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  • The fact that one of the first XOF Patches that you can collect is stuck to Big Boss's ass. Even funnier is the fact that the scene that plays when you roll around enough to dislodge it ends up looking so over-the-top that it fits alongside rocket surfing in The Twin Snakes or Eva's motorcycle fist-fight in Snake Eater.
  • A hilarious reference in an otherwise serious scene, as Big Boss is choking Chico to unconsciousness, he says, "DON'T fight it!" Which is, of course, the exact line used whenever Jack Bauer uses a sleeper hold on someone.
  • The Jamais Vu trailer for the Xbox's version of the non-canon bonus mission. A Russian plane has crashed, and contact with a nearby military base has been lost. Turns out, it's been infiltrated by snatchers! The mission is too dangerous for Big Boss to take on himself, so they send in their secret weapon - a man from a distant, alternate future, with no organic body to snatch - Raiden. The funniest part is that it's just outlandish enough that many commentators who weren't up-to-date on the facts of the bonus missions thought that it was canon!
    • Another moment that most might have missed: When you're flying towards the base, Kaz debriefs you on the mission. When he gets to the phrase "body snatchers," Big Boss' face must be seen to be believed.
  • A Side Op requires the player to save an Intel Team agent. The end cutscene reveals it to be none other than Hideo Kojima himself, apparently having continued his work for MSF after Peace Walker.
    • Even better, he's voiced by himself! And he does a pretty good job too, accent notwithstanding!
    • Upon successful completion, he mirrors Miller's rescue scene from the Red Band trailer, removing a pair of aviators and putting on his signature glasses, provided by Snake. Normally, he turns to the camera and repeats Miller's line from the scene as well. Upon S-Rank completion...
      Hideo: Snake... Dat wos parfect.
    • It's funnier when you realize his role is consistent with his stats in Peace Walker — excels at intel but poor at combat, although Miller compliments Hideo's ballsiness in stealing a jeep as part of his escape.
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    • After you rescue him he'll appear behind Big Boss on the main menu. And he'll scroll through your mission select screen, if you leave it open while he's around.
  • The Deja Vu Extra Op is full of these, greatly lightening the oppressive mood of the rest of the game.
    • After encountering both prisoners, whose deaths mirror those of Kenneth Baker & Donald Anderson/Decoy Octopus due to the FoxDie virus, the Fox Engine contracts the FoxDie virus & an Interface Screw follows before the Fox Engine fights it off.
    Kaz: Snake, are you okay? FOX...DIEs? But the FOX Engine came out on top. Thanks, FOX Engine!
    • During said FOXDIE freak out, the iDroid starts rapidly babbling...or rather reciting a list consisting of certain names such as..."Kawanishi-Noseguchi...Kinunobebashi..." et cetera.
    • At the end of the mission, Miller recites the opening line of the codec conversion from Metal Gear Solid where he tells Snake about the "Alaskan field mice" he's encountering in the vents, only to correct himself that they aren't the mice he just described & Big Boss to ask if he's feeling okay.
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    • Get all the scenes recreated, and Miller pretends to reveal that he's really Liquid Snake! Cue Robin Akins Downes putting on an outrageous Cam Clarke accent and throwing tons of MGS trivia at you.
    • The other voices Miller reproduces are a Guttural Growler for Colonel Campbell, and an even campier Psycho Mantis. But once you hop into the Jeep, Downes says in a falsetto Meryl voice, "Alright! Keys!"
    • The armory in the admin area has a MRS-4 with a special flashlight equipped, which causes certain Metal Gear logos hidden in the base to disappear like the XOF logo in the opening scene of the main game. The game conveniently has a MGS 1 logo to demonstrate the effect inside the armory, and right when you leave, there is a guard straight ahead flashing a light on a Revengeance logo. More than likely, this is the first logo that the light will not work on, causing Miller to remark that it must be nothing special.
      • What makes this more hilarious is that the same guns and logos are present in Jamais Vu where the player is using Rising-era Raiden and Miller still comments that the Revengeance logo is nothing special.
  • The watermelons in Jamais Vu.
    • Made even funnier by the soldier who seems to be confused by their presence in the chopper. After showing one to Big Boss, he continues to hold on to it til the cutscene's end.
    • Raiden can simply run into enemies to knock them over. However, knocking into a snatcher results in Raiden being knocked over too.
  • Miller's over-the-top reactions to some of the easter eggs found in Jamais Vu.
  • Big Boss attempts to cheer Chico up.


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