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  • Complacent Gaming Syndrome: In all three Radiant Mythology games, expect Magic Knight to be Descender's most used class. Paladin and Dualswords were popular in RM2, while RM3 has Gunner.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Kanonno Earhart, The heroine of the second Radiant Mythology game. She made it into the 5th Tales Of popularity poll, beating out fan-favorites like Asch and Spada, which is pretty uncommon and quite a feat for an escort title character. Since then she has been a recurring character in Drama CDs, Tales Of Link and even played a heroine role in the second part of the Tales of Asteria game trilogy. Not bad for a main character from a spin-off game.
    • What makes her notable is that neither her predecessor nor successor managed to make it to her level of popularity among the Tales Of fandom.
    • Tales of the Rays takes another step by adding her to the playable cast before other main protagonists who haven't been added yet despite all of them appearing in the game's opening and promotional materials while she hasn't.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: Tales of Link is far from well received in native Japan (Due to its sheer difficulty and gatcha rate and various bugs), In the localized server however they are more well received.
  • Just Here for Godzilla: Most people buy the games simply because hey, it's a crossover game including fan-favorites like Yuri Lowell and Asbel and you can use them anyway you see fit.
  • Tier-Induced Scrappy: Since each game has such a large amount of characters, some are not very useful.
    • Chat. She only has four artes, none of which are really strong. The only useful thing about her is her ability to spam attacks in Radiant Drive but its more useful to use other characters for that.
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    • Asch too is one mainly because he's a Master of None. He's a Magic Knight sure but he has no high-end spells, no healing, and he's a bit clunky due to having a slow combo system. Luke has most of his artes but is stronger, Jade is a better spellcaster, and Van is a Magic Knight with much better artes and stats.
    • Judith. Like in her home game, she has aerial arte usage, but the way it was implemented is clunky due to the limited aerial combat system. The result is that her already difficult combat system doesn't work as intended.
    • Annie. While she has some useful elements such as arte variety, her fighting style focuses on using glyphs in battle. While this worked back in her home game because of the more limited movement system, the transition to a 3D plane means its difficult to actually use her glyphs properly compared to other characters. mainly because her fighting style is by making glyphs that either buff or heal. Due to this, she doesn't get used much.
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    • Between the Descender's classes themselves, Thief and Archer. Especially Archer post-RM2 due to Nerf.


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