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The G-Virus was meant to heal people/experiments with eye damage and regeneration backfiring
Just look at most of the G-Virus creatures. Notice they have an eye as a weak spot normally. Umbrella probably wanted the virus to regenerate damage to the eyes or other body parts. But the regeneration went berserk and the subject regenerating turned into....what ever they are now.

Wesker's sunglasses are more than Cool Shades.
In another series I read, the main character has a pair of special sunglasses designed to make up for his lost eyesight. Aside from that, they also have a program that can analyze the data of whatever guns and weapons his enemies are using. In addition to that, someone can even look up information on things via the internet, and send him the data in the midst of battle. They can also give him a possible trajectory of the bullets based on the data it's analyzed. My theory is that as of Resident Evil 5 (specifically as of the Spencer mansion incident), Wesker's sunglasses do the same thing: pop up information on his HUD during battle and show pathways of bullets. That's the only way I can make sense of how he can dodge fire from automatic weapons and not get hit; I get that he has super human reflexes and all that, but still. The time it would take for him to look at someone's gun, guess how they're going to fire it, and dodge would still be long enough that he should get hit every now and then. Especially when you have some people who just fire blindly. But if he has someone on Mission Control feeding him info via his glasses, then he can avoid all that and just focus on dodging the attacks and in turn kicking the shit out of people. It would also explain why he ALWAYS HAS THEM ON regardless unless someone actually forces them off his face. Granted, anything before maybe RE 4 and RE 5 is mostly Rule of Cool still.
  • No, they're just to cover up his ominously repelling luminous crimson eyes.
  • They're to hide his eyes. They are kind of the first clue as to his identity, after all.

HUNK is really Albert Wesker
  • Or, he's one of the many Wesker Clones.
    • Or, he's just a badass dude. An epilogue in Nemesis shows what his real face looks like.

The Umbrella Corporation and Tricell are both subsidiaries of Pentex.
They're both megacorps that produce everything from bioweapons to healing spray. T-Virus, T-Veronica, Uroboros and G-Virus are spiritual pathogens as well as physical ones, that weaken the host's spiritual integrity to allow them to be possessed by Banes. Birkin, Wesker and Alexia are all very high level Formori, whereas the regular zombies you see in the series are either weaker Formori or just being ridden by spirits of corruption.

The U.S. Government knew what Umbrella was doing.
There's no way Umbrella could have done all that they did without The Government being at LEAST suspicious, if not outright knowing what Umbrella was doing.

  • Another theory this troper has is that The U.S. Government was buying some of Umbrella's B.O.W.s.
  • It could be possible that the government was investigating Umbrella long before the Raccoon City disaster.
    • See Ada below.
  • According to Resident Evil: Degeneration, they indeed knew.
    • Even before that, when you check the S.T.A.R.S. office in Resident Evil 2, the fax machine spits out a report from the FBI describing their investigations into Umbrella and Irons.
      • Well, that fax was a direct response for Chris's request for an investigation. There's no indication they were looking into Umbrella or Irons before the Mansion Incident.
  • I vaguely remember reading something about Birkin being assassinated because he was planning to sell the G-virus directly to the government and reap the profit himself rather than letting Umbrella have a cut. Then, they got pissed.
  • This has pretty much been confirmed by RE5.
  • Interestingly enough, in the remake of RE2 leon asks Ada who was Umbrella selling these monsters to. Was it the US military, or some other military. Ada corrects him by saying they're not selling the monsters, but the virus that makes them. Notice how she didn't answer his question on who Umbrella is selling it to? Arguably that's a subtle dead giveaway.

Ada Wong...
... is clearly a government double (triple?) agent, possibly working for the C.I.A. (Or some other government agency). Likely as far back as pre-RE 1, but she's clearly playing them while working for another group(s).
  • leader of a third organization.
  • a Time Lord. It had to be done! - Tofu
  • an agent for The Patriots, as well as all of the above.
    • the fact that she wasn't present with Wesker during his final misson in RE5 only makes it obvious. Or she jumped ship at the right time.
  • Ada has been in deep cover for so long she probably lost her own identity. In fact, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis hints at this. More or less Becoming the Mask.
  • Resident Evil 5 hints at a biohazard incident in "the Orient" that Chris and Jill handled in the early days of the BSAA (but still pre-RE4). Given a name like Ada Wong, dollars to doughnuts says that she was probably involved in that as well.
  • My headcanon is that she's an operative for the Family.

Sir Ozwell E. Spencer is likely still alive
No game in the franchise implicitly states that he's dead.
  • He's still alive by RE5. He was seen in one of the latest trailers.
    • He was still alive by RE5. Then Wesker punched a hole through him, and he wasn't anymore. Of course, he'd hardly be the first person in the series to come back from the dead, so he could still be a villain in future installments.
      • Ooh, maybe he pulled the Wesker trick on Wesker, and when we see him next, he will have red eyes.

The T-Virus can affect things positively...
This is why eating hallway plants restores your health.
  • Which is obviously why Umbrella was interested in it in the first place.
    • Actually no, Umbrella itself was a front for Spencer, Marcus, and Ashford's BOW research.
  • Perhaps the Herbs are in someway connected to those Progenitor flowers seen in 5? They said they were trying to home-grow them, but failed to make the real flowers; maybe these are just the diluted prototypes.
    • The novels hinted at this, with Umbrella scared of the potential lost revenue from actually healing people, but saw its value as a military project.

...but it does cause some delusions
This is why characters think typewriter rolls are so important and that crates have magical teleporting powers. And that splitting up all the time is so awesome.

Whatever experiments Wesker may be conducting as of now may have the potential to revive the dead
After all, he did hint at the end of Code Veronica that Steve might come back from the dead. He and Birkin might have been working on it since Day 1, owing to Wesker's survival of RE1's Mansion Incident despite being gutted by a Tyrant, so it wouldn't be a fair stretch to say his experiments may have led to Ada's survival of RE2 and may lead to the potential return of Steve.

