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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • A mix of this and Tear Jerker, but Zidane telling Dagger about the man who tried to find his true home and came to realize that his true home was with his adopted father. (Zidane recounting the first time he left Tantalus.)
    Zidane: Once upon a time... ...there was a man. There was a man who didn't know where he came from...
    Dagger: ...Zidane?
    Zidane: This man had longed to find his birthplace ever since he was a small child. His birthplace. A place he only remembered in his dreams...
    Dagger: Why...?
    Zidane: He wanted to know more about himself, maybe. About his place, the house where he was born... One day, the man left the home of his adoptive father and went on a quest to find the answer. His only clue was the blue light he saw in his dreams...
    Dagger: A blue light?
    Zidane: Yeah. He thought it might be a memory of his birthplace. An ocean, maybe...?
    Dagger: Did he find it?
    Zidane: Hey, you're jumping ahead. A lot of things happened along the way. Alright, we can skip ahead... No, he never found it. How could he? His only clue was a colored light. So he went back to the home of his adoptive father... What do you think his father did when he came home?
    Dagger: Welcomed him home?
    Zidane: No way! The father raised his fist and beat the son he had worked so hard to raise.
    Dagger: Why?
    Zidane: I don't know... But you know what surprised him even more? The father smiled, after beating up his son! Can you believe that? He just gave his son a beating. But this is what the man thought when he saw his father smile... This is my home. This is the place I call home. The man is still searching for his birthplace. But he already has a home.
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  • Zidane and Vivi's friendship. From the get go, Zidane is the Big Brother Mentor who pretty much always has Vivi's back and damned if anyone's going to change that.
  • Funny as it is, the love letter mishap which ends up being from Steiner to Beatrix is a very heartwarming and beautifully romantic event.
  • The cutscene where Dagger is on the crumbling tower and Zidane (in a BDH moment) comes out of nowhere to rescue her. You catch your breath as she looks at him in total disbelief of the fact that he is actually there, before she desperately grabs on to him for dear life. Then, as the tower falls away, she gives him this look and a hug of such loving gratitude.
    • Especially when, for a moment, it looks like they're going to die. That Zidane willingly jumped to his death (so it seemed) to be with Dagger when she needed him is one of the most touching moments of all time.
  • The final scenes of Final Fantasy IX Zidane, thought to have died at the Iifa Tree, turns out to be alive and kicking. While Queen Garnet watches the "I Want to Be Your Canary" play, Zidane (disguised as the male lead Marcus) throws off his cloak and yells, "Bring my beloved Dagger to me!" A shocked Garnet then runs down the stairs, shoves her way through the crowd, and although her pendant falls off, she jumps towards Zidane and they embrace onstage while the crowd cheers and applauds. The whole thing's made even more heartwarming by the song that plays as the credits roll, "Melodies Of Life."
    • While undeniably a major Tear Jerker, the fact that Vivi is living in heaven after death is nothing short of a (somewhat) suitable reward for this young Black Mage, especially after all he's been through!
    "Farewell. My memories will be part of the sky."
    • At first, Garnet thinks that Steiner and Beatrix are going to stop her (Steiner having been no fan of Zidane throughout the game), but in fact they both open the doors for her and smile, basically saying without words "Go to him. It's okay."
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    • Also, her throwing her crown to the ground just before she leaps into his arms. Really hammering home her feelings of "screw everything else... you're alive."
    • The first reaction of Garnet is pound on Zidane's chest in a "why did you leave me alone" rage which she cannot sustain for more than two seconds before she totally melts. Really, do we think cutscenes really need voice acting?
    How did you survive...?
    I didn't have a choice. I had to live. I wanted to come home to you. So... I sang your song. Our song.
  • The scene preceding the ending is nearly as heartwarming. Despite everything Kuja had done, despite all of the misery and bloodshed that he was directly responsible for, and especially despite what he had personally done to Dagger and Zidane's friends, Zidane heads back into certain death to be next to Kuja on his deathbed. Because Kuja is the closest thing he has to blood family, and Zidane acknowledges that he himself could have done the same if their positions were reversed, he cannot live with just letting Kuja die alone.
    • In the last moments of his life, Kuja creates a path for the party to escape the Iifa Tree and return to the airship. When he says goodbye to Zidane and Zidane takes this as a reason to go back, Kuja tries to talk him out of it. Filled with regret for only realizing what he could have had after it was too late, Kuja calls himself useless in this world. Zidane tells him "no one's useless."
    • The bit immediately after that one is also fairly heartwarming, in a weird way. After Zidane and Kuja's scene ends, we cut back to the outside, where Mikoto, is delivering a bit of a eulogy for Kuja. Because in the end, despite all the horrible things he did, he brought the Genomes hope that they can have a purpose in life beyond being the shells they were designed to be.
  • The scene which is the Trope Namer for "You Are Not Alone".
    • Let's explain the You Are Not Alone scene in detail. Zidane is told by the Big Bad that he was an 'Angel of Death' created to destroy all life of Gaia so it could be taken over by Terra, and he would have been the one who had essentially ruined his friend's lives with death and destruction. Then, after getting his soul partially drained, he crashes hard into a Heroic BSoD, but not only do his friends not judge him for what he is, they fight alongside him as he tries to push them away; he was there for them during the worst moments of their lives, so they're going to be there for his.
    • Steiner has been adversarial at best toward Zidane for the vast majority of the game. But when he's freaked out, Steiner says in no uncertain terms that he will not abandon Zidane.
    Steiner: I shall follow you to kingdom come if I must.
    • A huge part of Steiner's character development is him coming to terms with a lot of things, including his relationship with Zidane. Which makes that statement all the more powerful, and Steiner such an awesome character.
