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Tear Jerker / Resident Evil

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This page is for series-wide Tear Jerkers. Heartbreaking moments belonging to individual games or movies go on their own pages.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Hell, if you really wanna get down to it, Resident Evil in general. The premise. The whole town of Raccoon City: innocent men, women, children, the elderly, even animals, being infected, killed, and resurrected into flesh-eating, shambling corpses, that YOU have to kill. The worst part? This could have been avoided if Umbrella weren't such dicks.
  • Sherry Birkin. She's left alone, for the most part. Her parents barely spend time with her due to their jobs as Umbrella scientists. She gets a call from her mother, telling her to go to the police station. She goes there, only there's zombies everywhere. She's also being chased by her G-virus mutated father, who wants to impregnate her with an embryo. She gets infected, later gets cured, only to get stuck in the custody of the U.S. government. Although, initially, there was a Japanese-exclusive tie-in DVD called "Wesker's Report" that claimed she had been secretly shipped off to Wesker, that was retconned with Darkside Chronicles... which reveals that, after the destruction of Raccoon City, the government is basically holding Sherry hostage to keep Leon working for them.
    • By Resident Evil 6, Sherry Birkin has Taken A Level In Badass and is now a government agent. Whose adopted father turns out to be behind the assassination of the President of the United States and the deaths of several thousand people. Her G-Virus infection has also more or less made her Transhuman. For God's sake Capcom! Give the girl a break!
  • Leon in general. As mentioned above it's theorized Leon doesn't have very many close friends. He screams Luis' name at his death, a man he knew for less than a day. His comrade, Krauser, went evil and they had to have a fight to the death. Ada is constantly backstabbing him (although it's comforting to know she does care for him and actively avoids having to kill him.) Sherry is used to blackmail him into a government job. The only real friends he has at this point are Claire, Hunnigan, and Helena. The man's went through a lot and it's a wonder he hasn't gone crazy.
    • Chris also gets his share of the sadness. Imagine fighting the good fight for 20 years and making seemingly no progress with no end in sight. Guy has a right to be as miserable as he is in Resident Evil 6. Leon also gets this moment in Vendetta where he too had been fighting bioterrorism for 20 years and sees no progress in sight. Like with Chris, Leon also succumbs to drinking heavily, but Chris and Rebecca manage to snap him out of it.

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