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  • Urf Day. Following the huge success of Warwick's Urf the Manatee skin, Riot donated the proceeds they had received during April Fools' to an organization devoted to the preservation of manatees.
  • In the wake of the tragic 2011 earthquake and tsunami that devastated Japan, Riot put Akali and her Nurse skin on sale and donated all proceeds from the sale of both to the American Red Cross to aid with the relief efforts. At the end of the event over 50,000 summoners had contributed and Riot made a donation of over $160,000!
  • The story of Joe, a Ewing's Sarcoma patient who was invited to tour Riot through the Make-a-Wish Foundation. Riot then put Joe's favorite skin, Jaximus, on sale, with all proceeds going to Make-a-Wish. When Joe passed away, Jaximus got a unique new line. "Here's to you, kid!"
    • As a side note: Jaximus was almost put into the Legacy vault (basically, it could only be purchased whenever the vault opened), which lead to fans asking Riot not to put it into the vault. So, not only did Riot not put the skin in the vault, Jaximus is always registered as "Limited Availability" as a way to get people to look into the skin's origin and history.
  • The very existence of the Dark Star Cho'Gath skin. Not necessarily because of the fact it's Dark Star Cho'Gath, but the fact it was created with Riot by a fan named Bryan from the Make-a-Wish Foundation, who not only pitched the concept, but had a direct hand in creating the visual design and even helped recorded a pseudo-login theme for the skin! The original request was that it simply be a one-of-a-kind custom skin for Bryan to use as a memento, but once word of his story got around Riot Games, it was temporarily put on sale, where all the proceeds went to charities all across the world.
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  • Riot artist IronStylus was tasked with designing a female tank champion. He needed a strong woman to base her on... so he asked his wife to be the model. He later admitted Leona's default art is more or less an unaltered portrait of his wife, just with her hair and eyes colored orange.
  • Trials of the Poro, a short movie about one of the game's mascot Ridiculously Cute Critters getting caught up in a huge battle somewhere in Freljord while searching for Poro Snax. The heartwarming comes in when the terrified little poro is saved from an enormous Rain of Arrows by a huge, cheerful, bald warrior with a giant shield and a Badass Mustache (actually the first reveal of upcoming champion Braum) who, after saving him, arranges his fur into a little mustache of his own.
    Braum: Next time, you get my back, eh?
    • Braum himself is essentially a Crowning Character of Heartwarming in many ways. Not only is he a Spirited Competitor and ultimately friendly to every other Champion in the league, but this carries over into gameplay as well - his entire kit is dedicated to protecting his teammates and shielding them from enemy attacks. You will feel good playing this Champion or being supported by him. His W skill, titled "Stand Behind Me," is often accompanied by lines such as "Stand behind Braum!" or "And you thought you were in trouble." His whole personality can be summed up in one of his movement quotes:
    Braum: "Sometimes icy heart just needs warm smile."
    • Compounding this is his backstory/lore. What was that, you thought he'd be a Stepford Smiler with a tragic backstory to make him look like a Sad Clown? Well, NOPE. Braum's lore is basically just yet another his folk tales about saving other people. He's always a positive Nice Guy from get-go and has always been as such from start to finish. There's no such thing as angst in Braum, he's genuinely friendly, cheery, supportive. Sometimes, in the world where 'edgy is cool' and True Art Is Angsty, it's always assuring that there are guys like Braum, like saying that you don't have to be dark and edgy to be cool, and being a Nice Guy isn't that boring, but awesome.