Many canon characters are traitors...
Stay with me, please. One of the many, many reasons for the outbreaks in and around Raccoon City are to test how humans survive in these kinds of survival situations. Maybe Umbrella/the government has access to crapsack/horror dimensions. Maybe they are just interested in tactics. Either way, many of the characters are being carefully monitored to see how they fight against the monsters... and their partners are in on it. All this is to explain why everyone keeps encouraging everyone else to 'split up for now'. Shake trees, shake!
  • Barry Burton is our only hope.
  • I can live with that, Barry is awesome enough to kick Wesker's ass, kill every zombie, and crush every Las Plagas into a Jill Sandwich.

Umbrella managers have (had) no idea what the hell they were doing
No... uh... I didn't fail to contain the zombie outbreak and get my men slaughtered because I'm an incompetent moron, I... uh... I sabotaged them to get 'combat data'. Yeah, that's the ticket.
  • It's those 'herbs' they're always using to heal.
    • Drug use would explain why Wesker, even before T-Virus, wore sunglasses all the time. At night, inside, inside at night...
    • And it would probably explain their business plan.
    • In my mind, there is no other reason why anyone would think making a virus that turns you into a man-eating vagina after impregnating your daughter and giving you over 9000 eyes would be a reasonable idea, let alone the thing you view as the pinnacle of your life's work.
    • What cinched it for me was Code Veronica. At one point, Umbrella's upper management thought it was spiffing to have a sociopathic 12-year-old as the head of a research project. William Birkin basically gets insulted because of how ridiculous this is, and this is a man who spent his entire life creating a virus that turns a man into what I can only describe as a hlphrph. I don't care how smart she was, she was TWELVE YEARS OLD.
      • This is actually a touch of Truth in Television, many "prodigies" usually are woefully underequipped to deal with the adult level expectations placed on them, so they end up with some kind of complex to deal with it, unfortunately Alexia and William (who was a prodigy himself), both ended up with a God Complex.

The plants that grow around Raccoon City are wild, addictive hallucinogens
Eating hallway plants revitalizes you, right? But they also cause mass hallucinations. And the plants have been growing there for centuries. This explains why pretty much everyone in power in Raccoon City and Umbrella are more crazed then a starving cat dropped into a gerbil habitat. Not only that, the T-Virus was created from the healing plants. The plants restore life, the T-Virus gives flesh-craving life to the dead. Seriously, this is more than just epileptic trees, this makes loads of sense.
  • Jossed by RE5. Though ironically, the "Stairway to the Sun" flowers operate almost exactly like you described.

Wesker wants to Take Over the World
Wesker has something that lets him become super-fast, super-strong, and super-tough, and whose only distinguishing feature can be concealed by a pair of sunglasses or coloured contact lenses. It also evidently requires no more than a few weeks of incubation. However, he's eager to get his hands on the Veronica virus, which requires 15 years of cryogenic incubation to not turn the host into a feral monster.

He also goes to considerable efforts to get his hands on the Plagas. The Veronica virus and the Plagas have one thing in common — the queen unit can control all the others in some way (Plagas by ultrasonic signals, Alexia by... something). Most likely, Wesker wants to get his hands on both of these in order to infect everybody with some sort of hybrid, over which he will have complete control and thus become ruler of the world.

HUNK will be a main character in the next Resident Evil game
It'll start with him and his team going on a mission and will end with only him alive, just like all his other missions. After all, "The Death cannot die".

Tofu will be the next Big Bad
Zombie meat-by products anybody?
  • Tofu: My secret is revealed! DX Back to the Evil Overlord List.

Wesker is either or has been a Player, the Composer, or a Reaper.
Obligatory link to home seriesWesker's more or less omnipotent, right? So here's what I think: he played a Game after getting speared by the Tyrant and managed to win, but made his first choice to come back as a Reaper. That means everyone in RE is dead, and Wesker's been trying to get them erased. Chris in this case would be the Composer — except he's not a jerk and wants Players to come back. So Wesker absolutely hates him for that reason; he doesn't want Players to survive. This explains why he's obsessed by RE5 — he wants the role of Composer.

Another theory is he was just a Player and came back after, no modification.

FINALLY, he could also have during his game became Composer. This explains how he knows everything — it's all a Game and he's the one behind it. Ada Wong is his Conductor. And since Oswell E. Spencer masterminded Wesker, that makes him the Producer. Chris and the others are innocent Players. He took an extra entry fee — he took their memories (crafting new ones to replace them) and their common sense ("We're in a zombie infested mansion! Let's split up, gang!") and hence, he's just playing an overly long and drawn-out Game because he has nothing else to do aside from dominating the world, but with Chris there, he can't, thus keeping it interesting.

Members of S.T.A.R.S are deliberately screened for T-Virus resistance
While they may become zombified after dying, the T-Virus itself doesn't actively kill them, it only activates itself upon their death. The only exception being Jill, who got a super sized Nemesis-dose of the T-Virus, and still managed to hold out for quite a while before Carlos can cook up an antidote.
  • As a matter of fact, Word of God says that Jill is straight up immune to the T-Virus.
    • She was vaccinated against it in RE3, yes.
  • In addition, not everyone becomes a zombie after dying. Kenneth, for one. None of our protagonists. Rebecca doesn't if you let her get killed by a hunter in the R Emake.
    • Rebecca doesn't become a zombie in the R Emake because the Hunter cuts her head off.
      • That's only in the original. In the REmake, it just cuts her throat. That said, somewhere in the Resident Evil wiki, it mentions that 10% of people don't have any reaction to the T-Virus, but I can't be arsed to look it up just now.
    • Another stroke against this is because many of the protagonists die in much worse ways than zombie bites, while some do regenerate as zombies. Kenneth doesn't get a chance to come back a zombie due to the zombie devouring his neck to the point of a pseudo-decapitation and Enrico gets shot. Likewise, Brad Vickers becomes an unwitting victim to naughty tentacles, returning as a zombie, and Forest, while pecked to death by T-Virus infected Crows, comes back as a zombie. Other characters you can find in RE 3 are either dead from other things or their own suicides.

