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Heartwarming / Final Fantasy Dimensions

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Moments pages are Spoilers Off

  • When the warriors of Light and Darkness reunite, especially between Aigis and Diana.
  • Gawain and Jinnai fighting together, considering that they were mortal enemies.
  • In the Dark World version of Falgabard, Nacht says that he has nothing he wants to do at his father's grave because Sigurd is with him in the armor. Graham says that Sigurd would want him to move on, and would even if he was alive, because a good parent wants their child to take their lessons and then live their own life. Diana assures him that moving on doesn't mean forgetting about him. And then Sigurd himself speaks from the grave, giving Nacht a So Proud of You speech and thanking Graham for "looking after my boy."
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  • Dusk and Alba share a moment in the World of Nil where they are able to drop all the facades they've put up in front of their respective comrades and Alba encourages her brother to let his hair down and have a little fun with the situation.