  • Azir's reincarnation story. Sivir has just been betrayed by Cassiopeia (who in turn, becomes cursed herself, and released Renekton and Xerath back upon the world) and left for dead. What's Azir's first thoughts upon returning from the dead due to Sivir's blood (having unknowingly been descended of his bloodline) and actions? He picks her up and takes her to a place with healing waters, and brings her back from the brink of death. This selfless act, causes him to receive the power of Ascension, and begin the revival of Shurima.
  • The reason Lee allowed his fellow monks to stop his self-immolation? His sister, who was living in Galrin (which was one of several Noxian-occupied provinces at the time), visited him after Ionia was liberated.
  • The very fact that Mordekaiser, according to Word of God, is extremely protective of Sona, due to the fact that she is the most delicate member of the band they are in. Which they share with Olaf, Yorick, and Karthus, resulting in one of the most bizarre, yet heartwarming cases of Odd Friendship in the entire League canon.
  • After a mutual hostility that lasted years of real time, the former partners Twisted Fate and Graves have resolved their differences. They're even officially listed as "Friends" on their respective champion bios. (Though you'd better believe they had to earn that reconciliation.)
  • Japan and PC Gaming aren't exactly the most compatible pair, as the latter is mostly having cult favorite status in the former (console and mobile gaming are bigger hits there). But then, Riot Games revealed on how they are planning up the Japanese server, and they're really serious on this, not only they bring forth several well-known Names to Know in Anime, these seiyuus (so far Sumire Uesaka (Jinx), Keiji Fujiwara (Master Yi), Aoi Yuki (Lulu) and Natsuki Hanae (Ziggs)) truly gave their all for this job (FujiKei even claimed to have traveled to a mountain to meditate, solely to prepare himself to the role of Yi) and are enjoying the work with Riot, Hanae has also recalled that he's actually an avid LOL player and did a lot of Ranked Games, attended local tournaments and has nothing but enjoyment recalling those memories (in spite of being Japanese, he'd have to content with the massive lags, and with the release of LOL Japan, he and the rest of Japanese players may get a better, less laggy environment). It might be small, but it's nice to see that even LOL, confined in a platform not that widespread in the Land of the Rising Sun, are well loved there beyond just fanarts.
  • The climax of Lucian's story in Shadow and Fortune. Throughout the story, Lucian has been waiting for his chance to get revenge on Thresh for murdering his wife Senna, although he's increasingly troubled by how he's starting to find it difficult to remember her face without looking at the locket he wears with her picture in it. When he confronts Thresh, the wraith is immune to his weapons and gloats that he tore their secrets from Senna's mind when he enslaved her soul, horrifying Lucian and driving him to a Heroic BSoD. When Thresh is about to finish him and claim his soul, Senna herself forces her way to the front of the crowd of hundreds of thousands of tormented souls trapped in the lantern and implores him to fight and live. Wrapping his locket's chain around Thresh's wrist and stabbing him through it with his silver awl, Lucian weakens Thresh's control over the lantern and Senna leads the souls in rebellion against the Warden, weakening his defences enough for Lucian to blast him with their twin relic weapons, forcing him to flee for his unlife. The Power of Love triumphs over the darkness and Lucian finds a new purpose in life beyond simple revenge- to finally free Senna from Thresh forever.
    He caught the briefest glimpse of Senna’s face in the lantern and etched it on his heart.

