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For the video game:

Nilin is being used.
  • All right, let's just get this out of the way right now: Edge isn't truly her ally, for all that he pretends to care; he's just taking advantage of her wiped memory, and probably plans to get rid of her as soon as she's served her purpose. Either way, he's going to deliberately betray her at some point. Additionally, most (if not all) of the people she meets are just pretending that they were her friends once upon a lost memory. Also, Nilin is a Tomato in the Mirror and not even the real Nilin. And why? Because it's the obvious twist.
    • In a surprise twist nearly almost Jossed completely. Edge is lying about what he is...except he regards Nilin as a sister, and honestly wants to help her destroy the Sensen system, both for her sake and so he may finally die.
      • Although Edge isn't really lying about who he is. He never specifically says that he is a person, after all. He is the leader of the Errorist movement, she was his ally before her memory was wiped, he wants to destroy MEMOREYES and Sensen for the good of the world, and he needs Nilin's help to do it. He was even telling her the truth when he said that she'd get to meet him. He just left out a couple of little details. Like the fact that he's an AI and he wants her to kill him.

Nilin wiped her own memories.
  • Whether due to a My God What Have I Become moment, a Despair Event Horizon, or some other reason, Nilin herself chose to erase her memories. Depending on her reasons, she may have done in an attempt to wipe her slate clean.
    • Jossed, but only on a technicality. She turned herself in to law enforcement, which she knew would end in her memory being wiped; other than that detail, confirmed.

Nilin and Scylla's relationship would have healed on its own if not for Charles.
  • Scylla would have had a much harder time holding onto her anger if she'd had to face Nilin feeling traumatized and guilt-stricken over the accident. But watching her blithely wandering around with no memory of it, even knowing why, made Scylla's feelings fester.

Nilin's motivations before her brainwashing and imprisonment weren't entirely noble.
Although she had a very strained (to say the least) relationship with her parents, she certainly grew up among their massive wealth, while becoming increasingly rebellious, and at the same time feeling powerful for her ability to manipulate minds. This made her into a thrill-seeker, which explains how she knew Tommy and became so good at hand-to-hand combat. Joining the Errorists against Memorize was simply her ultimate rebellion and thrill. She had her moments of doubt, like when she caused Frank Forlan's suicide, but she generally viewed herself above most people and, in some ways, she may have not been so different from her mother. After her arrest and memory wipe, Edge saw a chance to make her into a "true" Errorist, although traces of her old personality persist, especially in how she doesn't seem too shaken for having caused a disastrous flood. At the end of the game she fully recovers her memories, and much like her mother - who is implied to have realized the alteration of her memory but understanding that Nilin did it for a good reason - she knows what her old self was but accepts it, looking forward to be a better self shaped by the events of the game.