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What An Idiot / Sakura Wars

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The Sakura Wars series has a country's worth of stupid moments.

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     The Video Games 

Sakura Wars I

Sakura Wars II

Sakura Wars III: Is Paris Burning?

Sakura Wars IV

Sakura Wars V: Episode 0 (Sakura Wars V's prequel)

Sakura Wars V: So Long My Love

  • When Ranmaru is defeated for the second time (not counting all the other instances where he merely watched and taunted the heroes), he is held at gunpoint by six armored robots, and Gemini finally recognizes him as the monster who killed her master, but her revengeful intent is quelled by the morality lesson Shinjiro gave her earlier.
    You'd expect either for Gemini to realize she could kill for a good cause instead of revenge and take Ranmaru out once and for all, or anyone else to step in and do the job, or at least to capture him or otherwise make sure he was in no condition to do further harm.
    Instead Gemini tells him to scram and never return, and he runs away with nobody else so much as lifting a finger to stop him. The first thing he does after getting out of their sight, of course, is to vow revenge and speed up Nobunaga's resurrection...
  • At the end of the Disc-One Final Dungeon, Oda Nobunaga has completed his resurrection, is able to summon the Sixth Sun to level the whole world and rule over it, has plenty of energy thanks to the negativity he has absorbed throughout centuries, and the Star Division arrives just minutes after he's regained his full power. He also has Ranmaru by his side, and is fighting in the middle of the Demon Castle itself.
    You'd expect Nobunaga to just whip out a Wave-Motion Gun or summon his strongest soldiers, or activate some of the castle's traps to easily dispatch all of the heroes, removing all traces of the only threat to the success of his conquest.
    Instead Ranmaru unnecessarily pins Shinjiro down as Nobunaga shoots two giant arrows through his chest (impaling and killing Ranmaru in the process) and lets him fall off the tower, letting the rest of the team retreat while he stands there gloating.
    And then when he confronts the Star Division for the second time, he appears to be blasting them away, but he's actually playing a Mind Screw on Shinjiro; then he has each team member fighting an Underpowered Evil Side of themselves, letting them regroup just in time to help Shin with his own Superpowered Evil Side. He doesn't even try to take them on himself until they basically force him to.

     Anime Adaptations 

The OVAs

The TV Series

  • In the first episode of the TV series, Sakura unintentionally screws up the Flower Division's stage production, Romeo and Juliet. Despite Yoneda telling Sakura to wait to apologize until later, the latter desperately attempts to apologize Maria Tachibana and Iris, but they distrust her. She tries to apologize to Sumire, who was understandably upset with Sakura and her actions. Unfortunately, Sumire is having an interview with the press.
    You'd Expect: Sakura to wait till Sumire was done with her interview with the press, so that she wouldn't anger her more.
    Instead: Sakura's apology backfires when she trips on the cords to the lights and ruins Sumire's interview. Later, when Sakura inadvertently destroys the Koubu-Kais, Sumire decides enough is enough and forces Sakura out of the Flower Division, ultimately causing the episode's Downer Ending.

The Movie

  • After Ikki Yoneda is captured, the Imperial Flower division is put on indefinite standby at the Flower Mansion. Unfortunately, while this is going on, the Imperial Japanese Army places Yoneda's second in command, Kaede Fujieda, under house arrest along with the ladies of Wind Divison (the Bridge Bunnies).
    You'd Think: The army general would have additional guards to maybe hold the Wind Division ladies in the control room hostage, in case the Flower Division decides to break into the theater and take it back. If not, when Kanna breaks into the control room, the army commander could simply pull his gun out and point at Deputy Commander Kaede Fujeida's head, and threaten that he's going to blow her brains out unless Kanna, Sumire, and Leni stand down.
    Instead: The army general has no additional guards, and points his weapon not at Kaede, but at Kanna telling her to stand down, and as Kanna talks, Kaede takes the opportunity to knock out the general.
  • After Brent Furlong merges with his Japhkiels and becomes a monstrous demon thing, he attacks the Flower Division. Sakura, Iris, Kohan, Sumire and Kanna dodge the arm/tentacles by moving sideways. Ratchet Altair, the newest member of Flower Division, however, doesn't.
    You'd Expect: Ratchet to take cover along with her comrades who are dodging the attack.
    Instead: She just sits there and gets whacked by Brent's monstrous Japhkiel form and ends up slamming into another building, incapacitating her Eisenklied, and taking her out of the fight.