    Never again would her face grow dim in his memories.
    “Thank you, my love,” said Lucian. “My light.”
  • In a sense, Kled's reveal video Reunion has a rather heartwarming touch, the reunion between him and Skaarl gives off a feeling as if someone found their lost pet, or reunited with an old friend. The big smiles on both of their faces sold the fact easily. The Stinger soon after gives off a feeling of doing something fun the two would always do before the separation.
    • This is also expanded upon in his lore's short story, "Where the Drakalops Roam". After Kled finds himself nearing death while fighting against Noxian Soldiers, Skaarl seemingly shows up by his side in the nick of time, ready to fight after having ran off prior in the story.
    Kled: Any hope I got of surviving this, it’s gone… And that’s when I see her. The most loyal, trustworthy, honorable friend an undeserving bastard like me could ever have. Skaarl.

    Riding like hell toward me. Faster than I’ve ever seen her run. A rooster tail of dust is shooting up behind her. The damn lizard even picks up my hat on her way to me. I run to her just as those black-clad warriors are about to crush me. I leap into the saddle, and we circle around the iron warriors. There’ll be time to kill them after we get rid of that ballista.
  • Like many other champions, Ahri gets her own Arcade skin. In the official splash art, bottom right corner, Ahri has her health bar completed with a chibi 8-bit eye shut icon of her. The in-game back to base animation has her happily hugging an old arcade machine and proceeds to play it.
  • Just when you thought that Luxanna Crownguard was going to be the only one that will punish somebody in the name of Demacia, Riot continued the skin tradition and gave it to Lulu, Janna, Poppy and Jinx. Their skins are even completed with adorable creatures in the most pure Magical Girl tradition.
  • Similar to Braum, Ivern is one of League's nicest, most optimistic, and overall pleasant champions. While he does have a somewhat dark history of being known as Ivern the Cruel before his Heel–Face Turn from cutting down the God-Willow, he now seems to be a genuinely caring, whimsical, and friendly character. Fans have compared him to a Dr. Seuss character or Bob Ross in terms of gentle fortitude (which is fitting, because he even has a line specifically referencing "A happy little cloud.")
  • Rakan and Xayah, while having some questionable morality, are clearly and utterly devoted to each other. As such, their many in-game interactions when paired up together, when not being hilarious, are just plain adorable, if occasionally a little twisted.
    Xayah: If things go wrong—
    Rakan: They always go wrong.
    Xayah: They don't always go wrong.
    Rakan: Mostly?
    Xayah: They mostly go wrong.
    Rakan: That's why I'm here.

    Rakan: Did I tell you I love you?
    Xayah: Yes... but say it anyway.
    Rakan: I love you.

    Xayah: I'm so tired...
    Rakan: You gotta rest, honey.
    Xayah: Everyone is depending on me.
    Rakan: Everyone can wait.

    Rakan: What would you do if I died?
    Xayah: I would... burn this world to the ground and build a castle from the ashes, where I would live alone forever.
    Rakan: Aw... that's sweet.

    Xayah: I swear, you will be the death of me.
    Rakan: I'm fine with that.
    Xayah: Me too.
  • Mixed with a touch of sadness, the story of Doran, creator of Doran's Ring, Shield, and Blade. He was born with a passion for crafting, and at the age of 15, he became an Ultimate Blacksmith who got invited to the Institute to be their blacksmith. However, on route, he suffered an accident that robbed him of his genius, but not his passion, and where once he produced single, masterpiece items, he now produces simpler items in large quantities. The fact that his items are daily used in matches, and he has a permanent home at the Institute, shows that, even if bittersweet, he still got a happy ending.
    • Related to the entry below. While it's true that the Institute was retconned and doesn't exist anymore, Doran wasn't erased with it. Ornn claims to have taught Doran everything he knows, which not only shows us yet again Ornn's soft side for humans, but also means that Doran still lives on! Also, the tone in which Ornn talks inspires the subtle feeling that he is proud of his student, no matter if the items he creates are "low tier".
    • As revealed in "Homecoming", Doran is buried in Ionia. And his legacy still lives into the games present time.
    Master Yi: Master Doran, this is from Wukong. He couldn't make the journey with me, but he wanted me to bring you his favorite fruit. He loves his staff, almost as much as he loves making fun of the helmet you gave me.
  • It's a very subtle feeling, but when one goes about having Ornn forge an item himself, you can just about hear the contentment in the light humming he partakes in while he works. It makes it clear that while Ornn may be a grumpy old goat away from his forge, he loves his hobby. He loves creating. And that he can enjoy making anything like that, even in the middle of a battle, is pretty sweet.
    • Additional one for Ornn. While most of the gods or higher beings in Runeterra are aloof towards mortals and even Ornn doesn't show much overt action towards mortals in his free time, it is clear he's a Jerk with a Heart of Gold and not a Jerkass God. His desire to avenge his fallen followers and warning others to seek shelter for their own safety while he handles Volibear demonstrate he does keep an eye out for everyday folk.
  • The resolution of 'Confessions of a Broken Blade', a story about Riven and Yasuo, finally resolves both of their stories in a way that is surprisingly anticlimactic but truly heartwarming. Elder Souma's death is found to be an accident caused when Riven asked him to destroy her Noxian sword. Yasuo is exonerated in all eyes (except his own) and forgives Riven before departing into self-imposed exile. She is sentenced to a lifetime of labor in Ionia to help repair what the Noxians had broken — which for her means returning to an elderly couple who have adopted her. The story ends with them embracing Riven and calling her dyeda ("daughter") as she finally accepts the possibility of atonement.
  • "It's Me & You" just melts the heart with Nunu and Willump's adventures across Runeterra.
  • In a somewhat twisted way, Odyssey Kayn and Rhaast's relationship. While the relationship between the two both in canon and in the Odyssey universe is pretty hostile, their increased quirkiness in the latter (especially with Kayn) makes their bickering sound less like stubborn butting heads and more like Vitriolic Best Buds. Even if Kayn successfully ascends into his Shadow Assassin form and gains the powers of ora he wanted, he occasionally sounds remorseful of having to purge Rhaast to do so. Poor guy just wants a friend... and universal domination.
    Kayn: (cheerily) What does the voice of Ora say today?
    Rhaast: Go to hell, Kayn!
    Kayn: (same tone) Already there, Rhaast, already there.
  • The Whispering Doodad gives us a look into the Odd Friendship that is Tristana and Lulu. Despite Tristana quickly getting fed up with Lulu's antics when danger is nearby, the two appear to be quite close, showing them coming to each other's rescue when about to be killed as well as Lulu happily giving Tristana great big hugs here and there.

