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"Too many noobs."

The world of Runeterra is enormous and its ever-increasing cast eclectic, lending itself to being adventurous, awe-inspiring, touching, scary, heartrending, and naturally, full of lots of funny moments.

As per page guidelines, all spoilers below are unmarked!

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    In-Game (Champion Interactions) 

    In-Game (Everything Else) 
  • Some champions' jokes.
    • One of Xerath's meme-laden joke quotes:
    • Ziggs's joke emote is hilarious, and his quote seals the deal.
    • One of Vi's jokes is not getting why her Talk to the Fist policy never gets results, but it also involves Vi going hilariously high pitched roleplaying her "victim."
      "Why can't I get a straight answer? It's always just 'Oh no! Stop hitting me! Ow, my face!'"
      • In the Japanese version, the contrast is even more obvious, Vi there normally sounds super gruffy aggressive, but when 'roleplaying', she suddenly sounds so sensual like someone asking to be spanked.
    • While Nautilus' joke itself is a rather lame pun, the animation in which he performs his joke with is him SWIMMING IN MID-AIR. It's as bizarre-looking as it sounds, especially considering Nautilus himself. One of the loading screen hints even says "He's weird like that" in reference to the animation.
    • The classic Shout-Out joke by pre-rework Pantheon, made even better by how instantly he shifts in tone between sentences.
      "MY PROFESSION!? You know, now that I think of it, I've always wanted to be a baker."
      • Furthermore, when Pantheon got his rework, this joke stays. Pantheon materializes a freshly baked bread out of nowhere with his godly power and stated that it's his "secret dream."
    • Syndra, the Ionian dark sorceress that killed her master, lifted up a castle to the sky and bursts foes with her powerful dark balls of energy, cheerfully hops her energy balls like a little girl for her joke emote.
    • Before her remake, Poppy simply had No Sense of Humor. After her remake, she has a sense of humour- she just Cannot Tell a Joke. She starts telling an incredibly long (by League standards) joke, only to fluff the punchline- twice!
    • Jhin's joke involves him spinning his gun, only to clumsily drop it and have it fire all over the place while he cowers back in fear, then nervously picking it back up when it stops. Combined with the exaggerated, almost cartoonish animation, it's a weird image.
    • The PROJECT: Ashe skin has her call to Avarosa, who it turns out is just a small hovering drone, leading to this exchange:
      Ashe: Avarosa, guide me!
      Drone: In 400 feet, turn left.
      Ashe: Thanks, Avarosa!
    • Akali's visual update retires her classic "Too many noobs" joke, but she instead gets a cute animation of herself munching on some ramen.
    • Gwen's joke has her resting on her giant hovering scissors, somehow reverting back to her doll form as she flips herself on it over and over. If you look carefully, she appears to be holding onto the blades by wrapping her curled locks around them.
  • Fun with alternate skins:
    • Pre-VGU Grungy Nunu dressed Nunu and Willump as Oscar the Grouch and Cookie Monster.
    • Reverse Annie dresses her as Tibbers...while also dressing Tibbers as Annie.
    • Uncle Ryze dresses him as Uncle Sam and turns his scroll into the U.S. Constitution.
    • Monarch Kog'Maw turns him into a butterfly with girlish eyelashes.
    • Sinful Succulence Morgana puts her in a baker outfit, though the humor mainly comes from the skin's portrait where she's frustrated over burning her gingerbread men.
      • Post-visual update, it shows her after burning the apparently sentient gingerbread men in a rage, but one just barely survived and another, slightly charred one is running away.
    • Blast Zone Heimerdinger makes him look like he was caught in an explosion, hence the name.
    • Gragas, Esq features all the drunken uncouthness of regular Gragas in a high class suit.
    • Statue of Karthus dresses him as the Statue of Liberty.
    • Urf the Manatee. It's not Warwick in manatee clothing, we swear.
    • Related, Urfrider Corki replaces his copter with Urf.
    • Brolaf gives Olaf a polo shirt and jeans, turns his helmet into a beer-drinking helmet, and turns his axes into ones made of recycled beer boxes.
    • Gentleman Cho'Gath puts him in a top hat, monocle, and a fancy coat. Like Brolaf above, it also comes with new voice clips.
    • Deep Terror Thresh has a unique recall animation where he fishes up a treasure chest and rests a foot atop it proudly. He doesn't always catch it though.
