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  • "Hi, this is Headache Tommy. Has your life got you down? Is your mama sleeping with a Leaper? Is Johnny Greenteeth calling out your name at night? Well, I don't care, because my life is worse than yours! So come down to The Leaking Brain today, because misery loves company!"
  • The part when you remix Frank's memory. If you remove the gun safety too early, the gun will fire when Frank tosses it on the table, killing himself.
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  • One of the unlockable 3D models in the Extras menu shows Nilin and Kid X-Mas playing Street Fighter II on the couch together with much enthusiasm.
  • A fan cleverly created a trailer for the game leading up to its release featuring the Simple Minds song "Don't You (Forget About Me)". Capcom UK saw it couldn't have responded more aptly at the missed opportunity. You can see the trailer here: