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Heartwarming / Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

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  • Near the beginning of the game, the brothers must cross a river in order to proceed forward, which serves to introduce the younger's brother fear of water, but his older brother reasures him, telling him to climb on him, and he properly carries both of them through several large bodies of water throughout the game.
  • The boys encounter a weeping troll early in the game who helps them climb some cliffs. They then rescue his wife from her cage while venturing through a mine. The trolls' reunion qualifies as one of these.
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  • The brothers can also reunite a pair of lovebirds by releasing one from a cage, though that's more cute than heartwarming.
  • In the same area as above, the brothers can enter of pen of large rabbits, and if they grab the single white rabbit that's being avoided by its all-black penmates, they can coat it in soot from a dead fire, which makes the other rabbits accept the bunny as one of the own.
  • A tree monster causes one brother to fall in the river. After being rescued by his older brother, their tearful hug qualifies as one of these. D'awwww.
  • Helping a group of adorable baby turtles reunite with their parent in the ice level definitely counts.
  • A side quest centres around saving a man from hanging himself, then salvaging a music box from the burned remains of his house to give to him, granting him closure for the loss of his wife and child, and the strength to go on living for them.
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  • The very last level. The older brother is dead and buried and the younger brother is back in his home village. The only task that remains is getting the water to his father. The kid makes it past the first few obstacles easy, but freezes up when he gets to a body of water too deep to walk across. Even after receiving a vision of his dead mother all he can do is cry at the edge of the water... until the player presses his older brother's action button. From then on the younger brother must make his way back through the few obstacles that hindered both of the brothers at the very beginning of the game alone. Each time by using the interaction commands of his dead brother until he finally reaches his father. The implications clearly being that even in death the older brother was able to guide and lend his strength to his younger brother.
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  • At the beginning of the game, if the brothers interact with a flowerpot, the older brother sniffs the flower and the younger will smash the pot. At the end, the younger brother sniffs the flowers instead.

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