Wesker is really Vanilla Ice
That stuff about Uroboros and Plagas and Umbrella? It's all part of his comeback.
  • Don't call it a comeback! He's been here for years!
  • Tofu: That is both terrifying and entertaining. More info plz.
  • Would that make Birkin D-Shay and Krauser Earthquake?

Wesker had a brother, who later became Gin.
Wesker and Gin both have blonde, evil hair; they both love the color black, they're both ruthless, etc. The creative difference between the two is Gin's hat and Wesker's sunglasses.
  • Heck yeah! Bring on the crossovers!

During the Mansion Incident, everyone there was stoned.
It explains why Wesker was wearing his sunglasses at night (to hide the effect of the drugs on his eyes; they could've been bloodshot, for all we know). Barry appeared to be obsessed with food (Jill Sandwich). The way Jill reacts to the snake venom looks like she's also high on something (though I don't know if there is a snake venom that makes people act delirious...) Rebecca is obsessed with practicing Moonlight Sonata, though there are freaking zombies everywhere. And Chris confronting Wesker... He's laughing for no reason, like he's on weed. But, as a corollary, Wesker was coming off his high during the game, because he was able to pull off coming Back from the Dead.
  • Yeah, that's what they said in the Caliban Cove novel, and we all know how the rest turns out.
  • Maybe all of the zombies are normal people, and are just seen as zombies because of the protagonists' drug-induced hallucinations

Jill's additional item slots...
Are Victoria's Secret Compartment.

Resident Evil takes place in the same universe as The X-Files.
Jill during the Mansion Incident looks like Scully at about that time in the series...

Wesker is one of the Blade Children.
Part of a group of children altered by someone with a 'vision for society': Check. Cat-slit eyes: Check. Murderous streak that prevents them from living peacefully: Check.

Jill has a criminal past
In SD Perry's novels, Jill's father is a thief that taught her to be the "Master of Unlocking". It's also canon that Jill was in the military prior to being in STARS, Delta Force to be exact. I theorize that Jill was caught while stealing something and, instead of being sent to prison (or Jouvie), she was enlisted in the military.

Wesker is the One and Ada is Trinity.
It would explain Wesker's outfit in 5 and Ada's outfit in 4. And, you know, all of the bullet time with them both. But that would make the series part of The Matrix...

The protagonists (and other survivors) of the T-virus-related games will become virus-zombies when they die
Be it from a bullet or just plain old age, eventually these people are all going to die. And when they do, they're bound to turn. The virus is spread from zombie to human through bites, as the creatures feed on a living human, after which the dead human rises as one of the undead. The protagonists, however, take dozens of bites over the course of each game, and never turn. This is because the virus' host must be either dead or near-death for it to take over. Most victims die while under attack, but the protagonists simply recover from their wounds and move on. They are infected, but not dead. The virus will remain dormant in their bodies until they finally kick the bucket. Then, it's zombie time!
  • Or not. It's generally accepted amongst RE fans that unless it's explicitly mentioned in a file or shown in a cutscene, none of the protagonists are injured and infected for the duration of their scenarios. In other words, ingame bites, slashes, and whatnot attacks inflicted on the protagonists are non-canon, and are merely part of the game mechanics as opposed to driving the story on.

The emphasis on action in RE4 and RE5 is meant to emphasize the growth of our heroes.
As the series goes on, they get more experienced with zombie fighting. So the developers give them more challenging enemies to fight.

The world's nations have all merged.
Resident Evil 4 is officially set in "Europe", despite it clearly taking place in Spain. Resident Evil 5 is set in merely "Africa", with no indication of what particular sub-Saharan country it might be (although people more knowledgeable than I may be able to draw some educated conclusions). What does this indicate? That the world's countries have all united by continent: Canada, the United States, and Mexico are no more — they're just "North America". What was once Spain is now part of the same administrative body as the former France and Portugal, in the area known only as "Europe". The same with Asia, South America, and Oceania, and of course "Africa".

It's all just a game
Even in normal situations, Racoon City would involve a lot of puzzle solving just to get around. The mansion was built like a maze. The police station... just to get to friggin' boiler room, you need four different keys. So after the Racoon City founding fathers had all the fun building games into their buildings, they decided to implement a zombie virus just to see how much more challenging it might be. Hell, this explains the second movie, with the guy monitoring the security cameras.

The next Resident Evil game will feature 2-4-5 Trioxin
The Trioxin gas will be the cause of the next zombie outbreak.

In the next RE game, Tofu will be an optional character.

