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Heartwarming / Arcana Heart

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  • Several of the endings in 3, especially since each character's individual ending is only a piece of the big picture that's formed with everyone's endings combined together.
    • Saki's would've been an utter Tear Jerker when she broke down in tears after seeing Fiona off after her attempts to restore her into a human were a complete failure and lie... had it not been for Heart coming shortly after and comforting her, despite Saki trying to push her away, which pulls it to this trope.
    • Lieselotte's and Zenia's definitely qualify.
    • Akane's has her starting out as depressed that Nazuna is leaving her to move in with Kamui and planning to let it go, when Kamui simply asks her if that's what she really wants. Cue Akane also moving in and, in Kamui's ending, it shows all of Kamui, Konoha, Nazuna and Akane sleeping together.
    • Konoha's has her sewing plushies of herself and Kamui (and poking herself countless times) to give as gifts to Kamui.
    • Lilica witnesses the Heart and Saki moment from Saki's ending in her own ending and, feeling guilty that she was just messing around while Saki was working so hard for Fiona's sake, she decides to recruit Yoriko and browbeat her father into helping find a way to bring Fiona back.
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    • Maori's ending shows just how much her little sisters love and look up to her, calling her the "bestest in Japan."
    • Mei-Fang's has Mei Ling acknowledging her as her daughter rather than just as a creation.