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Fridge Horror
  • Allie's mother was murdered in an empty subway at night. How long did she have to wait alone for the police to get there?

Video Game

Fridge Brilliance
  • In the video game, early on while traversing the slums, Nilin falls and injures her left leg. She quickly walks it off and it's never mentioned again, but when you finally see her mother, Scylla's memory, you see she injured her left leg.
  • A lot of the missions Edge gives Nilin tend to more terrorist-like and at times, he can seem like a character unsympathetic to all the pain the Errorist Movement has caused. This is because Edge as H30, was born from a collection of tragic memories that people wanted to forget. With those making up most of his psyche and lacking the proper good memories that could help develop a person to become a more empathetic one, Edge is naturally unsympathetic and can only see extreme measures as the only solution to further his goal.
    • What's more, his entire existence has been nothing but bad memories. Compared to the people who only experience trauma and bad memories from time to time, Edge would say he can stake claim to be more miserable than all those people put together.
  • In a way, Nilin remixed Charles' memories to what really happened. Nilin may not have died physically the day he tested the ability to remix memory, but in a way, the little girl she was did die a long time ago.
  • It's suspicious that Edge is never seen in person. He is clearly an important character, being Nilin's Mission Control and fellow rebel. As the player explores Neo-Paris, graffiti of Edge's likeness can be found in various places. The fact that Edge never shows up in person makes sense after The Reveal that Edge is H3O. Nilin never meets him face-to-face because Edge doesn't have a face, let alone a physical body.
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  • Whenever Edge contacts Nilin, a portrait of his upper torso appears in the corner of the screen. His colour scheme is limited, at least compared to that of other characters. Edge wears white, black and orange and his portrait has gray skin. His colour scheme matches the interior of the Conception Cube, where H3O is found.
  • A theme in the game is how pervasive social networks can be. When you are logging in a social network, there is a checkbox you can tick in order to not having to enter your password every time. This checkbox usually says ☑ Remember me.