The reason why none of main characters became infected (well, from RE1 to RE5) is due their (natural?) immunity to virus/es.
Think about it, all of them got scratched, bitten, cut, beaten, and taken a walk/swim/run through infected areas. And although they can get poisoned, they never show any effects of infection. This also could be the reason why plants work this way on them.
  • However, Jill got infected because the Virus was not only directly delivered into her body, but also due to it being mixed with whatever Nemesis was oozing.
    • That could also mean that Tyrants are immune to virus people, that were kidnapped from Racoon City when their immunity was discovered.
      • Actually, there is a lot of canon info that pretty much says that. Not the kidnapped part, but a VERY small percentage of people even can become Tyrants, and they wouldn't succumb to the virus under regular circumstances. Even a smaller percentage can become a Nemesis.
    • I always figured that is exactly why Wesker chose them to be S.T.A.R.S members, not because of their skills, but because each member was found to be resistant to the T-Virus, after all, it would be child's play to get a blood sample during the interviews, under the excuse of "advanced drug screening", why else would they hire a fresh out of school 18 year old as a special terrorism squads medic? After all it would be difficult to get "combat data" from them if they all died straight away from one scratch.
Every game is canon. The playable characters are all unreliable narrators.
In most of the games, characters save their progress at typewriters, and presumably make note of their experiences. On top of retcons/changes from later games (R Emake, Chronicles, etc.), some games even give you a choice of your player character offering two sets of contradicting stories. (In RE 1, either Chris or Jill is kidnapped by Wesker, and either Barry or Rebecca, despite both canonically surviving the mansion incident, is never seen depending on your choice.) Nothing is truly contradicted or retconned, but instead liberties are taken by the author of whichever character's story you're reading.
  • To use another R Emake example, Wesker is shown being "killed" by the Tyrant in two different ways. After the first battle with the Tyrant, on Jill's side, Wesker's body is gone. On Chris's, it's still there. Chris only assumed Wesker was dead instead of actually checking (he has less medical experience than Jill and Rebecca, as demonstrated by his inability to make V-JOLT), making Wesker's return in Code Veronica that much more surprising to him. It's also no coincidence the character you're playing as gets to destroy the Tyrant with a rocket launcher while the other one is apparently unconscious. And then previously in RE 0, Rebecca previously had two run-ins with a Tyrant, as well as countless hunters, but in Chris's story, she's relegated to possibly getting killed by a hunter if Chris doesn't save her as she cowers in fear. Now that we know Chris likes being thought of as a badass who saves the day, is it any wonder why he apparently looks like he was ripped out of an action movie in RE 5?
    • That also explains why, when playing as Sheva, you realize his AI is stupider during the boss fight with Jill. Make of it what you will. ;)
  • Another example is Darkside Chronicles, seeing as how it's Leon retelling the events of RE 2 and RE: CV (which he wasn't present for). That could also explain the completely different architecture in the boss fight with Steve. Claire probably didn't go into very much detail about it, because Steve died, so Leon described it differently, based on what he thought it looked like. That also explains why Steve's heart is exposed, Alexia looks much more like a plant, characters were working together at points in time when they wouldn't, Wesker and Chris didn't fight Alexia while Claire dealt with Steve, etc. He just interpreted based on what he was told by Claire, thus explaining why Chris's portion wasn't touched on while Claire was in Antarctica.
    • It also explains why Alexia is so much more evil: somehow, I doubt Claire was very charitable when it came to describing that witch.
  • Yet another is Umbrella Chronicles' interpretation of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. Wesker is the narrator. He had almost no way of knowing the order of events and what happened, because there's no way that Jill would be on speaking terms with him after what happened in the Arklay mansion and there weren't surveillance systems set up. That explains why the places Jill and Carlos fight the Nemesis are unusual, where his mutations happen are different, Jill is able to access the other side of the police station than in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, Nicholai and Mikhail aren't there, Carlos lost his accent, Jill's kept in roughly the same area throughout the whole thing, the Gravedigger comes up out of the ground in the middle of the city rather than the graveyard, Jill doesn't get infected, etc.

The T/G-Virus/Las Plagas/etc zombies are incredibly dense.
The zombies and characters from the Resident Evil series all follow the rules of conservation of mass. The virus/disease simply causes them to develop special organs of hyper dense tissue distributed throughout their body. This explains the vast majority of the games previously thought of as illogical. These organs are hyper efficient and versatile, allowing things like:
  • Suddenly experiencing massive growth without any apparent intake of mass from their surroundings — the intake has already taken place off camera, through massive intake of biological materials stored across their body.
  • Regenerators and Iron Maidens regenerate tissues by converting stored matter into new limbs, eventually dying either when their organs are removed from the body or they run out of mass.
  • Seemingly humanoid opponents being able to take massive damage from bullets — their bodies are effectively bullet proofed by layers of this super dense material.
  • Lickers' brains are coated by this material, even though they're on the outside, stopping them from being one-shot-wonders.
  • Chris Redfield apparently has a mutated form of the virus, manifesting itself as hyper-dense muscles, as do other protagonists. They heal rapidly because herbs are actually very dense as well — explaining why you can only carry a small number of them.
  • It also explains things like tyrants, and Wesker, being able to catch rockets. Sheer strength alone would not allow that.

Umbrella knew about Las Plagas from the beginning.
  • Las Plagas hosts and T Virus infectees are both notably stronger, considerably tougher, more vicious, less hygiene-oriented, and can be controlled by a master organism (in the case of the Code Veronica version). The reason that Las Plagas victims are more cunning and less brain-chomping is that Las Plagas is a purer version of the T-Virus. In fact, the T-virus was Umbrella's attempt to recreate that superhuman effect, using the T-Virus to make Alice-quality super soldiers. (It results in many a One-Winged Angel in the game continuity because Las Plagas doesn't exactly work like Umbrella thinks it does.)
    • If Las Plagas really is a primitive T-Virus, that explains how its fossilized spores can still be alive after hibernating for millions of years.
  • Saddler probably worked for Umbrella, researching the Plagas fossils, but thought that using them practically was a pipe dream... until it wasn't and he figured it out. Saddler went rogue and used his research findings to make his own mind control cult, not being content with simply using bio-organic weaponry to conquer the world. Meanwhile, Wesker was not amused and sent Krauser and Ada to steal his research, seeing as that's the kind of information gold-mine that could put Umbrella (or a similar company) back on top.

There's something wrong with Wesker's hands.
  • Why else would he ALWAYS have gloves on? I'm thinking either A) there was always something wrong, and the T-virus made just that worse or B) The T-virus did something that fucked his hands up, thus the gloves.

Either Carlos Olivera or Billy Coen will appear in the next CG movie.
  • The guy Leon faces is a male, and is holding a machine gun, and seems like he's not afraid of the zombies. They're both male survivors, so they fit the bill.
    • Jossed. He's a different guy named Sacha, a.k.a. "Buddy."

