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Saïd "Samy" Naceri (born 2 July 1961 in Pars) is a French actor of French and Algerian Kabyle descent.

He started his career as extra in films such as The French Revolution (1989) and The Professional. He is most fondly remembered in France for playing the role of badass Marseille-based taxi driver Daniel Morales in the Taxi film series.

His most acclaimed roles are gangster Yanis in The Code (La Mentale) and soldier Yassir in the World War II drama Indigènes (Days of Glory). He shared the prize for Best Actor with the rest of the latter's main cast at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival. He was also the French voice of Crush in Finding Nemo.

He is quite infamous for his role ending misdemeanors, the least said about them the better.


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