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It's a Survival Horror series by Capcom, who are known to make awesome music tracks. Of course it's gonna have great music.

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In-game tracks:

    Resident Evil Zero 
  • Stop the Train is a very suspenseful piece that helps to highlight the danger of the onrushing train.

    Resident Evil 1 
  • The Save Room. All the "safe zone" tunes in the series are great, of course, but this one remains among the most soothing and reassuring tracks ever made for the medium, instantly letting you know that no matter what horrors are right outside, everything's going to be okay so long as you're in the room where it's playing. Here's the remake's version.
  • While the basement theme from the Dual Shock Director's Cut is infamous for being hilariously awful, the original basement theme, "Narrow and Close", is infamous for being absolutely terrifying. It consists of a continuous, ominous synth string under a reversed orchestra hit before giving way to sudden loud orchestra hits, and makes you feel like something really bad is waiting for you just around the next corner.

    Resident Evil 2 
  • Claire's ending theme has a nice piano melody that gives you the feeling of "You did it! You've escaped. It's finally over." A very peaceful tune to end the nightmare that Claire and Sherry endured for the whole game. Leon's ending theme is full of rock and awesome guitar segments that come right after Leon's declaration of "It's up to us to take out Umbrella!"
  • This unused song from the prototype version sounds like a precursor to the Culture Experiment Lab music, which in turn was remixed in Umbrella Chronicles.
  • "Mother" and "Goodbye Leon" from the Leon A/Claire B Scenario are both just... heartbreakingly awesome.
  • Tofu on Fire, the theme of The Tofu Survivor from the remake, is a badass metal song that hilariously clashes with Tofu's Joke Character status and sounds more like it belongs in DOOM (2016) or Street Fighter V.
  • From the remake, Black Impact, Mr. X’s theme. Mr. X is scary enough alone. With this pounding, relentless beat? Utterly terrifying.

    Resident Evil 3: Nemesis 
  • The Beginning of Nightmare, a visceral and nerve-addling opening theme cementing the urgency in Jill's attempt to make her last escape from the doomed Raccoon City.
  • Unstoppable Nemesis, the theme playing as Jill battles the Nemesis by the clock tower. The frenetic energy of his usual chase theme is swapped for a more dramatic and heavy mood, as if heralding the finality of this encounter. The remake's remix, Fighting in the Flames, appears earlier on, but still carries that same dramatic energy, lifted up with a somewhat more triumphant backdrop, allowing for a rather intense showdown.
  • "Free From Fear," the save room theme. Ironically named, because it sounds much darker and almost despairing when compared to the calmer and more reassuring themes in the rest of the series.
  • Battle Against the Beast, a remake-exclusive song that supplants Unstoppable Nemesis for the clock tower fight. It highlights the Nemesis' more animalistic aggression compared to his prior calculated movements, adding far more frantic tension to the Pursuer's intense onslaught.
  • Nemesis' Final Metamorphosis, the final boss theme. A looming dread as time ticks down and the Pursuer lurches to slaughter Jill, with a pulsing synth beat acting as a heart beat not just for the Nemesis, but Raccoon City as a whole. The remake's remix, Metamorphosis, adds haunting piano keys and strings to the seemingly hopeless battle against the Pursuer's final form... until Jill lays into him with the railgun just behind her, prompting the return of the utterly divine synth beat, to allow for one hell of a finale.
  • "Never Give Up The Escape", one of the creepiest and most sinister tracks in the original game. It's rarely heard in areas with any immediate danger, but it nevertheless gives the impression that even if it hasn't caught up to you yet, something very bad is still out there looking for you.
  • The credits theme is a sendoff to the PS1 generation of the games. The remake version perfectly captures the spirit of the original, adding the electric guitar with the original piano. This theme is a perfect sendoff of the PS4 generation of the games.
  • Unfortunate Event effectively portrays the enormity of Raccoon City's destruction and the sheer loss of life.
  • City of Ruin. It says something when The Dark Id, who... thinks the games are batshit insane, thinks this is one of the most kickass songs.