Johnny Bravo is a clone of Wesker
A failed clone at that, as this one was more interested in picking up chicks.
  • No... Wesker's a clone of Johnny Bravo, with a bit of Duke Nukem for good measure.

The G-Virus is shaped by emotions the same way the T-Virus was.
Wesker said in UC that "the host's mindset influences the virus". Now, this flies in the face of all real world biology, but so does everything else in the franchise. With that out of the way, let's begin.

I've been playing Darkside Chronicles recently, and fighting G when I noticed something. Birkin's initial transformation was a shambling, asymmetrical abomination. However, he was still conscious in there. Remember the "SHEERRRRYYY!"? He's actively searching for his daughter, but he's completely mad by this point. I have more proof, but I'll get to that in a moment. Birkin had never been sane to begin with, but after the G-Virus injection he went nuts.

Anywho, Birkin's crazy, but he still believes the G-Virus to be the perfect weapon and the pinnacle of his work with Umbrella. Logically, we can infer that he believed anything created from it would be perfect as well. With this in mind, let's take a look at each stage.

G1 was his initial transformation, and like I said before, it was a mess. He could barely walk, his body was obviously wracked with pain, and he didn't even have any natural weapons — the intial claws he developed either degenerated or were unsatisfactory for his use. Instead, Birkin was smart enough to use that pipe, but he could still only move quite slowly towards his prey. Obviously, this is a far cry from the perfect creature Birkin envisioned. Now, applying Wesker's theory, if Birkin wanted to be a perfect creature, obviously something needed to change. This is where G2 came in.

G2 was an even more grotesque stage than G1, and also raises a couple of interesting questions. First, though, this form is far more deadly than before. It can leap great distances and finally has some natural weapons: those swordlike claws on his mutated arm. On top of this, Birkin is faster now and sneakier too. He deliberately sets up an ambush on multiple occasions in this stage and the later ones too (the cable car, the elevator, the train, and in DC, that big hub room where you fight him three times in a row) and uses his newfound leaping ability to his advantage on that elevator fight too. However he still lost, and obviously this form's asymmetrical body was still incomplete and imperfect. More changes were needed.

G3 was the next stage and arguably the perfect superhuman creature Birkin hoped for. Look at it: The musculature is pristine, it's developed armor over its vulnerable midsection (something that gives it an advantage over most Tyrants), and it just looks like a finished product. Moreover, it's fully mobile now; look at the acrobatics it displays in DC! Even in the original RE 2, this form moved quickly. In stage 2, we saw Birkin's head get shoved into his chest cavity in favor of a new, mutated skull. However, he's far from stupid in G3. He's feral, but clever: he shields himself with his arms, he displays a bizarre roundhouse kick, and employs sneak attacks and various unique acrobatic movements that seem out of place on something that fights on instinct. Also, G2 recognized Annette and didn't even attack her until she pulled a gun on him (again, DC only). This implies that Birkin's memories and intelligence were retained in the new head, which leads my to thinking that his brain was still there or that information was "copied over", so to speak. This also explains how he knew which areas to avoid when rampaging through the underground lab. Notice you don't see him in any of the poisoned rooms or the smelting areas where he could fall in and get nearly roasted alive.

Now, astute readers that have come this far through this wall of text may wonder if this convoluted theory applies to the last two stages. Many people say that G4 was a great big step backwards... but I'm not so sure about that. Birkin's become an even greater killing machine than before. His attacks can kill Leon and Claire in about two or three bites, and in DC he's fixed another flaw as well. He's developed a new long range attack: that acidic vomit akin to the G-Creatures he later spawned. Birkin even set up an ambush in this stage too. Okay, he was in stage 3.5 (notice the expanded rib cage and new head), but it still counts.

Now, for G5 and how it fits in with the "Birkin's mad idea of a perfect creature shaped this form". Actually, I think this was another intermediate stage, like that 2.5 version we saw in the cutscenes of RE 2 and the 3.5 form we fight briefly before he became G4. Birkin has been eating everything he can find; zombies, lickers, lurkers, and possibly other survivors. As result, he's evovled into a giant blob... or a cocoon. This is pure fanwank, but he might have been trying to develop into something possibly even more powerful than before, only he got sidetracked by that explosion. He's still in there, as my signature (and more importantly the cutscenes in DC) prove; Birkin's crying out for his daughter even after becoming this abomination.

In conclusion, right up until G5, Birkin had been steadily evolving into a perfect killing machine. He's still intelligent, but he's so insane after the transformation that he's lashing out at or impregnating anything that moves. However, with each transformation, he becomes more efficient, more deadly, and more of the perfect creation Birkin may have envisioned. Wesker's theory may have some credit after all.

The herbs in the Resident Evil video games are really medical marijuana.
I knew this when I first played the game; how else would they use them? Eating them is very unlikely. I thought that only trained professionals could use them until I played "Outbreak" and RE 4. I don't think you make medicine out of them, and I don't think an ordinary person with no skills or training could either. In all the Resident Evil games except RE 4, when you mix herbs, why are they in something that looks like marijuana paraphanilia, so you can roll it up and smoke it, that's why. When you get deep in the game and see blue herbs that cure poison, you'll also wonder what kind of plant that is too. It's some super medical marijuana that cures sicknesses.
  • *sigh* You're a little late to th- no, you're a lot late to the party with the weed jokes. Besides, mixing herbs on sheets of paper is how traditional medicines are prepared in Japan, and take a wild guess which country the Resident Evil series was developed in.
  • Didn't know medicines were prepared that way. But if you didn't know that, how would you think their "herbs" were used?
  • Before RE 5 showed the spray bottles, I assumed they were used as a poultice. Forgive me if I sounded a bit douchey earlier, but us RE veterans have been hearing the pot jokes since 1996, and they haven't aged well at all.

