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History Heartwarming / AceCombat6FiresOfLiberation

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* During one mission, on the verge of court martial, you and your disgraced wingman destroy a WMD stockpile and are ambushed by over fifty enemy fighters, with no hope of survival. And then '''''[[BigDamnHeroes every single allied squadron]]''''' [[GunshipRescue shows up to help you]].
* Voycheck finally decides that enough is enough and leaked the information on Chandelier to Emmeria force.
** Similarly, Pasternak sending his wingmen home as he [[HeroicSacrifice faces down]] ''the entire might of Emmeria army'' in the Battle for Gracemeria by himself, citing that the only thing worth living for is the future and not bloodshed.
* At the end of the war, Ludmila goes on to marry her AcePilot love Toscha Mijasik, right inside P.O.W. camp.
* Shamrock pays a visit to Melissa and Matilda Herman, choosing to enjoy the peace that he and Talisman fought so hard for.

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