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Heartwarming / Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation

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  • During one mission, on the verge of court martial, you and your disgraced wingman destroy a WMD stockpile and are ambushed by over fifty enemy fighters, with no hope of survival. And then every single allied squadron shows up to help you.
  • Voycheck finally decides that enough is enough and leaked the information on Chandelier to Emmeria force.
    • Similarly, Pasternak sending his wingmen home as he faces down the entire might of Emmeria army in the Battle for Gracemeria by himself, citing that the only thing worth living for is the future and not bloodshed.
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  • At the end of the war, Ludmila goes on to marry her Ace Pilot love Toscha Mijasik, right inside P.O.W. camp.
  • Shamrock pays a visit to Melissa and Matilda Herman, choosing to enjoy the peace that he and Talisman fought so hard for.