Community Examples

  • Reginald: Fear of Failure features Team Solomid's captain Andy "Reginald" Dinh and his tale of going from a troubled schoolkid to the leader of one of America's biggest teams. It's really inspiring and almost goes into Tear Jerker in a few parts.
    "There's always gonna be that bad guy, and I don't mind being it."
  • Siv HD, who managed to raise over $100,000 for charity in a single day.
  • Who says that even fandom can't make a heartwarming story, even if it's probably non-canon? Take a look at She Who Is Like A Sun To Me, which takes Pantheon's baker joke and Leona's protective instinct into a story of sweet friendship that may shed a lot more humanity on the war-worshipping Rakkor warrior, and launch the Pantheon/Leona ship even further. note 
    • And if you look at the comments of the link... it looks like IronStylus loves this one.
  • What does it mean to be human?
    • Well speaking of Blitzcrank/Orianna, you may want to check out this short story Deus Ex Machina which involves some Tear Jerker, some Moment of Awesome, but most importantly, lots of feels for the two. Guest starring Viktor.
  • Also mixing with Moment of Awesome and Tear Jerker, here's a video made in the same place as the Stick Figure Spotlights: Summoner Showdown 2. What does it show? A sweet reminder that regardless of his more Camp Gay fun portrayal, Taric is still deep down a sweet Knight in Shining Armor that will protect you and avenge the hell out of your ADC if you fall.
  • This custom login screen for Ahri. Sleep Cute indeed.
  • The support player for Renegades, Remilia, had haters bashing her everywhere for simply being a transgendered girl who wanted to be in the LCS. She later posted a Reddit thread which spoke about her thoughts on being in Renegades and that sadly, she may bow out for another "project". Dozens of her fans proceeded to comfort and encourage her.
  • A player on EUW befriended a person who happened to suffer from severe depression through League, and supported him for months. One day, when his friend said that he was going to quit League and kill himself, this player went and made a Reddit thread talking about the issue and pleaded for help from the community to help find him and possibly notify the authorities. Hundreds of people commented, talking about their own history of depression, expressing concern for this suicidal friend, wishing him luck and praising him for what he was doing. One Redditor even managed to reach Riot Deficio and ask him for help. Eventually, the player's friend came back online and explained that he was alright. While the post may not have served much of a purpose in the long run, it goes to show how a community that is branded one of the most toxic communities known to man will still take its time and effort to help and support someone in need.
  • Crossing over with TearJerker, back in 2018, the whole NA LCS community was sent into a state of shock when news came out that Team Liquid's Yiliang Peter "Doublelift" Peng's parents were attacked by his own brother with a knife, resulting in the death of his mother, his father being put in critical condition, and that same brother being imprisoned. The whole community flocked in to support him, and, for TL's owner/manager Steve Arhancet, that if he decided not to play in the Spring Split Finals, everyone would understand and would find a replacement for the finals. Crossing over with Funny, apparently Doublelift looked at his team incredulously upon hearing this and said why wouldn't he play, and that it didn't make sense to him. He and the team would go on to win the Spring Finals.


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