  • During the attack on Alexandria by Kuja, Steiner and Beatrix are fighting side by side after the awkward love letter moment and near the end of their defending the town that we see, Steiner declares that he'll protect Beatrix and goes into Trance automatically to prove it.
    Steiner: Beatrix... I will protect you!"
  • What felt so heartwarming was during the beginning portion of Disc 4 when the Genomes start living with the Black Mages. Given how similar the two species are, having them interact with one another as they discover the wonders of life with their shared camaraderie is touching enough, but it's Zidane's moments with Mikoto that was absolutely adorable - he tells the black mages to care for her and he tells Mikoto to make lots of friends because "big brother" said so. That was a pile of heartwarming and cute right then and there.
  • The birth of Bobby Corwen the chocobo. Every other black mage sans the leader left with Kuja out of desperation because he promised them he would extend their limited life span (he was lying) except the two black mages who stayed just so they could take care of the egg. They risked what could have saved them by being selfless and caring for something that means so much to the both of them. When the chocobo finally hatches, the two black mages cheer and get teary. 'Cuse me, I think I got something in my eye, too.
  • Eiko, at the very end, is adopted by Regent Cid and Hilda. She calls them "mother" and "father", much to Cid's surprise and delight.
  • During the events of Burmecia, Vivi worries out loud that he might not be human. Cue Quina coming along with a surprisingly touching response.
    Quina: I not human. But you, you definitely human.
    • In the same vein as above, Steiner's interactions with Vivi. Steiner can be extremely obnoxious at the beginning of the game, so thankfully he gets a truckload of Character Development. The one thing that never changes, though, is how much respect he has for Vivi. The culmination of this is probably when they go to the wind temple together:
    Steiner: (re: a giant wind dragon) You attack him with your magic while I hold him down!
    Vivi: But...what if I miss the target?
    Steiner: I trust you, Vivi.
    Vivi: ....Okay.
    *and then the two of them proceed to beat up Wind Guardian all by themselves*
    • Steiner's relationship with Vivi in general is Heartwarming. He calls him 'Master' from the very start, and never treats him with the same suspicion that he does Zidane.
  • When Vivi is held captive in Dali, you can go back to the pipe where you first heard him crying, only to hear him crying again. Zidane's quiet for a moment, before whispering 'we'll get you out'.
  • In Disc 2, when Zidane tells Dagger that everyone who helped her was following his/her own path, Dagger asks Zidane why he came with her. In a surprisingly romantic and sweet moment, Zidane uses a quote from a play as his answer: "Only because I wanted to go with you." Awwww!
  • After Dagger remembers that she was born in Madain Sari and is part of the summoner tribe, her explanation is rather bittersweet, but it becomes more sweet with three simple words from Eiko:
    Eiko: Dagger! Welcome home!
  • When the characters go save Garnet from execution, they are finally intercepted by the Queen, who orders Beatrix to kill the team. Beatrix has been, for a large part of the game an undefeatable boss, a one-eyed badass who vanquished anyone in her way, obeying her Queen in actions that can legitimately be qualified as genocidal even though she had her doubts. But that one last order tipped the scales, making her raise her sword against her ruler. She then proceed to fight a desperate rear-guard action to cover Garnet and the others as they flee, but she does not do so alone. Alongside her is Freya, the Lancer whose people Beatrix almost exterminated. Though there is no forgiveness to be found in Freya, she still puts aside her hatred to help Beatrix do what is right.
  • Crosses over with being a Tear Jerker, but when the otherwise emotionless Black Mages stand in front of Vivi to protect him from the Black Waltz 3. What's oddly heartwarming as well is the party's reaction to the Black Waltz 3 destroying the aforementioned Black Mages, they're furious and instantly move to help Vivi avenge them.
  • When Amarant, who insists that he doesn't like children, comforts Vivi when he's feeling travel sick. He even tells him that he'll feel better if he moves into the centre of the airship.
  • Even after the game is finished, Sir Fratley never regains his memory of loving Freya... but he falls in love with her anew.
  • After seeing her for the first time in years, Cid is touched that Garnet still calls him "Uncle" Cid.
  • There's an optional scene in Disk 3 after Alexandria where you can see Garnet before it's revealed she lost her voice. Although the scene is a Tear Jerker because Zidane thinks he's offended her when she won't answer him, as soon as he leaves a thought bubble appears over Garnet saying "'re so sweet. Thanks."
  • Garnet's reunion with Dr Tot and the flashback to her younger self learning about Gaia from him. It appears that it was a genuine friendship rather than just a tutor and student - and Garnet seems overjoyed to see a friendly face.
  • Right before the battle with Soul Cage, a quake in the Iifa Tree causes Garnet to fall over while she's separate from the party. Zidane runs all the way back up to where she is just to make sure she's okay. It's clear that this moment in particular - along with Zidane realising how annoying his behavior towards her must have been once he gets a taste of it from Eiko - that show her realising Zidane wasn't just a skirt chaser and genuinely cared for her.
  • There are two small, but incredibly sweet moments between Zidane and Steiner. The first is in Pandemonium during the You Are Not Alone sequence when he tells Zidane he can’t leave the group behind and says “I have not yet concluded whether or not you are the right man for the princess.” The second happens shortly before the flight into Memoria as Beatrix joins the cutscene battle. Zidane tells Steiner he fell in love with a remarkable woman and all Steiner responds with is “you’re one to talk!” By the end of the game he’s accepted that Zidane and Dagger are in love and gives them his approval. Considering how vehemently opposed he was to Zidane even breathing the same air as the princess, let alone having her accompanying him on a journey, and the fact that he’s one of the only paternal figures Dagger has’s extremely touching.

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