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Heartwarming / Banjo-Kazooie

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  • The graveside flower pots in Mad Monster Mansion. If an egg is plopped into one, flowers bloom...and a very ghostly, quavery "thank you..." intones out of nowhere.
  • In the spinoff Banjo-Pilot, there's a racetrack called Clanker's River. It's a beautiful, idyllic river with Clanker the Shark swimming in it. He got free of Grunty's sewer and found a beautiful new place to live!
  • After learning the necessary moves in Tooie, you can go back to Spiral Mountain and not only break the rock that's been trapping Banjo’s pet goldfish all game, but also transport it back into the water. In return, he gives you the ability to swim fast, as well as doubling your air meter.
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  • Cheato, the spell book that gives Banjo and Kazooie all those cheats in the first game, returns for Tooie but with all of his pages torn out by Gruntilda in retaliation. He's still willing to help the duo out after all that happened.
  • In a Meta way, Banjo and Kazooie being officially added to the roster of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was this for many fans of the series. The trailer shown at the E3 2019 even treated their reveal as such, with Donkey Kong, Diddy and King K. Rool all cheering for the return of their old pals from Rare.
    • The only thing sweeter than this is Grant Kirkhope himself saying one thing to the fans. One simple thing that they all needed to hear. Four little words that made everyone jump for joy. “Banjo, Kazooie, we’re home!”
    • Tooty appearing on Spiral Mountain. After so long of going unused since the first game, she finally appears for the first time in 21 years.


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