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Heartwarming / Assassin's Creed Origins

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  • A line of William Miles' in the post game finally confirms that, yes, Rebecca Crane is alive and well.
  • The last line of the official story, spoken by Bayek's lost son Khemu. "Papo, jump." And indeed, Bayek's last action is the Leap of Faith.
  • One mission in Faiyum has Bayek talking down a suicidal woman, encouraging her to live again. After this, her only words to him is to tell him to "go save the world". Should Bayek wander around Krokodilopolis later, he can find her reciting bad poetry.
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  • A mission in Giza has Bayek rescuing a dog from kidnappers using her as a hostage. Later on, Bayek can find her and the children merrily wandering around Giza. One of them has taken to telling everyone about Bayek, "the Bandit Killer".

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