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Remember Me lives and breathes cyberpunk, and it presents a world where memories can be edited at will, and any recollection might well be false as a result. Its composer Olivier Deriviere has expressed this idea by firstly writing smooth, symphonic pieces, than remixing them to sound glitchy, yet not rough, and the result is awesome.

  • The H30 track: beautifully subtle for a final boss fight.
  • Chase Through Monmarte: plays great when you're attacked by gunships.
  • The Zorn music: very glitchy and dissonant opening followed by something
  • Still Human, the short, quiet music of reflection to provide the contrast.
  • Remember Your Childhood, perhaps the most dramatic track in the game.
  • Obviously Nilin's own theme counts.
  • The standard fight music. Try to count the number of times it shifts its tempo throughout the 3-minute running time.
  • The 2-minute long Memorize enforcers theme. Brisk, yet memorable.
  • Kid X-Mas boss fight theme. True to its name, it actually sounds like a Christmas jingle in places! Becomes doubly awesome when snippets of Nilin's theme start appearing throughout as she continues to gain the upper hand in the fight.
  • The long, rhythmic Mourner fight track.
  • Paradise Lost track. It conveys the interplay between the action-heavy moments and melancholic reflection like no other.
  • The Leaking Brain soundtrack. Has simple opening compared to others, yet is beautifully glitchy all the way through.
  • The Conception Cube theme.
  • Neo Paris track. Fits the place like nothing else.
  • Build-up heavy Memorize track. Once it gets started, it's as amazingly glitchy as everything else in the archive.