    Resident Evil Code: Veronica 
  • A Moment of Relief is another in a long line of great save room themes. It very much gives the sense you've reached some temporary safety.
  • The Suspended Doll. You can almost hear how Alfred's insanity has tainted his living space.
  • Theme of Nosferatu (Darkside Chronicles version) plays during the boss battle with the transformed Alexander Ashford and definitely helps to make you even tenser, as if fighting a monster on a foggy landing pad surrounded by a steep drop on every side wasn't enough.

    Resident Evil 4 
  • Leon, Wesker, and Hunk's Mercenaries themes. Perfect for getting your blood pumping while fighting off hordes of Ganados.
  • The Infiltration Theme. Creepy and sinister, sure, but it's one of those rare tracks that seems to suggest you're the one bringing the trouble for a change.
  • The second Ganado theme sounds terrifyingly awesome.
  • Given the new emphasis on action introduced in this game, you might think that the calming music in the save rooms that give you some respite from danger would suffer. However, it definitely didn't, as "Serenity" tends to play when you're near The Merchant and/or a save point, and it's very beautiful and relaxing.

    Resident Evil 5 
  • In Flames, the theme for Chapter 6-3. You're at the end of the game, and this thrilling piece makes sure that you know it.

    Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles 
  • Alfred sings an acapella rendition of Code Veronica's "Berceuse". Not only is the beautiful yet eerie melody a perfect representation of his degenerating mental state, but the lyrics subtly foreshadow his sister Alexia's megalomaniacal nature.
  • “Queen” sets the mood for one of the best transformation sequences in the franchise. The ominous first verse is followed by an intense rhythm when Alexia starts narrating her previous murders. As her skin bursts into flames, the choir gets progressively louder, before the song comes to an abrupt end and the villain’s monstrous new form emerges from the blazes to face the player.
  • "Sleeping Beauty", the song Manuela clings to in order to remember her mother. The melody is comforting yet melancholic, whereas the lyrics urge the listener to believe that every new day holds the key to a brighter future.

    Resident Evil: Revelations 
  • O vendetta di Dio, the astounding theme that plays during the final battle with Jack Norman. The bombastic, operatic track and the epic choir create one hell of an intense, climactic track for one of the best final battles of the series.
  • "Ride on Sea", the frantic and intense song that plays when Chris is heading to the Queen Semiramis and has to shoot down the Malacodas heading his way. It was reused as the Ghost Ship's main theme in Raid Mode, and soon became so iconic it was chosen as the Resident Evil characters' Leitmotif in the Project X Zone franchise.

    Resident Evil 6 
  • "At The End of a Long Escape" plays at the end of Jake Muller's campaign. Performed by Stephen Mc Knight, it is a truly heartwarming song which can basically be read as Jake expressing his love for Sherry.
  • "Infinite Metamorphoses" plays at the end of Ada Wong's campaign. It is composed by Akihiko Narita and features a catchy techno beat and haunting vocals.

    Resident Evil 7: Biohazard 
  • The save rooms make their triumphant return.
  • Determination, an epic low-key reprise of the Tanker theme from 5. It helps that it reminds you that it takes place after the Uroboros incident.
  • Floating In Between, a truly atmospheric tune that plays when you return to the Baker Guesthouse. The theme itself almost makes you forget this took place after Wesker's defeat in 5.
  • "Go Tell Aunt Rhody", the ending credits song. It's derived from the old folk song of the same name but updated with lyrics reflecting the story of the game. It fits the atmosphere perfectly and, more than just being a soundtrack, is incorporated pretty cleverly into the game itself by being used to foreshadow that the old lady is Eveline, as they're both heard humming it. It was so popular, there's an option in the next game to set it as the save room music.

    Resident Evil Village 
  • The end credits song, Yearning for Dark Shadows, gives off a beautifully melancholic tone that is especially fitting for the way the story ends.
    Hello my tears, because of you, I am who I am...
    Hello sorrow, because of you, I am who I am...
  • Heisenberg's "The Final Movement" almost feels epically mechanical, truly fitting for his character.
  • Chris' theme, "Descent into the Village", really makes you feel like a hardened badass as you tear through enemies in his section.

    Other Resident Evil Games 

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