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Awesome / Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

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  • One for the team behind the game, and Hideo himself for putting such dark and taboo themes in a video game in this day and age.
    • Not to mention for the protagonists to be doing these things and having them portrayed in such a serious manner.
  • During the fall of Mother Base, as Big Boss is retreating into a chopper, one of his MSF comrades gets shot in the neck, and expires. How does he respond? He screams in fury, goes back and begins to mow down XOF troopers with his rifle.
    • The full scene of the attack on Mother Base is so well done that it's actually unfortunate that it's just a cutscene. Thankfully, it's a superbly made cutscene. The fact that it's about a five minute long action Oner is even more impressive.
    • During the attack, Big Boss shoots down a helicopter with his assault rifle just by putting a burst into the rotor.
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    • Just the simple fact that XOF is not able to defeat Big Boss in a direct confrontation, as evidenced by the way he mows them down. The way Big Boss rushes onto the scene and turns the tide of the battle by himself is awe inspiring. You can tell that's why XOF waited until Big Boss was gone, because they knew if he had been there from the start their attack on Mother Base never would have succeeded.
    • The rocket that nearly exterminates the remaining MSF troops, and immobilizes Miller, doesn't affect Big Boss in the slightest, as he simply rolls over, and starts killing more XOF soldiers. Truly the Legendary Soldier.
  • The Medic in Ground Zeroes, after Paz throws herself out of the helicopter, rushes forward, throws Big Boss behind him and takes the full brunt of the fiery explosion in the face.
    • And a suitable bit of foreshadowing for the next game, as it will eventually be revealed that the Medic is Venom Snake.
  • If you do a large amount of damage in an area, and do it quickly, the enemy will start to think that there is more than one person attacking them. But of course, it's just Big Boss.
  • One of the Japanese exclusive audio tapes, "Peace and Kazuhira blues," details Big Boss and Kaz's first meeting, which had only been mentioned in passing before. The set-up? On opposite sides in a fierce battle, Miller is about to commit a suicide attack on Big Boss with a grenade, but before he can, Big Boss sprints in, grabs the grenade, and tosses it before it blows.
    • What makes that feat even more amazing is how it's reminiscent of the way The Boss fought in MGS3. Where every time she fought Big Boss she immobilized him with alarming speed, and was always in complete control of the battle (until the final boss battle of course, where Big Boss finally beats her). In similar fashion to his old mentor Big Boss is now in complete control of every battle he takes part in, even in situations where any other person would have died before they could even even react to their opponent. Just think of the speed and precise muscle control it must take to rush up to a combatant, yank their grenade out of their hand, and throw it away before they can even react, that is some super human shit right there.
  • Managing to S rank any of the missions requires the player to pull off an awesome moment, either by stealth, non lethal means, speed running or rescuing as many prisoners as possible. Any player who can combine all of these well deserves that S rank.

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