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Heartwarming / Spyro Reignited Trilogy

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  • The fact that Toys for Bob went above and beyond and redesigned every single dragon in the first game to the point that there's a Divergent Character Evolution page to explain everything. Their TLC towards the trilogy is so evident and touching...

Spyro the Dragon (1998)

  • Devlin, who is a baker now, is carrying a giant cake with "Thanks Spyro!" written on it when you rescue him.
  • The end credits show pictures of Spyro hanging out with the Artisans dragons. A few of them have some pretty dang heartwarming moments:
    • Spyro helping Nestor with his construction work; note Nestor is big enough to carry Spyro and his materials and both look pretty pleased.
    • Nils teaching Spyro how to sculpt; Nils makes a sculpture of Zoe, while Spyro makes one of himself... and adds sunglasses to it.
    • Gildas teaching Spyro painting.
    • Lindar is more amused than annoyed by Spyro acting as a cuckoo clock in a grandfather clock.
    • Gavin is making coffee for himself and Spyro; Gavin himself seems to take black coffee, while Spyro has a fancy sparkling purple drink.

Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!

  • Spyro's smile slightly widening after Elora kisses him on the head to thank him for saving Avalar.

Spyro: Year of the Dragon

  • The scene where Hunter and Bianca kiss is made even better by them having a Twirl of Love before, including a happy giggle on Bianca's part, and an affectionate gaze between both.
  • During the same scene, Elora and Spyro sit together to enjoy the fireworks, leaning a little closer from each other while doing it.
  • The 100% Completion ending. The original version tried to show the adult dragons interacting with the babies in a heartwarming way, but did it so badly it was a downright Gainax Ending. The Reignited version shows it with much more success.
    • An example: The scene ends with a baby burping at Spyro's face. In the original, Spyro shakes his head for no darn good reason. In the Reignited, Spyro replies with an affectionate noogie.
  • This beautiful easter egg.


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