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Heartwarming / Spyro the Dragon

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Games with their own pages:

The Original Trilogy

  • Bianca warning Spyro off in Evening Lake- not only does she pretty much say that she doesn't want him or Hunter to get hurt, she promises to take care of the baby dragons.
    • It's interesting to see Bianca slowly but surely break down as you progress further and further. She tries scaring you off, she tries asking politely and eventually even tries begging to make you stop.
    • Once Bianca learns that the Sorceress never cared for the baby dragons and was perfectly willing to kill them so she could cut off their wings, she immediately turns face and starts helping Spyro and co. get them back.
  • Bianca and Hunter, Carnivore Confusion aside, are rather cute. The final scenes especially, when Spyro's wondering where the heck Hunter's gotten to and literally everyone else in the cast is trying (badly) to make sure he doesn't interrupt a romantic moment.
    • The pairing has some poignancy in the fact that Hunter was about the only character who showed an ounce of sympathy to Bianca initially, saving her from one of her out of control spells. Even after getting kidnapped by the Sorceress, he is understanding enough to listen to her side of the story and even attempts to offer a compromise so neither sides suffer (something Bianca is almost swayed by, but ultimately turns down out of fear). It is only punctuated by the fact both characters are Butt Monkeys.
    • Once Bianca performs her Heel–Face Turn, an area in the Desert Ruins has Hunter imply that they promised to have a date later.
  • It's notable that Spyro mostly mocks Bianca and shows no fear whatsoever when she tries to scare them off... until she hits Hunter with a spell aimed at Spyro, at which point he immediately charges her. Never attack Spyro's friends in his presence.
  • Sgt. Byrd's Base. His soldiers are French Lady of War hummingbirds—who are incredibly loyal to him, and to each other. The first hummingbird you meet berates herself heavily for letting her comrades get captured, because she believes she's failed them. And herself. When you help her rescue the others, they're all extremely glad to see you, and they get right back to kicking Rhynoc butt.
    • When you think about it, he was raised by hummingbirds, meaning these guys are his family.
  • The reunion of Romeo and Juliet in Zephyr.
  • The end of the epilogue in Year of the Dragon:
    Thank you for playing. We'll miss you.

Games in between the Classic and Legend trilogy

  • Say what you will about Spyro: A Hero's Tail, but it was nice to see Hunter having to rescue Spyro for a change, after the many missions in the Classic trilogy where Spyro had to bail him out of several jams.
  • For whatever reason, Moneybags' characterisation varies a fair deal in said game. He's still greedy, but actually helpful and deals in fair trade, even seeming to be considered dependable by the hero cast who loathed him in the previous games.


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