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This page is for the games. For the Resident Evil films, see here.

  • Resident Evil 2:
    • HUNK and his teammate have just critically wounded William Birkin, the head researcher of the G-Virus project and are standing alone in his laboratory. They have at least two more men positioned outside. They are all highly trained, heavily armed and armored professional killers whose only likely opposition are a 110-pound woman with no combat experience and her pre-pubescent daughter.
      You'd Expect: They would do a sweep of the room, searching for any additional virus samples and checking to see if the man they were sent to kill and just riddled with bullets was in fact dead.
      Instead: They book it, grabbing the virus samples and getting out. Not only did Birkin survive the attack, though gravely injured, he happened to have a sample of the monster-making virus on his person. When he injects himself with it, the results are predictable. This not only leads to the near-complete decimation of the team, but also results in the virus infecting the entire city and leading to the downfall of Umbrella.
      Even Worse: This happened before, chronologically anyway. Dr. James Marcus was similarly assassinated by the U.S.S—it's entirely possible and even speculated that HUNK was a part of that operation—and a similar outcome led to Marcus coming back to life, infecting a train, destroying two Umbrella facilities and nearly becoming unstoppable were it not for the timely intervention of a rookie cop and an ex-Marine.
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    • Elliot Edwards, a police officer, is stranded on a roof where a few zombies are approaching him. He manages to get a assault rifle, and a helicopter is coming in to save him, but he's currently in danger of the zombies.
      You'd Expect: Elliot, being a trained police officer, to be capable of, you know, shooting a few barely-moving targets that are six feet in front of him.
      Instead: He proceeds to panic and engage in A-Team Firing, failing to hit a single zombie even once.
      Even Worse: His random firing, in one of the worst cases of a Contrived Coincidence in video game history, MANAGES TO HIT AND KILL HIS WOULD-BE RESCUER, SENDING THE CHOPPER CRASHING DOWN ON ELLIOT WHILE THE ZOMBIES ARE TRYING TO EAT HIM. No wonder they changed his death completely in the remake!
  • Resident Evil 3: Nemesis:
    • Jill and Carlos meet up in a gas station when they hear a horde of zombies coming to their location. They start to panic a little bit since they are effectively trapped.
      You'd Expect: Jill and Carlos try to find another way out or at least barricade the door and windows.
      Instead: Carlos decides to play hero by going ''outside where the zombies are'' and attempt to mow them all down with his assault rifle. Somehow, Carlos doesn't die, but you can find him slumped over and passed out from his injuries, which he wakes up from and can still walk.
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    • A viral outbreak of an insanely contagious virus able to cross-infect almost any species of living organism—everything from humans to earthworms to plants—has occurred in Raccoon City, a small city located within the heart of the mainland United States. If this were in real life, it would make the Bhopal disaster look like a fart in a crowded room by comparison. In this beyond worst-case scenario, Umbrella decides to send in teams of soldiers on behalf of the U.S Government to try evacuating survivors from the city.
      You'd Expect: Umbrella to do some sort of damage control. Yes, this incident is bad. Beyond bad, it's a horrifying nightmare, but with a juicy government contract on the line, you would think they would attempt to save face in some manner by having this team actually attempt to rescue civilians.
      But This Being Umbrella: They decide instead that it is a better idea to send these mercenaries in—who are by the way a group of terrorists, war criminals and dishonorable discharges all facing death penalties with a casualty rate of 98%—to die by the hands of their escaped biological monstrosities to gather combat data, rather than actually rescue civilians.
      It Gets Worse: They insert "supervisors" into the command ranks of the mercenaries to gather said combat data, who Umbrella plans to extract once they have completed this task, or at the very least the data they hand in. All well and good, until one of them decides to pull a The Treasure of the Sierra Madre and bump off all the other Supervisors to take their combat data and sell it off to the highest bidder. Canonically, he escapes, so out of this fracas Umbrella didn't even get that much out of it.
  • Resident Evil 4:
    • Osmund Saddler has kidnapped the President's daughter, Ashley Graham, and infected her with a parasite that will allow him to mind control her when it matures, and he plans on using her to infect the President.
      You'd Expect: Saddler would let the girl go quickly, since the plan.
      Instead: When a rescuer shows up, Saddler has him infected with a plaga while monologuing about it, and repeatedly attempts to re-kidnap Ashley.
    • When initially researching las Plagas, Saddler had Luis Sera build a machine that could kill a plaga without harming the host.
      You'd Expect: Saddler to immediately dismantle the machine once his plan to kidnap and mind-control the President's Daughter begins since he does not need it anymore, or at the very least keep it password protected and make sure Ashley is never anywhere near it.
      Instead: It's kept fully operational, ready to use, and nearby to where Ashley is held.