    • Pool Party Renekton suits him up as a lifeguard, but the best part is his Recall. And that's before some people decided to go to town with it.
    • Who's that large, lumpy man in the poor-fitting suit? Whoever it is, it's definitely not Blitzcrank.
    • When Arcade Miss Fortune recalls, she brings out a TV and plays a game similar to Duck Hunt. Apparently, she lost, if Gangplank popping up to taunt her like that goddamn dog is any indication. In her anger, she promptly draws her gun and shoots the TV.
    • Final Boss Veigar is a loving reference to all sorts of video game villains, but one of the simpler joys is his /dance emote, where he shoves his staff into the cuff of his right hand, enlarges it to roughly his own size, and allows his apparently-sentient staff to dance alongside him.
    • Omega Squad Veigar. It puts him in fatigues to match Teemo's, but grants him none of the grim darkness. The animations for the skin actually make him more goofy and emotive, his eyes shifting into various shapes to accentuate his mood. The crowned jewel is his recall animation, which has him set up a missile launcher, only for it to not really launch the missile after priming it, leading to him mashing his controller's button to summon an evac.
    • Poro Rider Sejuani, which has a Giant Poro as a mount and a Poro-Snax as a flail.
    • Three words: Dunk. Master. Darius.
    • Two more words: Gentleman Gnar. Sophisticated as Hell made manifest, especially the hilarious recall animations for both forms.
    • Pool Party Rek'Sai. Her recall has her chomp down a poor frog, and her original ult had her ride a jet ski... which somehow sounds like a tugboat! (no, really)
    • Many of Dragon Trainer Tristana's new lines; i.e., upon buying a Statikk Shiv, one of her responses is her telling Riggle not to chew it, only for him to do exactly that and get electrified. She also tears into other champions such as Quinn ("Cool eagle, what does it breathe? Air?"), threatens to cook Azir, and is horrified at the sight of enemy champions using the Dragonslayer skin line (*gasp* "What are you wearing?!”).
    • Everything about Primetime Draven. Just check out what happens when a self-absorbed narcissist becomes a shoutcaster for his own match.
    • Speaking of Draven, the Draven Draven skin features Draven with a comically oversized version of his head. He'll even bop the head if he dies!
    • In Pool Party Fiora's recall animation, she gets into a sword fight with a crab, which ends with her disarming and kicking it away.
    • The second set of SKT T1 skins (commemorating the team's Season 5 World Championship victory) features unique recall animations based on the members' suggestions (except for Marin, who declined, so they made one from scratch), most of them being as comical as they sound.
    • In Candy King Ivern's recall, he's surrounded by sentient gingerbread men and blowing kisses. When he accidentally knocks one of the gingerbread men over and tastes the icing it left on his hand, he begins rapidly eating all of them while they're all still alive and screaming.
    • Snow Day Graves' recall has him tamper with his snowblower-shotgun, and sticking his head toward the barrel for a look. He then accidentally fires a snowman's head into his face, complete with coal and branch as eyes and eyebrows, and a carrot for a cigar!
    • Dreadnova Gangplank's recall animation randomly spawns an airlock as well as a tiny green alien, leading a confused Gangplank to punt it before aiming his gun at it (with the alien adorably putting its tentacles up in the air). And then a giant tentacle emerges from the airlock and drags him through before he can fire his shot. The kicker is that while returning to spawn, he and the tentacle must've had an awesome offscreen struggle, because he lands alongside it, cleanly chopped off.
    • The sheer cartoonish redundancy of the Moo Cow Alistar skin is already funny on its own, but its recall animation adds to it by having him pull out a milk bottle for a trio of Meowkai's weird alien cat things, tossing aside the cork but unknowingly bonking one of them out cold. The funniest bit is that as the other two rush towards the saucer, Alistar does a quick headcount, but by the instant he gets to the third one, the recall completes before he can appropriately react to it.
    • Dragon Trainer Tristana's death animation where she's blasted apart from Riggle and he tries to get her back up? Horribly distressing. Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger's death animation where he's blasted apart from Pythagoras, only for Pythagoras to steal a drumstick from his dead body and fly off? Horribly hysterical.
