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Makai Toshi SaGa

SaGa 2

SaGa 3

  • Xagor's theme has to be one of the best BGMs of the series, and that's saying something with a series that had "Let It Begin" as a leitmotif. Heck, the entire last battle has awesome sounds — starting as you're fighting "Sol" (the local God analogue), as he desperately tries to get you to do as much damage to him as you can before Xagor (the local Eldritch Abomination) tears him apart from the inside out to get to you. Starts here, with Sol's slow, sad theme, switching into Xagor's theme around 36 seconds in. Pure awesome.

Romancing SaGa

Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song

  • To the Altar of Revival, an unexpected but still great electronic piece used for the first half of the battle against Saruin.
  • This over-the-top number for the final battle with Saruin. Kenji Ito is awesome. (So is Tsuyoshi Sekito, as he was the one who arranged that AND played the electric guitar for it!)
  • Closed Heart which plays during Eule's death and Schiele reliving her memories.

Romancing SaGa 3

Sa Ga Frontier


SaGa Frontier 2

The game's soundtrack was composed by none other than Masashi Hamauzu and remains, to this day, one of his most notable soundtracks. It is unique for nearly all of its track names being in Gratuitous German.

  • Feldschlacht III is the best regular battle theme in the game, with its piano and percussion giving the song a unique tone to it and the battles it plays during a very atmospheric and moody tone to them, while Feldschlacht II uses an organ sound to great effect.
  • Todfeind, an incredibly energetic piece whose tempo's never slows down, which plays for the final fight against the Megalith Beast which Wil Knights' party is running away from while escaping the glacier. This theme is also played when Ginny Knights' party faces the Water Anima Lord.
  • Todesengel (translated from german as "Angel of Death"), the Egg's final boss theme which plays once its final form is revealed. If its first battle theme, Mißgestalt, was hopeful, this theme is instead ominous, solemn and has a faster pace, with the piano's notes being played rapidly, giving to the whole piece a sense of urgency. By the time you reach that point, your party is certainly exhausted and running low on energy, and thus this song emphasizes perfectly how this part of the confrontation is the final stretch.

Unlimited Saga

This game is an interesting case: it's the second SaGa game with a soundtrack composed by Masashi Hamauzu instead of Kenji Ito, after SaGa Frontier 2. The OST is divided into two distinct halves: the first half is more traditional sounding orchestral tracks, while the second half is mostly comprised of a lot of experimental electronica. Both halves are equally awesome. Unfortunately, the score is often overlooked due to the... dividing quality of the game itself.

  • The OVERTURE, a very energetic song. Perfect for to play for starting on an EPIC JOURNEY. Battle Theme 1 is a remix of the Overture.
  • The character themes, one for each of the 7 characters.
    • Theme for Laura: A simple but lush character theme that fully opens up at around the minute point, where it turns impossibly gorgeous. A cliche to say, but it is spine-tingling.
    • Theme for Cash: A simple but beautiful piano melody, backed up by woodwinds a little way through. A very direct and straightforward treatment of the melody, which is unusual for Hamauzu.
    • Theme for Vent: A very relaxing guitar melody.
  • The numerous battle themes, with four on Disc 1 and a lot more on Disc 2.
    • Battle 1 is the perfect music for the first battles of the game. Just the beat and the violin in particular really get you pumped up.
    • Battle Theme IV: A tango-themed battle theme, complete with foot stomping. Attack your enemies in a way that would make Astor Piazolla proud!
    • The final boss theme, BT "ultimate" manages to evoke a wide range of emotions, 'awe' being one of the most prominent ones. The final boss is fought in space. The song begins with some strings and atmospheric synth sounds. A heavy techno beat is added, with digital sounding synths in the background. And then comes the trumpet melody, which is amazing. It really uses the word "awesome" with its original meaning.
  • Enigmatic Scheme is a great, goofy, bouncy theme like few things Masashi Hamauzu has written. What sets Enigmatic Scheme apart is the slightly sinister tone. It sounds like it could be the Affably Evil theme song. Other bouncy, cheerful themes of his include Judy's theme (mistakenly labeled as "Feel Uneasy About the Wonders" on the official OST release) and a Brief Respite from FFXIII.


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