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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to these pages. Proceed at your own risk.
"We'll be together forever, won't we Kara?"

Detroit: Become Human is guaranteed to pull the player's heartstrings, in both the good and bad ways. What else would you expect from a story where freedom and humanity are the Central Themes?

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  • After Jericho is blown up, Markus/North will be concerned about Connor deciding to infiltrate CyberLife for Jericho, despite having just met and having reason to suspect that he may not be genuine about his Heel–Face Turn.
  • After Connor blows up Jericho, if Markus died at the freedom march and you had Connor deviate, he can encounter Kara and Alice (if they weren't captured). If Connor chased after them in "On the Run", he will apologize for his actions and wish them luck on their journey to Canada.
  • After Jericho is blown up, Markus can bid farewell to Kara and Alice and wish them luck on their journey to Canada.
    Kara: Markus? [Markus turns to look at her] Save our people. [Markus nods and walks off]
  • If Markus died at the freedom march, North will not only take his place as leader, but will follow his example.
    • If you have Connor deviate, North will wait for him to escape with her when the boat blows up.
  • After ending the game, Chloe, the android/AI that was there every time at the main menu and interacts directly with you, the player, tells you that watching you play the game awoke emotions/deviantness in her, and asks you for permission to leave in a Quest for Identity. If you answer "yes", she indeed leaves the menu for good and won't come back, but her gratefulness and joy makes it all Worth It. And be honest, who could be heartless enough to say "no"?
  • If you play your cards correctly, Connor and Hank can become Fire-Forged Friends.
    • Whenever you have Connor choose to prioritize Hank's safety either over the mission at hand or Connor's own life, it naturally increases Hank's like for him.
    • If their relationship is good, there's also the progression of names Hank will have for Connor. He starts out by calling him a "plastic prick", then refers to him as "it" for a while, before he finally uses "Connor" and even (as mentioned above) "son" at times. Connor will also move on from simply calling Hank "Lieutenant" to finally calling him by his name.
  • During the 'Kara' tech demo, which the developers have confirmed as canon, Kara is shown as being "born" deviant. When she shows surprise at being "merchandise" rather than being alive, the CyberLife employee that's testing her immediately starts disassembling her, explaining that she's not supposed to think and that she must be defective, thus she needs to be scrapped. It's tear-jerking enough to see her pleading not to be deactivated, even going to far as to promise to stop thinking for herself, but the heartwarming part comes when she cries out "I'm scared!" and the employee immediately stops breaking her down and begins to reassemble her, asking her to promise not to cause trouble before sending her on her way.

     Kara's Story 


  • If Kara and Alice stay in the hotel, there's the scene where Kara vows to protect Alice and make her happy again.

The Pirates' Cove

  • The entire scene, where the android Jerry invites Alice to ride a carousel, with Kara and Luther watching fondly from the side. After everything that Alice has been through, it's nice to see her enjoying herself.


  • When Kara finds out that Alice is actually an android, Luther approaches Kara and tells her that despite what she is, both she and Alice have become who the other needs and for all intents and purposes, they already are a family. There's no doubt that you'll be moved by his speech, one way or another.
    Luther: You knew from the beginning. You just didn't want to see it. She wanted a mom, and you wanted someone to care for. You needed each other. What difference does it make? Do you love her any less now that you know she's one of us? Alice loves you, Kara. She loves you more than anything else in the world. She became the little girl you wanted, and you became the mother she needed. Forgetting who you are, to become what someone needs you to be... Maybe that's what it means to be alive.
    • Alternatively, if Luther isn't with you, it's Lucy who gives you encouragement.
      Lucy: She wanted a mom. You wanted a little girl. You needed each other to survive... In the end, what difference does it make? Do you love her any less now that you know she's one of us? Maybe that's what it means to be alive. Forgetting who we are to become someone what someone needs us to be. She loves you... More than anything else in the world. She became the one you wanted her to be, out of love for you.
    • After the scene above, if you have Kara accept Alice and promise to be with her no matter what, they share a sweet embrace. And if Luther is still alive, Kara's relationship with him upgrades to "Family".
  • If Kara attacks a soldier outside Jericho after surrendering or trying to run, Alice will stand in front of Kara and beg the soldier not to kill her. Alice then helps her walk. This is a rare case of Alice protecting Kara and not the other way around.

