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Heartwarming / Dark Parables

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The Exiled Prince

  • Princess Ivy's ghost thanking you for helping her sister in the previous game is really sweet. Despite everything that happened to them, the sisters really loved each other.
  • His motivations regarding other things are questionable at best, but it's incredible to see the lengths to which the Frog Prince went to honor the memory of his beloved princesses. The level of detail in the assorted parts of the memorial garden is nothing short of amazing. (Of course, he's had a few centuries to get everything just right, but still.)
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  • The reunion between Prince James and Princess Ivy is pretty touching.

The Red Riding Hood Sisters

  • After the battle in Fairy-Tale Land, Ruth is elected the new Elder Sister. The Sisters also find orphaned wolf pups in the Mist Kingdom and decide to raise them to be allies rather than enemies. The final scene (taking place four years later) shows Ruth and one of the now-grown pups, standing atop a cliff overlooking the valley of the Mist Kingdom.
  • This troper had a serious case of warm fuzzies when Briar Rose showed up for her Big Damn Heroes moment. After wondering ever since the end of the first game what on earth happened to the poor girl, it was a definite heartwarmer to find out that she was alive, well, very grateful to the detective, and utterly badass to boot.

The Final Cinderella

  • How about the letter Geppetto leaves for Pinocchio where he tells his son how proud he is of him and that he doesn't blame him for what's happened?

Jack and the Sky Kingdom

  • There's something weirdly sweet about the note the detective finds in Prince Hugh's room, where he mentions that Emma uses his telescope sometimes to watch Jack from afar. Hugh can see how much she misses Jack, and he feels bad for her and wants to help her. Considering that he's a magical construct whose only real moral compass is supposed to be blind loyalty to his "father," it's impressive that he was able to develop that much depth of feeling for someone - especially given how much he detests humans otherwise.
  • The reunion between Jack and the detective when he saves her from Hugh after appearing to fall to his death has a bit of this. You can almost imagine the game pausing to give them a minute.

Ballad of Rapunzel

  • Snow White still wishes to help her brother despite the fact that they've been estranged for centuries.
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  • Queen Melanie's diary, in which she laments her impending death and says that she must entrust little Belladonna to the care of Rapunzel; she has only kind things to say about her stepdaughter. Considering how many evil stepmothers are found in the stories that inspired these games, it's nice to see that Rapunzel had a good one who cared about her.
  • The Sword Ending gives us an incredibly beautiful reunion between Ross and Rapunzel, who have loved each other for centuries.

The Queen of Sands

  • A meta example in the credits, which confers dream-related titles upon everyone who worked on the game. This is the first game produced solely by Eipix, and they start the end credits by thanking "Blue Tea Games, disciples of the Moon Goddess, who first gave us the gift of dreams."

Swan Princess and the Dire Tree

  • Prince Ross gives us one when he pleads with his goddess to bring Black Swan back to life. He points out that he has always served her faithfully and never asked her for anything, but he implores her now to grant this boon... and, despite her normally True Neutral approach to things, she does.

The Thief and the Tinderbox

  • The willingness of both Gwyn and Gerda to forgive Kai for everything that happened is deeply touching, and speaks volumes about their affection and friendship. (Unfortunately, the bonus chapter pushes this into Tear Jerker territory.)

Requiem for the Forgotten Shadow

  • Despite everything that's happened and how long they've been apart, the Maiden Goddess still loves the Shadow God and has faith that his good side will prevail. Even better, he eventually proves her right.


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