    • Count Kledula's recall animation has him really lean into a cross between a Cool Old Guy and a Grumpy Old Man, playfully spooking a trio of trick-or-treating poros... then actually spooking them by firing his Hand Cannon like he's signalling them to get off his lawn.
    • Papercraft Nunu twigs around with Nunu's dance animation in a hilarious way. Normally, he plays his flute while dancing around, but with this skin, he instead pulls out a rolled-up sheet of paper and "plays" that. It sounds exactly as you would expect.
    • Little Demon Tristana's recall gives her a shoulder Little Devil Teemo who whispers something in her ear, followed by another Little Devil Teemo, but wearing a heavenly toga and halo... who Tristana promptly decides to fling into her cannon to fire him out as both she and the other Teemo laugh.
    • Annie-versary replaces Tibbers with Teemo, who when summoned by her ult is Tibbers-sized and melees enemies using knuckle dusters with mushrooms on each end. It looks exactly how it sounds.
    • Little Devil Fizz summons a giant Little Devil Teemo with his ult. His recall, meanwhile, has him fight another angel Teemo for Little Devil Teemo's crown.
  • The occasional Funny Back/Foreground Events in the skin portraits can be worth a chuckle or two.
  • The dances in general will cause you bust a gut laughing. Some are expected, such as Olaf's dance being based on "Techno Viking" and Corki "Doing A Barrel Roll". Some, however, are completely out of the left field, like Twisted Fate channeling his inner K-Pop star by dancing to "Gangnam Style"!
  • With Poppy's rework, the splash arts of all her skins were updated. In her Lollipoppy skin, one of the lollipops in the background has the old skin's infamous face, and she also puts on a similar face in her dance animation.
  • Guardian Angel is an armor that revives you on the spot with roughly half your HP on death, playing the animation in reverse to simulate getting up. Kog'Maw's death animation involves him exploding, so it would be kind of weird on him if he should somehow equip it. Thus, Riot has the item coded to play his dance emote when its ability goes off instead.
  • Sion's ultimate, Unstoppable Onslaught, has lines that he shouts while using it. Normally terrifying. Hearing him shouting “COWARDS!" while running away from the enemy team? Hilarious.
  • The Discount Demons Bundle was a bundle of skins that were mostly demonic- and spectral-themed, including Blood Moon Thresh, Underworld Wukong, Reaper Soraka, Underworld Twisted Fate, Dark Crystal Ryze... then there was Lollipoppy.
  • In a small, but highly amusing bit of Black Comedy, the Flavor Text for the Dead Man's Plate item.
    "There's only one way you'll get this armor from me..." - forgotten namesake
  • Emote spamming, which consists on spamming taunts until your fingers ache. Some champions are culprits of acoustic contamination like Garen and Heimerdinger. Others are more silent but will still make anyone laugh (or annoy) other players with their weird movements like Tahm Kench, Nami or Graves.
  • Kled in general, being a ridiculous, exaggerated parody of Noxian aggression, expansionism and ruthlessness. When you take Demacian virtues to their extreme, you get Poppy: honest, noble, self-effacing and heroic. When you take Noxian virtues to their extreme, you get...a deranged, foul-mouthed, drug-addled, ambiguously cannibalistic hillbilly who steals titles from his victims and rambles incoherently about things that never happened at battles he may not even have been at.
  • The Champion Ban voices. While this usually have the characters have lines saying they're leaving or mocking your fear of them, three members have very funny lines. The first is Taric, whom deems you as blind for not choosing him, Draven, whom only calmly leaves (while all the others, apart from Swain, taunted you), and as for Taliyah...
    • Meanwhile, Lulu apparently endorses queue-dodging.
      "I recommend skipping!"
  • Summoner's Rift has several one-time-only instances of minute critters wandering around the map, making it feel that much more alive. However, some fans have noted a random frog that around 1:30 into a game near the top-right corner of the map, jumps off a cliff apparently to its death. Riot's officially stated it's just going home, but fans have embraced this interpretation, giving the frog the nickname of "George the Suicidal Frog."
    • Became an Ascended Meme in the reveal video for Neeko, which starts with Neeko catching the frog right before he jumps off the cliff... only for him to jump off the cliff anyway as soon as she puts him down and leaves.