    • At several points, Salazar appears and starts monologuing to the tune of "You have done well to make it this far, Meester Kennedy. But you will never stop our master plan!" Most of the time, he is only accompanied by a couple of those Granados Leon's been mowing down all game, and at one point Leon even finds him completely alone and defenseless.
      You'd Expect: Leon to blow his brains out, sparing himself the trouble of dealing with him later on down the line.
      Instead: Leon squanders 5 golden opportunities to kill him.
      The Result: Leon has to fight him as a giant tentacle monster.
  • Resident Evil 5:
    • Wesker confronts Chris and Sheva in his jet. He puts the former down with one punch on his side and two punches on his chin, and a kick then focuses on the latter with Chris' gun. As Chris tries to shoot him, he dodges every bullet he throws at him. Next, he pulls out his Samurai Edge and points it at Chris' head.
      You'd Expect That: Wesker would use this as an opportunity to blow his brains out, finally killing Chris.
      Instead: He basically says, "A new Genesis is at hand, and I will be the creator." Five seconds after, Sheva, whom he's not focused at that time, tries to attack him with a knife, missing the chance.
    • Excella Gionne.
      You'd Expect: Now that she gets the position of being CEO of Tricell, she wouldn't blindly follow orders from some mysterious guy who is prone to betraying everyone he works with in the first place. Even if she knew Wesker is really dangerous, she would try to betray him in some way.
      Instead: Not only does she trust him, but she continues to get involved with him.
      As a Result: Wesker betrays her in the end.
    • Chris pulls a gun on Wesker, at which point Wesker reveals that one of the minions flanking him is Jill (Chris's Not Quite Dead friend).
      You'd Expect: For Chris to stay alert, especially since Jill is clearly not his ally anymore.
      Instead: He lowers his gun and tries to reason with Jill. Both she and Wesker take this opportunity to attack Chris.
    • And of course, after a bit of prodding from Chris, Jill begins to fight the the brainwashing.
      You'd Expect: Wesker to stop screwing around, plug Chris once and for all, launch his missiles, and perhaps hit a drive-thru before The End of the World as We Know It.
      Instead: He remarks how impressive it is that Jill is resisting, turns up the dosage of the Psycho Serum, and just leaves. Of course Chris gets through to her, yanks the mind-control device off of her, and she spills all the beans on Wesker's hideout and plan.
  • Resident Evil 6:
    • Leon and his partner encounter what is obviously an airport-style metal detector on a university campus crawling with the undead, where being quiet is of the utmost importance.
      You'd Expect: Leon to climb over the waist-high desk beside the metal detector and continue on unimpeded.
      Instead: Your only option is to derp through the detector, which wails bloody murder since you're carrying more weapons than the Korean People's Army, which attracts every zombie on campus and hurls you into a vicious Hold the Line battle.
  • Resident Evil 7:
    • Ethan encounters a police officer early on whilst trapped in the Baker residence.
      You'd Expect: Ethan to explain he was looking for his wife and was trapped by the crazy people living there, showing his stapled on wrist as proof.
      Instead: Ethan is as unhelpful and vague as possible, making it look like he's the crazy person in this scenario. He also demands the police officer's weapon, as though he expects a police officer to just hand over his police issued weapon without consequence.
      The Obvious Result: The officer doesn't trust him at all, only gives him a pocket knife, then tells him to meet him in the garage, leaving him alone in the house.
    • Ethan actually manages to make it to the garage unaccosted, running into the police officer in the process.
      You'd Expect: The police officer to quickly get Ethan out of the garage one way or another, whether it's just by taking him out of there or even in handcuffs.
      Instead: The officer stands there for no particular reason trying to get Ethan to explain what's happening (when Ethan has just proven he's not taking the situation well enough to explain it).
      Predictably: He gets stabbed in the back of the head by Jack Baker.
      Even Worse: It's implied that the officer didn't even call for backup when he went to the house, meaning he travelled to this house that he has suspicions about (a note in the house says that he's been around multiple times) and didn't tell anyone where he was going or what he was doing. As a result, no help shows up to the house at all and Ethan has to, among other things, fetch a key out of the officer's own corpse to escape.
  • Resident Evil Village:
    • To defeat the Big Bad and stop their plans, Chris Redfield attacks her while she's disguised as Mia Winters.
      You'd Expect: Ethan would be told about said Big Bad and why attacking the fake Mia was necessary.
      Instead: Chris leaves Ethan in the dark in an attempt to prevent him from jumping at the call
      Predictably: Ethan Jumped at the Call in order to save/avenge his family. This leads to the events of the game, whereupon Ethan and Chris come into conflict. The events of the game also result in Ethan's death. Even worse, another character angrily states that this outcome could have been avoided, and Chris sorrowfully agrees.

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