Fridge Horror

  • Alexis is going to spend the rest of her life believing that it's her fault that Frank committed suicide. Well, unless she has her memory of it wiped. But still.
    • Unless Nilin simply tells her.
      • Which would require Nilin to admit that it's her fault Frank committed suicide. Given the way she handles just about every other questionable thing she does (ie, either not caring or beating herself up over it, but never actually taking responsibility), she's not going to bother.
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  • Nilin's childhood must have been difficult. Her mother blames Nilin for injuries she sustained during a car accident the two were in when Nilin was a young child, and her father is implied to have become obsessed with his work after said accident.
  • The end of the game involves the destruction of the memory system, returning everyone to their previous state. This includes Scylla, which means she's about to figure out that you remixed her and that her entire face turn was artificially imposed by you. Those vaguely touching moments of reconciliation are about to turn aggressively toxic.
    • Oh, no. It's way worse than that. Destroying Edge only releases the memories stored in his servers back to their original orders. The memories that Nilin remixed were never discarded, they were only changed: Scylla's memory of the crash is going to remain altered... but everyone connected to the Reconversion project is going to remember exactly what happened, and it's not going to take very long before someone confronts Scylla about her sudden 180-degree personality change and her sudden chumminess with her daughter... y'know, the one she hated so much and so famously, she modeled a security system after it. She's not going to get her memory back, but she IS going to know Nilin tampered with her memories, leaving Scylla just as mistrustful and angry at her daughter for a reason she doesn't even fully remember.
    • The bounty hunter's husband isn't going to get his medical treatment. His wife thinks he's dead, and she's on the run from the law because of her involvement with the "errorists". Again, her memories were remixed, not discarded; she has no reason to make herself available for the hospital to contact her about her very much alive husband, who, without someone to pay his medical bills, is very likely going to die there.
      • Ah - not quite true. There's a passing mention in a news broadcast after you remix Olga about an explosion on the hospital ship where he was staying. So David most likely is dead... because Olga killed him.
      • Well, assuming he is alive somehow, Nilin can probably "fix" him, with help from her dad, and restore Olga's real memories.
      • She could, but she wouldn't. It just means Olga will remember how much money Nilin's head is worth, and she's not going to be happy that Nilin remixed her in the first place. Nilin is pretty okay with using the remix ability to dodge the consequences of her own actions at the best of times; she never even acknowledges that what she did to Olga was wrong.
      • Who says that David Sedova is dead? It's entirely possible that Dr. Quaid took him to the Bastille and made him into a Reconversion Leaper.
    • Why would Scylla find out about it? Besides her husband, who actually knows the specifics of why the crash happened? Even as bitter as she was, she had to know what it would do to her image if she went around blaming her child for causing the crash. Better to just let everyone believe it was an accident, which would also potentially explain why she's so bitter — she's kept it all inside for all of these years like a festering wound. And if she and Charles ever discussed it, he could easily dismiss it as Scylla finally deciding to stop blaming Nilin for what happened — and since that is exactly what he always wanted, would he truly be willing to push it? Additionally, why would any of her people question her on it? How do you bring that up to your boss? "You know, ma'am, I can't help but notice that you've been 100% less of a raging bitch lately." It's highly likely that they'd just be relieved that she's lightened up. And on top of that, with the huge social upheaval that's about to occur, do you really think that anyone's going to wonder why their boss is suddenly acting differently? With all of the death and fear permeating the city, it would be simple to dismiss it as Scylla having a change of heart based on the pain the city is going through.
    • Maybe because Scylla is not a complete idiot? It doesn't have to be someone who works under her, just anyone who deals with her on a regular basis and/or actually cares about the integrity of her memories. It doesn't have to be anyone but herself, for that matter: we're talking about a woman whose entire life was affected by her emotional distance from her daughter, to the point where an entire holographic combination lock was constructed as an edifice to this family's fucked-up emotional dynamic, accessible to anyone with high enough security clearance. This woman hated her daughter, and didn't give a two-dollar fuck who knew. This is a woman whose daughter was either arrested or turned herself in for a crime she committed using technology from her parents' company, and knowingly sent her to be made into a mutant slave through a program that she approved. Scylla is a completely different person from who she was before Nilin remixed her memory, and it's only a matter of time before she realizes she's a stranger in her own life. All someone has to ask her is "What made you change your mind?", and as soon as she realizes that she doesn't have an answer to that question, she'll go looking for one... and being that she's in charge of a corporate empire whose stock and trade is memories, she's not going to have to look real far.
    • She is a completely different person after the remix so she might very well forgive Nillin for remixing her. That's assuming she doesn't know, she remarques that "life has separated" her from Nillin so she knows they have been on different sides of the barricade and that something is off. She also must be aware of the fact that Nillin can remix people. If she didn't know about the remix right away she must have figured it out by the time she comes to the Conception Cube so I think they will be okay as a family. Of course, there is the fact that they turned the whole city into ruins together and some people will be seriously pissed.
    • She seems like a completely different person because her memory was remixed and she isn't hanging onto an unreasonable grudge anymore, but she's still Scylla, she's still smart, and she does not like being tampered with. She's going to find out her own daughter (a rebel, remember) at some point used her proprietary technology to Mind Rape her. The car accident was an accident caused by a child. The Mind Rape was done by a fully conscious adult. Scylla is going to be pissed when she realizes, and this time her anger is going to be way more justified. Nilin literally altered her mind to make her more acceptable. In any other situation (not to mention the way toxic parents are handled in real life, with therapy and/or letting go of them entirely) it would be morally reprehensible.
      • The accident was caused by Scylla not paying attention. She just refused to accept it.
      • That's absolutely not true. We know this because as soon as Nilin edits her memory to remove her role in the crash, Scylla immediately takes responsibility for it. She genuinely blamed Nilin for being a spoiled brat; if she didn't, the remix wouldn't have helped because it wouldn't have changed anything. If she was only blaming Nilin to avoid blaming herself, she would have found an excuse to do it no matter how she remembered the crash. Your mileage may vary on whether you personally think Nilin was responsible or not, but Scylla meant it.
      • So she accepted responsibility - after someone forced her to by Mind Rape. First words out of her mouth after the crash were not some variant of "are you okay, Nilin", but "it's your fault, Nilin". I don't think you're actually rebutting the original point. Also, Scylla took her eyes off the road, in bad conditions, after the light turned yellow, as her own memory clearly shows. It was her fault. Notice how in the revised memory, Scylla swerved, Scylla was concerned about losing the phone, Scylla even forgot to put a lid on the coffee. Three different choices, none of which are related to Nilin in the slightest.
      • They're not related to Nilin, but they also never happened. Those revisions were entirely made up by Nilin as part of the remix, they never happened in real life. She throws a tantrum over a toy and unbuckles her seatbelt while the car is moving. YMMV on whether you think it's reasonable for Scylla to blame Nilin for the crash, but the point of that scene is that Scylla's blame was genuine and not a matter of mental gymnastics.
  • Edge flooded Neo-Paris and killed a sizeable number of people, many of them Leapers. Where did their discarded memories go after H30 was destroyed? We know that memories can't be erased or lost once recorded in the Sensen implants, only changed or moved; if they don't go to their original owners, they can really only end up in two places: other Sensen devices, or back into a data storage facility. The former means people remembering horrible things that never actually happened to them. The latter means Edge is resurrected; he came into being immediately after Nilin's memory of the crash was removed from her and put into storage.

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