Battle for Detroit

  • A small touch, but when Kara and Alice manage to flee Jericho alive and find the last bus heading for the border, Alice will complain that she's feeling cold, to which Kara can deactivate Alice's thermal sensitivity. Keep in mind that this happens only if Kara accepts Alice even after realizing she's an android, so the scene reflects Kara's undying love and concern for Alice's safety.
  • At the bus stop, Kara can encounter... Todd, the one person who can unravel the Masquerade. But, with the right choices, you can convince him to confront his own failures at raising his Replacement Goldfish. And, if you let her, Alice will hug Todd, saying goodbye to her erstwhile father.
  • If Markus maintains a good public reception and leads a nonviolent protest, Kara and Alice can survive the Canada road border check without needing to sacrifice anyone. The immigration officer will notice that Kara is an android, but look at the TV, see that androids are having a peaceful protest, and decide to let them through regardless.
    Immigration officer: Welcome to Canada.

     Connor's Story 

The Hostage

  • Connor has the option to pick up a fish that is flailing on the floor and put it back into its fish tank. It's a nice Pet the Dog moment, and even increases his Software Instability (a measurement of whether Connor's actions are done for work reasons or not).
  • Additionally, Connor has the option to apply a tourniquet to a cop who is bleeding out on the terrace because the aggressive deviant shot him. If the cop is saved, not only does it slightly increase Public Opinion, but the grateful cop also returns in "Public Enemy" to convey his gratitude. Connor's reaction is the tiniest of smiles, but it's there.
    [Connor is approaching the break room for the first time. The cop is standing near its entrance.]
    Officer M. Wilson: Connor?
    [Connor pauses and turns to look at the cop. The officer walks up to him.]
    Officer M. Wilson: You remember me? I was on that terrace… that android that took the little girl hostage? I was shot, you saved me…
    [If Connor has not died before this conversation, he pauses for a second.]
    Connor: I remember you.
    Officer M. Wilson: I could have died on that terrace… But you saved my life… [mulls over his words for a second] I never thought I’d say this to an android, but… thank you…
    [Connor offers him a quick nod and a small smile.]

The Interrogation

  • After you fail or succeed in getting Carlos' android to confess, Gavin and Chris will attempt to take the android back to his cell, unaware that his stress level is dangerously increasing. You can have Connor choose to intervene and stop them from adding to the android's stress. In return, the android will provide a hint that is crucial to finding out the location of Jericho later in the game.
    [The android’s stress level has dramatically increased to 74% because Chris is trying to move the android out of his seat.]
    Connor: [INTERVENE] You shouldn’t touch it. It’ll self-destruct if it feels threatened.
    Gavin: Stay outta this, got it? No fuckin’ android is gonna tell me what to do.
    [The android’s stress level increases to 79%.]
    Connor: [INTERVENE] You don’t understand. If it self-destructs, we won’t get anything out of it!
    Gavin: I told you to shut your fuckin’ mouth! [turns to Chris, who is still struggling with the android] Chris, gonna move this asshole or what?
    Chris: I’m trying!
    Connor: [INTERVENE] I can’t let you do that! Leave it alone, now! [runs in and pulls Chris off the android]
    • After Connor pushes Chris off the android, Gavin will threaten to shoot him. In response, Hank will order Gavin to back off at gunpoint. Despite Hank's sour attitude towards Connor, this is the first instance of him defending Connor if Connor goes for the moral choice of action. To make this even more heartwarming, Hank has known Connor for about an hour at this point note , and yet he's perfectly willing to pull his gun on a fellow officer for him. (True, it's Gavin we're talking about, but still.)
      Gavin [pointing his gun at Connor] I warned you, motherfucker!
      Hank: That's enough! [Hank’s approval slightly increases]
      Gavin: Mind your own business, Hank.
      Hank: [pulls out his gun and points it at Gavin] I said "That's enough."

Waiting for Hank

  • Connor can find out that Hank likes heavy metal and say he likes it too, much to Hank's confusion. Later on, at the beginning of "The Bridge", Connor is seen sitting alone in Hank's car while heavy metal music is playing. It is implied Hank kept the music on when he left the car for Connor's benefit.

