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Headscratchers / Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation

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  • Voycheks whole arc doesn't seem to make any sense. First it's established Voychek was the leader of Strigon Team who got shot during the initial invasion and got grounded due to his injuries. So he's sent to be an intelligence officer in gracemeria, which somehow means he gets to carry around the silver briefcase that for some reason has access to plans to the Chandelier. To start out with, why would Estovakia take a skilled flight officer, turn him into an intelligence officer and have to conducting interrogations in the middle of occupied territory? One would imagine they'd want a skilled flight officer to remain close to the actual flying part of the air force, probably in support, rather then have to retrain him in an entirely different field of operations(and in less then a year to boot). And why would he be given access to files about the SUPER DUPER SECRET DOOMSDAY WEAPON(the Chandelier)? His job is to extract information from prisoners(apparently, based on his interrogations). Him having access to such classified information is not required for his role, unless everyone in the Estovakian military gets access to this information based on security clearance(which is even more stupid, based on what a massive security risk that is) and could be a grievous liability if he were captured(or just decided to broadcast said information to the enemy, which is what ended up happening).
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  • How exactly did Mcknight and his lone tank get all the way to Gracemeria without support? Assuming he deserted when the Emmerian forces hit the beaches on the Emmerian mainland, that means Mcknight and his tank spent about 2 months traveling across country in the middle of an active warzone and somehow didn't get blown up, run out of fuel or break down. This feels unrealistic considering tanks are notoriously fuel hungry and maintenance intensive, so without fuel or maintenance depots to support them, it's only a matter of time before the tank was immobilized, even without being discovered by the enemy. This doesn't even go into the fact a lone tank could easily be taken down by aircraft, other tanks or even enemy troops with anti-armor weapons, because without supporting troops Mcknights tank is going to very vulnerable to, well, anything. And he's not safe from the Emmerians either, because being deserters as they are(and making off with a very expensive piece of military equipment to boot), there's no reason to think the Emmerian air force wouldn't bomb them(either for desertion or because they assumed a lone tank in enemy territory was an enemy tank).