The games are just a really big film series.
Although the production history is hard to figure out...

Las Plagas possess a super high body temperature.
Why else are they the same color as fire and other super heat sources on the infrarred scope (thermal imaging scope).

The only gun that's canon in the video game series is the standard handgun.
You'll notice in the cutscenes, especially in RE 4 and RE 5, you'll have a bunch of monster weapons, but your character only uses the standard magazine pistol. Even in RE 4, when Salazar tried to kill Leon with that trap door, after he counters, he symbolically retaliates by shooting that sound horn with his STANDARD handgun; even if you have the red9 or something that doesn't look like the standard handgun, Leon will still have it. Ada isn't really much of a main character and the scene where it shows her watching Leon shooting those Zealot ganados with the TMP is only filler. She's just an Unreliable Narrator unaccurately telling the player how Leon's making it through his mission.

Some Wild Mass Guessing.

In the next game, Wesker will be the protagonist, or at least one of the good guys somehow.

We will finally learn about HUNK.

Jack Krauser will return; he can survive that barrage of bullets from Leon, so it's possible from him to recover from his encounter with Ada. We the player aren't 100% sure he died, and Ada doesn't know everything, so how is she so sure that he died.

Leon & Chris could team up.

The creators will try to add a little sexyness to the new game.

  • Wesker's "son" is indeed the third protagonist of RE 6, and Chris and Leon will finally meet up for sure, if not necessarily team up. No info yet on the other guesses, but on a WMG page, two out of five is a pretty good average.

Agent Bishop is one of the Wesker children.
If you think about it, he has superhuman strength, speed, and being enhanced. However, after being abducted by aliens, it is assumed that he wants nothing to do with Spencer, his creator, and this is why he changed his last name from Wesker to Bishop.

HUNK is Johan Liebert.
It would appear that after leaving the hospital, Johan goes to work as a mercenary for Umbrella. Disillusioned by how they work in the use of viruses, his mind has cracked even more and he begins to wear a gas mask to hide his face and is renamed as HUNK. In that persona, he is calm, but cracked.

This is all happening in the same universe as Parasite Eve. Also Dino Crisis.
The whole ANMC project from Parasite Eve 2 was an Umbrella operation; the Golems are seem to be closer to BOW than ANMC, and the entire operation to create human-derived neo-mitochondrian creatures stinks of Umbrella experimentation. The fact that they were trying to develop an airborne viral vector for neo-mitochondria also has Umbrella fingerprints all over it. Viral infestation is their modus operandi, while the various Mitochondria Eve's were more comfortable with remote control and live birth.

The problem is that neo-mitochondria are not all that cooperative and have their own goals in mind. The second Ultimate Being being created in the base under Dryfield was definitely not part of the plan, demonstrating that the researchers had pretty much been taken over by the neo-mitochondrians at that point and were no longer doing the research for Umbrella. The ANMC pupae being converted from a factory for the viral NM vector to a womb for the new UB is proof enough that Umbrella's plans were off the table.

The reason the President is pressured into firing the space cannon at Dryfield is because Umbrella needed the place cleaned up or at least too damaged to be linked back to them, and nothing cleans up messes like giant space cannons. Umbrella likely ceased to experiment with NMCs shortly afterward, focusing back on their original virus-based research. Dicking with neo-mitochondria, while tempting, would almost inevitably lead to any attempted programs being co-opted by the little parasites into creating another Ultimate Being and trying to cull the human race. Unable to guarantee control over them, Umbrella would abandon them to focus on much more manageable viruses and megalomaniacs.

Dino Crisis happened as well, but it was caused by a minor Umbrella subsidiary, one focused on energy generation for military applications. It didn't go very far because uncontrolled dinosaur summoning isn't very useful for energy applications, the time-travel bit is nigh-impossible to control (And even Umbrella would want to avoid dicking thing up with paradox-es), and turning dinosaurs into BOWs would take a lot of extra work for not a lot of gain, as the number of dinosaurs transported to the present is pretty limited. And being a subsidiary made it very easy to simply leave them holding the bag, especially since it involved almost none of the usual zombies-and-tyrants you see all over most Umbrella's viral outbreaks.

Aya and Regina both end up as part of the government's anti-Umbrella taskforce, as they are both federal agents and their own experiences during their adventures make them uniquely suited to dealing with the organization's bioweapons. Regina and Aya have dealt with creatures just as dangerous as any Umbrella bioweapon, and Aya is probably both immune to any viral issues and can set things on fire with her mind. Also, both of them have fought a T-Rex, so they'd probably get along famously.

Also, The 3rd Birthday never happened because screw that game.

Members of STARS Alpha and Bravo teams tended to greet each other by spraying one another in the face with various things.
When Rebecca accidentally sprays Chris in the face with something in the original PSX version of Resident Evil 1, his response to her apology is "Heheh, you must be from the Bravo team." Judging by this, perhaps spraying their allies in the face with mace or other sprayabale liquids was their way of saying hello.

Resident Evil 6 was such a stinker because the gameplay was too miliary themed.
Not going to try to hide the obvious here. 6 wasn't as great as 5, 4 or revelations and that's because the resident evil team mixed the gameplay up too much. While trying to yet again give gamers an otherworldly gaming experience like they did in 4 they accidentally took away the element that made Resident Evil well Resident Evil in the first place. ORIGINALITY. They put so much fancy moves and gave so many monsters guns that it pretty much watered away that good old "Resident Evil" feeling as well as disappoint gamers worldwide.

  • That's not so much WMG as it is hitting the nail squarely on its head. It's also likely the reason Revelations 2 appears to be scaling it back to more of an RE4 style.

Lady HUNK is just HUNK being fabulous
One day, HUNK suddenly decided to shave his legs, wear a miniskirt rather than his usual combat pants, and asked everyone to call him "Lady".