The Nest

  • In the lunch scene, after Hank asks Connor about his conclusion of him telling him about his history, you can choose the psychological reply where Connor says he wants to earn Hank's trust and hopes that both can work together to solve the case, which is enough to increase the relationship value.
    Connor: I know you're an experienced officer, and I like to earn your trust. I'm sure we can solve this case if we manage to work together.
  • At the end of the chapter, Connor can choose to save Hank from falling off a rooftop instead of continuing to chase Rupert. While Hank has trouble thanking Connor, it's clear that he is grateful for his rescue nonetheless.
    [Connor chooses to SAVE HANK. Software Instability dramatically increases.]
    Hank: Shit! Oh SHIT! We had it! Fuck.
    Connor: It’s my fault, I should have been faster.
    Hank: [Hank’s approval dramatically increases] You’d have caught it if it weren’t for me… That’s alright. We know what it looks like. We’ll find it…
    [Hank walks to the rooftop exit, pauses at the door, and turns around.]
    Hank: Hey Connor…
    [Connor turns around to face Hank.]
    Hank: [shakes his head and waves his hand in a “forget it” gesture] Nothing.

Russian Roulette

  • Sumo the dog only appears in a couple of scenes, but he is a Big Friendly Dog. Connor nervously talks down Sumo after he breaks into Hank's house and later has the option to pet him. Sumo also has a brief exchange with Hank, who drunkenly orders him to attack Connor, to no avail.

The Eden Club

  • Part of the urgency of the "Eden Club" mission is that all the android strippers' memories are wiped after two hours. Despite this, the deviant Traci androids still remember their love for each other, even though they've probably been reset countless times.
  • In the end of the chapter, Connor can choose to spare the two deviants, rather than fulfill his mission and terminate them.
    [Hank and Connor watch the deviants climb over the fence and escape.]
    Hank: [Hank's approval dramatically increases] It's probably better this way...

The Bridge

  • Later, Hank will question why Connor allowed the two Tracis to escape instead of shooting them. Connor can tell the truth and say he just decided not to shoot at the time, moving him closer to deviancy. Alternately, he can deny having empathy for machines that are simulating human emotions. Hank's expression about the denial shows he's not buying it for a second: Connor may be a machine programmed to fulfill a task, but Hank can see the person behind the program.
    Hank: You could’ve shot those two girls, but you didn’t. [walks closer to Connor] Why didn’t you shoot, Connor? [roughly pushes Connor backwards] Hm? Some scruples suddenly enter into your program?
    Connor: [TRUTH] No... I just decided not to shoot, that’s all... [Software Instability increases] [Hank’s approval slightly increases]
    Connor: [LIE] I would’ve shot them if I could. Why would I let them escape? [Hank’s approval slightly decreases]

Public Enemy

  • If the deviant in the break room is interrogated, he will attempt to escape by ripping out Connor's power source and bolting. After a harrowing scene in which he narrowly averts shutdown and reinstalls the missing core, Connor pursues the deviant into the corridor. The deviant then grabs an assault rifle and makes to shoot the hallway full of law enforcement. Out of all the options Connor can choose to stop the deviant, the most heartwarming and awesome option has him grab a nearby police officer's sidearm and terminate the deviant before it can shoot anyone. Hank's reaction is one of stunned gratitude, as he realizes this seemingly unfeeling machine just averted a massacre instead of pursuing its own goals.
    Hank: Nice shot, Connor.
    Connor: I wanted it alive.
    Hank: You saved... human lives... [Hank’s approval dramatically increases] You saved my life.

Meet Kamski

  • Connor is forced to choose between killing Chloe or sparing her. Should you have Connor do the latter, Hank may initially seem chagrined that Connor gave up the chance of acquiring vital information, but it turns out that he's actually pleased.
    Hank: Why didn’t you shoot?
    Connor: I just saw that girl’s eyes... and I couldn’t, that’s all...
    Hank: You’re always saying you would do anything to accomplish your mission. That was our chance to learn something, and you let it go...
    Connor: [defensive] Yeah, I know what I should’ve done, I told you I couldn’t! I’m sorry, okay?
    Hank: [stares at Connor, then grins brightly] Well, maybe you did the right thing. [Hank’s approval dramatically increases]

