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  • At two points in the Creature Stage, after reaching a certain level and respawning, a cutscene will play with your nest migrating. One of the creatures waves goodbye to the one looking after your egg, all the while with somber music playing. It's sort of a Tear Jerker though, as once you leave, that individual is going to spend the rest of its life alone, unless you add it to your pack(or unless it migrates on its own offscreen).
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  • If you have a pack member of a different species in the creature stage, when you breed and the new creature hatches, an egg of the other species will hatch there as well. This means that the allied species trusted yours enough to entrust an egg to you.
  • There's one adventure, Delicate Negotiations, that reenacts Romeo and Juliet. Instead of staying true to the original story, the adventure shows what would happen if the play had a happy ending. However, Your Mileage May Vary.
  • If you chose the Omnivore path in the Cell Stage, your chief in the Tribal Stage will be able to summon the Sea Monster/Border Patrol to scare fish out of the water. After giving them a good scare, the monster waves goodbye to the chief and returns to the sea.
  • If you go on the social path, seeing your little butterfly-thing (or whatever you have) befriend a giant hideous monster.
  • If your Shaman empire wins the trust of a Zealot empire.
    • Similarly, if you play your Zealot empire with a peaceable foreign policy.
  • The happy little dance your creature does after they lay an egg in the creature stage.
  • At the end of the Civ stage, if the last empire left is allied with you, they'll willingly join you instead of you having to conquer them.
    "We won! Let us band together, so the world may live as one!"
  • Once a race is uplifted via a monolith, they will thank you for raising them up as you welcome them to the galactic community.
  • In the Creature Stage, you can backtrack to where your first nest was if you're so inclined. If you allied with some of the species surrounding said nest, they'll remember you, despite how many generations have passed and how much you've changed and grown since you first allied with them.
  • Stumbling upon a planet with the M.U.L.E. theme playing.

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