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It's a Survival Horror series by Capcom, who are known to make awesome music tracks. Of course it's gonna have great music.

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In-game tracks:

    Resident Evil 1 
  • The Save Room. All the "safe zone" tunes in the series are great, of course, but this one remains among the most soothing and reassuring tracks ever made for the medium, instantly letting you know that no matter what horrors are right outside, everything's going to be okay so long as you're in the room where it's playing. Here's the remake's version.

     Resident Evil 2 

    Resident Evil 3: Nemesis 
  • This tragically beautiful fan made piano rendition of the game's soundtrack.
  • City of Ruin. It says something when The Dark Id, who... thinks the games are batshit insane, thinks this is one of the most kickass songs.

    Resident Evil 4 
  • Leon, Wesker, and Hunk's Mercenaries themes. Perfect for getting your blood pumping while fighting off hordes of Ganados.

    Resident Evil 5 
  • In Flames, the theme for Chapter 6-3. You're at the end of the game, and this thrilling piece makes sure that you know it.

    Resident Evil: Revelations 
  • O vendetta di Dio, the astounding theme that plays during the final battle with Jack Norman. The bombastic, operatic track and the epic choir create one hell of an intense, climactic track for one of the best final battles of the series.
  • "Ride on Sea", the frantic and intense song that plays when Chris is heading to the Queen Semiramis and has to shoot down the Malacodas heading his way. It was reused as the Ghost Ship's main theme in Raid Mode, and soon became so iconic it was chosen as the Resident Evil characters' Leitmotif in the Project X Zone franchise.

     Resident Evil 7: Biohazard 
  • The save rooms make their triumphant return.
  • Determination, an epic low-key reprise of the Tanker theme from 5. It helps that it reminds you that it takes place after the Uroboros incident.
  • Floating In Between, a truly atmospheric tune that plays when you return to the Baker Guesthouse. The theme itself almost makes you forget this took place after Wesker's defeat in 5.

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