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Heartwarming / Tales of Graces

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  • The events that lead up to Sophie earning her "Godmother" title.
  • Sophie confessing that she wants to have a family with Asbel as her father and Cheria as her mother while expressing her fears of how she's terrified of outliving the rest of the party, so after some thinking Asbel adopts Sophie as his daughter.
  • At the end of the Future Arc, when Sophie offers the last surviving Little Queen to join her family.
    • Gets even better when Lambda tells the gang he'll have a talk with Fodra for a few decades and return to spend eternity with his new friend Sophie.
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    • A skit in the Future Arc where Sophie talks about how happy she is to have a family now. Asbel and Cheria are her parents, Hubert is her uncle, Pascal and Richard are her big siblings and Malik is her grandpa. The party all pretty much fit into this role naturally as True Companions.
  • The "Secret Fort" scene in Future Arc. Sophie starts to feel a bit stifled by the degree Asbel is overprotective of her, so Richard opts to share with Sophie the location where he used to hide as a child if he was having a rough day. Richard does so explaining that since he's an adult now, he has to learn to face his problems head on, and is passing the location on to her. Sophie, however, lets him know she thinks he should still be able to use the space if he needs it, and Richard is clearly touched by the sentiment. The entire moment is incredibly sweet.
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  • Hubert goes from beating Asbel to a pulp after the timeskip to threatening to beat up LAMBDA if he hurts his brother at the end of the future arc. Bro moment!
  • Everything about this skit.
    • And on a similar note, the scene in which Malik and Richard try to help Hubert get out of his marriage to the president's daughter is mostly a Funny Moment, but there's a heartwarming note at the end, because we all know why Hubert won't get married.
    Hubert: If I am to support this country in the future, I must maintain my connection to the common people. (his voice goes very soft) Just as I know she will.
  • While Lambda's backstory that we see is pretty horrific and shows how horrible Emeraude is, Cornell is a very kindhearted man who acts as Lambda's Parental Substitute and treats him like a normal child and Lambda clearly cares a great deal about him in return.
  • A small background element during The attack on Lhant while Sophie is sick. If you talk to a Strahtan soldier comforting a Lhant solider, it's completely clear that members of these two seperate militaries have come to genuinely care for eachother.
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  • The Stinger of the main story. An adult Sophie is telling a story to what is heavily implied to be Asbel and Cheria's great great grand child. But that's not the most heartwarming part. The camera pans to the original friendship tree... and Lambda's name has been added to the pact along with Asbel, Richard and Sophie.
  • Richard and Sophie's victory quote, which is different before and after he is freed from Lambda. Before, Richard is hunched over and when Sophie asks if he is okay, he brushes her off with an "I'm fine". After, when Sophie asks if he's okay, he says "I am now." Sophie then puts her hand on his shoulder, he puts his hand over hers, and they beam at each other.
  • The skit "No More Suffering" has Cheria doing her best to comfort Sophie when the latter is afraid.
  • The entirety of the "Cheria is Sick", between Asbel holding Cheria's hand and Cheria talking about how strong she feels when the two of them are together, is very sweet Ship Tease.
  • After dancing around their feelings for each other and Asbel feeling pressured by those around him to marry or least pick a bride during Future's Arc, Asbel basically proposes to Cheria, promising that he would wait for her while she travel the world doing relief work just like she waited for him after the childhood's arc.

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