Last Chance, Connor

  • During one of Connor's final conversations with Amanda, she may directly ask if he cares about Hank. If you choose [YES], Connor will look very troubled and say he's been having “thoughts that are not part of [his] program”, which makes him wonder if he has been compromised. This is the closest you will get to a confession that yes, he does care for Hank.
    Amanda: Have you experienced anything unusual recently? Any doubts or conflicts? Do you feel anything for these deviants… or for Lieutenant Anderson?
    Connor: [YES] [Software Instability slightly increases] I’ve started to have thoughts that are not part of my program… [Amanda’s approval dramatically decreases] I’ve considered the possibility… that I might be compromised.
  • If Connor shot Chloe in "Meet Kamski" to find the location of Jericho, he would no longer have to go through the evidence and immediately heads out to track down Markus. Should Connor still have a friendly relationship with Hank at this point, despite what happened with Chloe, Hank expresses his belief that Connor is still capable of empathy, and before the latter leaves, he subtly expresses his good wishes.
    Hank: You're gonna have to choose your side, Connor. Deciding who you are can be the hardest thing. You watch your back, alright?
  • If you made the important "good" choices with Hank before this chapter (save Hank on the roof, don't shoot Tracis, don't shoot Chloe), you're given an additional conversation option where Connor can either compliment Hank, comfort him, or tell him he enjoyed working with him and maybe they could even have become friends. Whatever Connor says, Hank will smile and look moved.
    Connor: [SINCERE] I know it hasn't always been easy... but I want you to know I really appreciated working with you... That's not just my Social Relations program talking, I- I really mean that. At least, I think I do...
    Connor: [FRIENDS] I'm not programmed to say things like this, but... I really appreciated working with you. With a little more time, who knows... We might've even become friends...

Battle for Detroit

  • The most heartwarming moment probably comes during Connor's deviant path, when he'll be faced with the choice to either save Hank or let him die and assist the android revolution. Connor can choose Hank. However, Hank himself has come to sympathize with the deviants, and if Connor saves him, he'll let him go on with the android revolution anyway.
    [Hank shoots imposter!Connor]
    Hank: I've learned a lot since I met you, Connor. Maybe there's something to this... Maybe you really are alive. [Hank's approval dramatically increases] Maybe you'll be the ones to make the world a better place... Go ahead, and do what you gotta do.
    • In the above scenario, Connor can attempt to bluff and tell the other Connor holding Hank hostage that he doesn't know Hank and won't care if he kills him. To this, the imposter replies that he accessed main Connor's memories and thus can tell that Connor developed "some sort of attachment" to Hank.
  • A rare one from when Connor stays a machine. When Connor is attempting to assassinate Markus/North from the rooftop, Hank will confront him. If Connor's relationship with Hank is high enough, he gets the option to leave peacefully. His parting words are rather touching, if bittersweet:
    Connor: [LEAVE] Killing you is not part of my mission.
    [Connor throws away his rifle and steps towards Hank]
    Connor: I'm glad to have met you, Hank. I hope one day you can get over what happened to your son.
  • The Golden Ending's Stinger. Connor and Hank meet back at a in-the-street fast-food (the same one Connor finds Hank in one of the early chapters, actually), where they smile at each other before Hank pulls Connor in for a hug.

     Markus' Story 


  • Markus' bond with his owner, Carl Manfred.
  • Any time Markus uses his ability to liberate his fellow androids. Often, he simply takes their hand or touches them gently and tells them, "You're free."

Shades of Color

  • During the park scene, a child can be seen running up to an android and hugging her. It shows that not all humans hate androids.
  • In Markus' introductory level, there's an android talking to her owner, an old man who is sitting on a bench in the park. When she asks if he's ready to go home, he responds with "Ah yes. Thank you, dear". Though only brief, we can see that this man actually appreciates his android and probably has a similar relationship with her to the one Markus has with Carl.
    Android: Would you like to go home now?
    Old Man: Yes, Rose. Yes, I think that's enough for one day...
    Android: Here. L-let me help you. [starts helping the old man stand up]
    Old Man: Oh! Oh thank you dear.

The Painter

  • Early in the game, Carl asks Markus to paint with his eyes closed and rely on abstract thought and feelings to guide him. If the player choose the options 'Humanity' and 'Comfort', Markus will paint a beautiful portrait... of Carl himself. Even Carl is moved by Markus' work.

From The Dead

  • When Markus fails to climb a mound of android corpses and stumbles because he's too damaged, a nearby broken android can be seen reaching out to him as though he's comforting Markus. It's nice to see that broken androids look out for each other, even when they are not long from breaking down into a pile of sentient junk.
  • Another moment comes when Markus finds a compatible replacement power source... but the android housing it is still alive and begs Markus not to take it, pleading she doesn't want to die. Markus can spare her, and after thanking him, he touches her gently before rising wearily to his feet.

