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Heartwarming / Tales of the World

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Heartwarming moments in Tales of the World.

Radiant Mythology

  • When Kanonno discovers her past as a Descender, the Protagonist is willing to believe in her in spite of her doubts, and their and Mormo's persistence is what brings her back. This is proof of true companions.
  • After destroying one Gilgilum node, the Protagonist faints, however Leon carried them. Later it is revealed he kept talking to them on their way back.

Radiant Mythology 2

  • Just the Protagonist being born is heartwarming already. The manga revealed that Descenders are also partly born from people's hope for their world's salvation in response to people's negative desires, which results in Goede's birth, making the Descender a foil to Goede.
  • Playing the epilogue, will have Protagonist return to Kanonno and their friends.

Radiant Mythology 3

  • Harold's transfer of the Protagonist's Descender powers to Kanonno, has giving a huge heartwarming conversation with the Protagonist.
  • The ending is huge heartwarming moment. Upon Lazaris's defeat, the Protagonist returns to rest along with Lazaris's documents in order to recover the World Tree. This allowed for Lazaris world (Jildea) to be born in Luminasia.
  • After the final battle Kanonno promise's to always wait for the Protagonist to return.
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  • If you choose to continue the game after the ending, the Protagonist will return. Kanonno and Rocks take them to Ange, who is also happy to see the Protagonist back and Rocks decides to make a party to celebrate their return.
  • In the epilogue, there will be skits involving only you and Kanonno, one of them involving some romance subtext.
    • One of those skits is rather cute in itself, which serves as a huge heartwarming moment between the Protagonist and Kanonno. In summary, Kanonno is afraid that one day the Protagonist might disappear to return to the world tree and she confesses to herself how great they are great person, not only as a Descender but as an important person who changed her life. The rest is followed by her stating that she wants to be with the Protagonist forever.
  • Some time after the Protagonist goes back to the world tree, Rocks kept believing that the Protagonist would return, so he was always cooking the Protagonist's favorite meals for when they returned. However Ange was always eating it.
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  • After you obtain both Pasca Kanonno and Earhart, there will be a skit involving both of them and Kanonno Grassvalley, discussing their favourite descenders. This is a Shout-Out and closer look at how the Kanonno's are really close to the Protagonists.

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