Rebecca Chambers was one of Nemesis' early victims
Think about it: We know she survived the mansion incident thanks to her report on Billy Coen, and the wiki states that she officially returned to civilian life after. And that's it, that's the last we see of her activity. She's not even mentioned after that. Barry at least appeared in 3 and was officially stated to be aiding in anti-Umbrella ops, but not Rebecca. As far as we know, she never left the area. It's entirely likely that she stayed in Raccoon city like Jill did and was just unlucky enough to run into the big man first. Brad could have even seen it happen, adding to his terror when Jill finds him and giving him further proof that Nemesis is after S.T.A.R.S. members. (I know Nemesis says so all the time, but it's very toothy-sounding and hard to make out, especially when you're running for your life.)
  • Brad was also aware of Nemesis' mission to kill S.T.A.R.S. members (beyond Nemesis simply saying "S.T.A.R.S."), implying Nemesis has already killed at least one. The only surviving members after RE 1 are Chris, Jill, Rebecca, Barry and Brad. Brad dies at the start of RE 3, Barry is confirmed alive at the end of the game, and of course Jill and Chris are still around. However, Rebecca has not been seen in a game since, lending strong evidence to the conclusion above.
  • Possibly confirmed as true, the official Biohazard/Resident Evil companion book updates every character's status, and Rebecca is listed as deceased around the RE 2/3 time period. It appears that Nemesis found her...
  • This has likely been Jossed, actually. There is a pre-RE6 stage play in Japan known as BIOHAZARD THE STAGE that was overseen by Capcom themselves, meaning it's either canon or the next closest thing. In it, Rebecca is shown to be working as an university professor and also serves as an advisor to the BSAA, much like Barry in Revelations 2. She's even been on several containment missions and has been active since at least 2005, one year after RE4 and the same year the events of Degeneration took place.

In the Resident Evil world, Ukraine disintegrated into three countries.
We've seen two civil wars in Eastern Europe in the franchise in the form of the Eastern Slav Republic and Edonia. Let's say in the RE world, Ukraine collapsed into civil war a decade earlier than it did in real life with the catalyst likely being Victor Yushchenko dying from poisoning unlike real life where he survived, resulting in the two autonomous regions of the ESR and Edonia being formed from what was once eastern Ukraine, and the country that is still calling itself "Ukraine" is merely made up of the western half now. And both regions continue to be in turmoil between factions that wish to be independent countries versus factions that wish to be part of Russia.

RE1 was originally intended to have robotic enemies.
Hence Barry's comment about how the acid grenades are powerful against living things.

Resident Evil 7 will be a soft reboot, featuring a mostly new cast of characters as key players, with the old guard in supporting roles.
Considering the unsurprised reactions of the guys and gals from RE1 and RE2 who keep showing up in later games, the most feasible way for the series to return to its survival horror roots (beyond the scaling back to CV and RE4 levels seen in the Revelations games) would probably be to put players in the shoes of people who'd have minimal, if any, experience when it comes to a Zombie Apocalypse and slowly grow into Action Survivors while getting the life scared out of them at each and every turn. (Think of it as a modernized successor to the Outbreak titles, possibly with the addition of a Sanity Meter, Sprint Meter, Psyche Gauge, or some combination of the three.) At the very most, they could be something like rookie BSAA members similar to how Leon's first (and last) day on the job as a cop was the Raccoon City outbreak. However, that's as far as it should go. Self-defense, sprinting, and—depending on the character's athleticism and possible training—evasive maneuvers are one thing, but when you get to suplexing zombies and punching a boulder repeatedly without breaking your knuckles, you start to lose the sense of dread and terror, no matter how awesome.

The old gang would still be around and make their presence known at times, but, like in their respective outings, you get the sense that they're part of something bigger and more important. In the case of the "BSAA rookie" scenario, Chris and Jill could come in during one particularly harrowing section (perhaps finally confirming whether or not they're a romantic item, hm, Capcom?) and bail you out before going off on their own action-packed adventures. If our "heroes" survive, maybe they're taken in by the government and given an offer, complete with Leon making a cameo and telling them the same thing happened to him years ago. Or maybe they're working for TerraSave under Claire's watch and their entire reason for ending up in the crossfire is because of a medical assistance response gone horribly wrong.

Along the way, the protagonists are aided (over the phone, via e-mail, etc.) by an enigmatic figure who knows far more than they let on. If it wasn't for the events of Revelations 2, I'd say their anonymous benefactor would be revealed as none other than Alex Wesker, the last of the "Wesker children," using the heroes to achieve currently unspecified means, but it could always be someone else working behind the scenes. Jessica's still running around out there, isn't she?

At some point in the future, some guy or lady will say "Ah screw it. I'll make the most OP virus ever!!" and every single Resident Evil protagonist in the franchise will team up like Avengers: Infinity War. Yes, even Ashley and Agent for the Grand Finale.
Two whole decades worth of bio-terror attacks have pretty much turned the world into a massive horror show for anyone that isn't the protagonists and sometimes not even that rule applies (Ask Piers) with no signs of it stopping. Some person says "Enough is enough. No more bio-terror attacks that turn people into zombies!!" He then proceeds to whip up a cocktail of every single virus in the franchise unwittingly creating the ultimate virus thinking that he is making the ultimate vaccine which will end zombie-based bio-terrorism for good.

The resultant global fallout will make Raccoon City, Tall Oaks and Tatchi look like an average day instead a news worthy incident. In response, the BSAA resorts to calling in every known survivor of every previous bio-terror attack to counter this threat.

Bonus points if it's from 1) a disillusioned member of The Family, 2) it's current unknown leader, 3) leader of the third organisation, 4) one of the protagonists going through a Face–Heel Turn to prevent kids in the future from learning the alphabet with the viruses.

