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Heartwarming / Valkyrie Anatomia

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  • Though Freya comes from a Valhalla different from the one in Anatomia, she still considers it home and offers her assistance to Lenneth and the Aesir.
  • With much effort and persistence, Sennah gets Caradoc to train her in sword fighting for a bit.
  • Lucia gaining a friend in Ingrid. It also helps that the two of them are half-breeds with troubled pasts.
  • Reincarnated Thor's relationship with his human father counts, especially since he was infamous among the Aesir for being arrogant and prejudiced.
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  • Maximillian selling his prized bow to give his daughter Claire a better life. And before that, he had refused to make a target practice out of her to prove his Improbable Aiming Skills to the Trachia military. His devotion as a parent convinces Lenneth to raise him as one of her Einherjar.