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Heartwarming / Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

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  • The sheer relief that can be heard from the various POWs is heartwarming in and of itself. One of them, when he realizes he's being rescued, begins tearing up in gratefulness, says that he owes Big Boss his life, and that words can never express his thanks. The voice work done for it is simply astounding.
  • Big Boss putting Miller's sunglasses on shows that Big Boss still cares for his friend, even after all they've been through.
    • The sheer sense of brotherhood invoked by Big Boss's rescue of Miller is heart warming. He storms Afghanistan during the height of the Soviet-Afghan war and the area is swarming with Russians, and single handily gets Miller out of there. Without hesitation Big Boss risks life and limb to save his friend, because no one gets left behind. What really clinches it is Miller leaning on Big Boss, unable to walk under his own power anymore, knowing that he has a friend who would never let him fall and would be there to pick him back up if he ever did. Big Boss and Miller are brothers in arms, who went to hell together and would go even deeper together with no hesitation or regrets.
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  • The fact that, even after the events of Peace Walker, Big Boss is still shown to have a soft spot for Paz. It may have been after seeing what she went through, but he is clearly distraught when she performs her Heroic Suicide.
  • The sheer gentleness and care Big Boss shows Chico and Paz. Even more so with Paz, whom he gently caresses when he finds her bound and half-dead in prison. You know, deep down, Big Boss is the same good man he was during Operation Snake Eater. Which only makes what is to come, even more tragic.
    • And if you rescue Paz first instead of Chico before laying her down somewhere in preparation for extraction, a scene will trigger where Big Boss gently places her down and then turns her over while placing her hands into a proper sleeping position. She actually goes quiet from this, showing that she's somehow managing to rest peacefully despite her significant pain.
  • Paz and Chico, during the brief times when they weren't being tortured by Skull Face. Despite initially acting cold towards him, Paz eventually warms up to Chico, and reveals in the final audio log that she initially acted that way and later on insulted him only to protect him, as she was afraid Skull Face would have used him to get to her. In reality, she was actually really happy that Chico had come to rescue her, even after all that she did. And the sheer fact that Chico went by himself to rescue Paz and tried to have Skull Face torture him instead of her.
    • It is a well known fact that Chico has been in love with Paz ever since the events of Peace Walker. In Ground Zeroes, it is heavily hinted that, during their time in Camp Omega, Paz fell in love with him too. And though this also doubles as a Squick (due to the difference in ages, with Chico still being 13 while Paz being anywhere from 17 to 25), it is definitely the least squicky part of the absolute hell-on-earth they were put through.
  • It's easy to miss, but after the Fall of Motherbase, in the background Chico can be seen comforting the sole surviving soldier Kaz and Snake rescued, who is weeping.
    • Another easy one to miss involving Chico, but after the gruesome scene with Paz's surgery, as the Medic is suturing Paz, you can see Chico tenderly holding Paz's hand, and spends the remainder of the flight with his attention devoted to her. Even after all that's happened, you can see Chico loves Paz more than anyone else.
      • This one is extremely hard to notice, and you have to be looking at the shadows to see it. When Kaz grabs Paz and starts shaking her, demanding answers, Chico turns to him and tries, albeit in vain, to push him off of her.
  • This one is only an Easter Egg, but it can also tug your heartstrings: If you rescue Chico, and trigger the cutscene where he hands you the Walkman, but do not extract him, and then go rescue Paz and lay her besides him. Chico will lay down and cuddle together with Paz, whimpering apologies over and over, while Paz, despite being heavily sedated and practically catatonic, actually reacts to his voice, and begins softly humming a song (which may either be the Original MGS Main Theme, Love Deterrence, or Sins of the Father) to comfort the poor boy.
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  • In one of the audio tapes, Big Boss tells Miller to shut it when the latter goes on a rant on how he wants to torture Paz himself and only wants to rescue Chico for pragmatic reasons.

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