How Chris, Jill, Barry and Rebecca all made it out alive in Resident Evil 1
Chris and Jill made it into the mansion without Barry, who fell behind and ended up climbing up a tree to avoid the zombie dogs. Events play out like in Chris' route, with Rebecca being found and rescued. Hours later, after Wesker "dies", Chris, Jill and Rebecca make their escape when Brad returns with the helicopter... at which point Barry gets their attention and they rescue him from the tree he's been hiding in the entire time, just in time to flee before the mansion blows up.

Alexia & Alfred, were Alexander's attempt at his own version of Project W.

He knew that Spencer was behind his fathers death, but being on the board, also knew of Project Wesker, in order to attempt some form of revenge/leverage against Spencer, Alexander decided to eschew Spencers method of creating a "superior" race (eugenics) and cloned a known "superior" ancestor, Veronica, who was a genius, he also knew about the W-Virus, but knew of it's abysmal success rate, he hoped that his children would create a virus similar but with a less crappy success rate, he was on the money, as T-Veronica, despite needing a lengthy incubation time, is compatible with anyone if they do so, problem was The Twins had the same issue that Project W had, that the children tended to be a bit rebellious when they discovered their origins.



Eventually the Film universe and the Video Game Universe will Cross-Over

The next film will end with the Umbrella Corporation creating a portal to a parallel universe to escape Alice's wrath. The universe they go to will be the one from the games, and the fans will finally get an accurate adaptation of the first games.

K-Mart from the movies is actually Ashley
First off, they're equally useless and end up as the damsel in distress more often than not. That'd also explain why she'd rather go by K-Mart since she doesn't want people to know her true identity as the president's daughter. Though that's pretty pointless by now, it's probably a habit that has stuck to her. If anything, she could be using the alias to show that she's equal to them and doesn't want to be treated as the pampered daughter of a powerful man.
  • Jossed The Resident evil movie series and the video game series have absolutely nothing to do with each other canonically. K-Mart is just K-Mart.
    • That... doesn't joss anything, really, for all we know, Ashley might have been K-Mart's inspiration...

Movie-Wesker is an Agent.
This has to do with him taking away Alice's psychic powers, more than anything else. Because Alice is technically canon (the games are in a different continuum than the movies, or something), he's not allowed to kill her. But he was granted special permission to alter Alice enough to avoid her from rampaging again.

Alice was a genetically created human being who was born in a lab with the T-virus already in her genetic structure.
Project Alice has been a major component of the film series, and it's generally assumed that it was initiated near the end of the first film, after Alice was taken from the mansion, and waking up in the hospital.

But what if that's incorrect? What if Project Alice actually started long, long before the events of the first film even happened?

From the third film onwards, the Umbrella corporation has shown that it has insanely good cloning abilities, and can give clones artificial memories, personalities, etc. Now, it's never been shown exactly how these clones are made, but it's reasonable to assume that somewhere, they get the embryos and manage to accelerate their growth at near impossible-speeds. And considering that Umbrella's entire existence is devoted to viruses and genetic tampering (and building impossibly huge bases in remote locations), it seems very likely that Umbrella has the power to create life itself, or at the least, take life, and then change it to their own ends.

Let's assume that long ago, Dr. Ashford develops the T-virus to save his girl from being a cripple. Umbrella learns of the virus and takes it, and does their own work and research on it, and CEO Albert Wesker sees enormous potential in it: being the megalomaniac that he is, he secretly desires to become a god, and rule over a race of superhumans, and commissions Project Alice: a project designed to create the perfect human being, one who is faster, stronger, more durable, and more powerful then a normal human could ever hope to be. Thus, under the guidance of Dr. Issacs, an embryo is taken, injected with the T-virus (this might explain the scars on Alice's shoulders; they're the result of the first infection she ever got), and genetically modified so that all those abilities are already inside the embryo as it quickly grows and matures into an adult, and is given the name, Alice.

Alice is given a set of false memories to simulate her childhood, and made the head of security for the hive, and is eventually disgusted by all the immoral things she sees going on. As a result, she decides to smuggle some of Umbrella's secrets to the outside world. Unknown to her, however, is that Wesker wanted this to happen, and arranges for Spence to steal the virus and unleash it on the hive, under the cover of wanting to sell it to the outside world. Being a loyal employee, Spence does so, and the events of the first film happen. At this stage in her life, Alice is quite skilled, but not at her full potential. Thus, when she's taken from the mansion, she's tweaked, so to speak, and upgraded to Alice 2.0. At this point, she reaches full Mary Su...I mean, her full status and potential.

During the events of Apocalypse, Wesker orders the city sealed (he's the man Cain was talking to over the headset) and has project Nemesis fight against Project Alice. When she succeeds, it's proof that she's the perfect individual, as Issacs confirms in the Detroit facility.

When the planet is overrun by the T-Virus, Wesker is delighted, as this is what he secretly planned for, as his quest to becoming a god and creating a planet of superior beings is well underway. Taking the data from Project Alice, he injects himself and upgrades as well, so that he's now superior to Alice. Having her come to him makes things even better, as he neutralizes her super-haman powers (it's important to note that she's still genetically and physically superior to other humans, though, which is why she is still so good at combat and whatnot).

However, when Wesker is defeated, he realizes that with the Red Queen now going haywire and seeking to destroy everyone and everything, he won't have the ability to create his perfect world, as the Queen is going a different path then he intended, and is for the destruction of all life, not just most life, as Wesker planned. Thus, he's forced to save his pet project, and join forces with her to save the planet. However, when that's done, Wesker will still proceed with his plan to create a race of super-beings. "Enemy of my enemy is my friend" alliances don't tend to last very long, after all...

  • Huh, interesting. Any other Capcom games that cross over in this theory?

Thus, Alice is so valuable to Wesker and the Umbrella corporation, because she's the template for Wesker's perfect race.


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