the Osaka Winter Campaign, simply reuses the music from 3. The Summer Campaign, on the other hand, offers a haunting reprise of the main theme, Grief, which really drives home the emotions behind the battle, and the fact that the interminable age of war is finally coming to an end.
    • The fourth game has three tracks which are quite different to previous games' versions, but still awesome. Two of the three depend on the scenario: this one is for Toyotomi's army, and this one is for Tokugawa's army. The third track is for the game's DLC and sounds similar to the previous games' music, but more beautiful.
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  • Honnouji's theme from 2 is awesome. It sounds like Mitsuhide said "I've had enough with all of your ruthlessness, Lord Nobunaga. It's time to end this." The music is also played during "Conflict in Kyoto", where Ieyasu tried to frame Hideyori for planning assassination during both scenarios for Musashi (sided with Toyotomi) and Kojiro (sided with Tokugawa).
  • Rescue Battle theme from 2 is possibly the most beautiful music in the game. It really encourages you to protect your friends and beloved ones.
  • Kawanakajima is a series of battle between two Badass Armies, Takeda versus Uesugi. So it's just natural to have awesome battle music. Here are the tracks from the first, second, and third game, respectively. Much like the Osaka Castle theme above, the fourth game has different music depending on context; this is for Uesugi's army, and this is for Takeda's army. Likewise, here's the DLC version.
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  • Nagashino is about Takeda at the tail of its downfall, so the hauntingly gloomy music, with its stomping drums and menacing synths, reflects their crisis. Here are the versions from the first, second, and third game, respectively. For the fourth game, here is the Oda version and here is the Takeda version.
  • Speaking about one clan's crisis, Mikatagahara is when Tokugawa are at their lowest point, so the music also reflects their crisis. Try the first, second, and third game's versions, Tokugawa's version in 4, and Takeda's version in 4.
  • "City of Flowers", better known as "Okuni's Battle Theme'', will never be forgotten. Sure, the music ensures us the battle will not be taken seriously, either it's about Okuni and something foolish, like a "tournament" to decide who is the most beautiful woman or extortion of strong warriors to gain some money for her shrine, but the music itself is still beautiful. The first game's version is more 'intense', while the second game's version is more laidback. The remix for the fourth game is pretty awesome, too.
  • The Yamazaki battle theme from first game is possibly the best compared to the second and third game's version. It brings chills where it indicates how people take Mitsuhide's betrayal seriously and wants him to be punished. It's a good thing the first game's version return in Warriors Orochi 3, where the human resistance is facing against Susano'o's Mystic army. It's also the stage where the Mystic leader reveals to the humans that Daji has been hiding Orochi X's corpse to try to resurrect him. No wonder KOEI use the first game's music, which is more haunting and thus reflecting the danger that is faced by humans once again.
  • Of course, this sub-page would not be complete without Tadakatsu Honda's theme. All versions never disappoint us.
  • From the fourth game, "Destiny". Ominous Latin Chanting and dark dubstep-like electronica with accompanying Japanese flute? What better theme for the climax of Oda's story at Honnoji!
  • Sanada's theme from 4, "Cherry Blossoms", is just so beautiful, especially when it's played again in Nobuyuki's final story stage in 4-II where Yukimura unleashed his historically famous lone attack on Tokugawa's main camp. Spirit of Sanada has Triumphant Reprise version of this, where it's usually played when you're in the winning side, so it sounds more optimistic.
  • Spirit of Sanada has "Sanada Maru" which is played when Yukimura faces Hidetada in the final battle. It's actually a majestic and orchestral version of the Sanada theme which makes Yukimura's final suicidal charge very epic.
  • The Credits/Ending themes, fittingly, sound like they're marking off the end of an era. The ending theme of Spirit of Sanada sounds like it came straight out from Hans Zimmer's book which makes the ending and the game as whole a Tearjerker and at the same time, a Moment of Awesome for the Sanada clan.
  • Komaki-Nagakute pairs an intense beat with an insanely catchy riff, repeated by a whole bunch of different instruments. Here are the versions from Samurai Warriors: Xtreme Legends, Samurai Warriors 2: Xtreme Legends, and Samurai Warriors 4-II. (3 uses a different song for the battle.)
  • Anegawa (Samurai Warriors 1, 2, and 3, Samurai Warriors 4 Azai version, Samurai Warriors 4 Tokugawa version) is a downright relaxing trance track, mixing echoing synth chords with Japanese flute... except in 4's Tokugawa mix, which turns it into a stomping dance track.
  • Raging Waves (Samurai Warriors 2, Samurai Warriors 4), the theme for the Shikoku campaign, is chock-full of shamisen shredding... fitting for a song associated with Motochika Chokosabe. The Samurai Warriors 4 version makes it even more awesome by adding a dance beat.


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