Spare Parts

  • When Markus and his group goes to CyberLife HQ to steal android parts, he can recruit an android security guard, despite the rest of the group being suspicious of the guard. Though this initially decreases the group's happiness with you, it pays off since the guard tells you where you can steal a van with plenty of parts, and if you succeed, the group will be happy and will presumably be accepting of the former guard.
    • If you play the pacifist route and choose to sacrifice Markus during the stand-off with police at the march, that same guard will intervene and start fighting the cops attacking Markus, buying the freedom fighters time to save Markus and get him to safety. He dies, but he saves Markus' life.

Freedom March

  • If you choose to leave Simon on the roof rather than shoot him in "The Stratford Tower", and if Connor chooses to investigate the deviant in the kitchen rather then head to the roof in "Public Enemy", Simon will escape and make his way back to Jericho. After talking with North on the rooftop, Markus encounters Simon in a corridor and pulls him into a tight hug.
  • The beginning of the chapter, the uplifting music playing in the background, Markus freeing the androids without even having to touch them now, hundreds of deviants marching (peacefully if the player chooses) to let everyone know they aren't just machines. It not so subtly parallels real life civil rights movements.
    Androids: [marching] We are alive.
  • If you're relationship with North is high enough, she will tell you her backstory about being a Sex Bot who finally had enough of being mistreated. Then her and Markus will upgrade their relationships to "Lovers".


  • During the assault on Jericho, Markus has the opportunity to intervene and save a number of androids attempting to escape the human attackers. Each time he does so is heartwarming, but saving Josh is especially uplifting, especially if you've been holding to pacifist ideals as he becomes a true companion despite disagreeing with you from time to time.

Night of the Soul (Welcome Home)

  • A very minor example, but still heartwarming nonetheless, is that when Markus returns to Carl's house, he'll still hear the same announcement from the alarm system.
    "Alarm deactivated. Welcome home, Markus."
    • This is even more heartwarming when you think about it. The fact that the announcement is still there implies that Carl always knew Markus would make it home some day.
  • As detestable as Leo was to players, there's his video recording of him apologizing to Carl for his Jerkass behavior, and his vow to go through rehab. At the end of the video, he then says that he's proud to be Carl's son.
  • Markus will find that a new android has replaced him. When he turns his replacement into a deviant while asking him if he can see Carl (as he was given orders to turn away visitors), he doesn't change much, suggesting that because Carl treats him kindly, he's not discontent with his life.
    New Android: Who are you? How did you get in?
    Markus: I need to see Carl.
    New Android: Carl isn't seeing anyone. You need to leave.
    [Markus converts the android]
    Markus: Please. I need to see him.
    New Android: He's very weak... I'm not sure he'll be able to talk to you. [the android steps back, allowing Markus to enter Carl's room]
  • Markus meeting Carl again, with both having a heartfelt reunion. If Markus tries to remain nonviolent, Carl will give him much needed support and advice on what to do next for the revolution.
    Markus: [ADVICE] Oh, what should I do? Carl, they're killing my people... I don't want to answer violence with violence but tell me, what choice do they give?
    Carl: Being alive is making choices... between love and hate, between holding out your hand or closing it as a fist... I don't have any easy answers, Markus. You have to accept the world as it is... or fight to change it.

Night of the Soul (Pay Respects)

  • Leo from his much cleaner, better rested, and decidedly less twitchy behavior appears to have gone clean. Despite having access to Carl's estate and all the cash he could have wanted to buy more drugs with Carl's death caused Leo to reevaluate his whole life. In the end he chose to fulfill Carl's wishes for him.

Battle For Detroit: Markus

  • If you've chosen the "Peaceful" route for the revolution, Markus and the others will be cornered by the army and you'll get a number of options. You can choose to kiss North if you're relationship with her is high enough or sing "Hold on Just a Little While Longer", either one will result in President Warren telling the army to stand down and androids finally win their hard-fought for freedom.

Someone playing Detroit: Become Human for the first time noticed the similarities between her situation and Kara's, and left her abusive household. Bryan Dechart, the actor for Connor, reposted to the thread on Twitter

Hold on, just a little while longer
Everything will be alright...

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