  • Kayle and Morgana's 2019 relaunches were released simultaneously, with Kayle, who had a massive gameplay update in addition to a massive graphical update, getting an appropriately comprehensive champion spotlight for her new abilities. Morgana, however, mostly received just the visual facelift with little to no actual gameplay changes, so her spotlight is... different.
  • The April Fools 2018 login screen is a sight to behold. It's a Self-Parody of the login screen used at the start of Season 8, only instead of scrolling against multiple champions, this scrolls up to... Birdio. Multiple times. With the epic orchestral music blasting behind it.
  • After being probably the 2nd biggest fandom in-joke behind Graves' cigar, Riot decided to make Star Guardian Urgot an official skin for their 2020 April Fools event. Well, sort of. The justification is that he's cosplaying as a Pajama Guardian - hence the name "Pajama Guardian Cosplay Urgot" - but the community seems to have deemed that "close enough".
  • Ahri's Spirit Blossom skin has an animation where she turns into a full fox and dives headfirst in a pile of snow that appears out of nowhere. Funny enough, but then she gets stuck and has to pull herself out. Her struggles to escape are cartoonishly exaggerated, with borderline squash and stretch physics at play, which extends to even the snow pile.

    Lore and Other Supplemental Material 
  • The Journal of Justice has this in spades. Along with giving extra info and backstory on the champions for the interested (quite a few) there are a number of "joke" articles which are just meant to be amusing. Special mention for Annie doing advertisements for dental hygiene. Yes, that Annie.
  • The Journal of Justice had an article, viewable on the wiki here, about Blitzcrank creating a sort of dating service. The article was amusing, but the best part was the accompanying illustration in which Blitzcrank shows photos of successful (well, he might have a different definition of it, being a robot and all) pairings from his service - one was Rammus and a cactus.
  • The two blooper reel videos Riot made of their own Season One CG Cinematic. The first is worth a good giggle, with Groin Attacks and Epic Fail but the second is HILARIOUS, asking Fridge Logic questions like "what if the summoner controlling a champion is a klutz?", "aren't those minions Cho'Gath eats actually animated constructs?" and "just how dog-like is Nasus?"
  • The tale told in this newspost. To give a quick brief, Mundo had taken a bunch of other champions to a bar, and the waitress kept asking, of all people, Rammus if the table wanted more drinks. You can probably guess how things go from there.
  • The trailer for the Mac version is also highly amusing. It starts with Corporate Mundo going where he pleases and ends with one of Zigg's hexplosives standing in for the Apple logo. It also includes such hilarities as a child's drawing of Mordekaiser standing next to a burning house with "I [heart] My Daddy" written on it, a banana included on a display wall together with a collection of other weapons, an emergency glass cabinet with "Press R to win" printed on it and a water cooler that dispenses health and mana potions.
  • The Rise of the Dragonslayer video has a subtle one. It was supposed to highlight the new Dragonslayer skins and slaying Dragons, be it neutral Dragons, or Shyvana. But in a blink-or-miss, Dragonslayer Pantheon still has time to lob his spear at a nearby Teemo even though he's not a Dragon!
  • Karthus apparently Can't Hold His Liquor, according to this news flash. And he complains when his bandmates point that out.
  • The lore entry for Gnar (a prehistoric, 4-year-old Yordle champion) is written from the perspective of Rengar. Gnar starts to annoy him, so he throws the poor tyke's boomerang into a tree... cue Gnar pulling a Hulk Out behind Rengar's back and throwing the tree at him.
  • A New Dawn has its share of moments. Everything from Katarina bolting around to kill Graves, only to meet Graves' shotgun pointed at her face where Graves gives her an eyebrow wiggle worthy of Groucho Marx, to Draven coming in to try to kill Ahri and just shrug at her as if to say "Hey, just following orders."
  • Azir's Champion Spotlight has this one gem, in regard to his soldiers:
    Sand soldiers are afraid of enemy turrets. They refuse to attack them and disappear much faster when one's around. Bunch of wimps.
  • In the Warriors - 2014 World Championship (Imagine Dragons) music video, around 0:18 seconds in there is a Kappa face on the door. 0:23 seconds in? Twitch chat is utterly filled with them.
  • The Shadow & Fortune story-line, while rather dark and focusing around the Harrowing, has many rather comical moments with, of all characters, Olaf being so annoyingly frustrated at being unable to have his glorious death. Best exemplified in this one line:
    That beast just shit you out?note 
  • Rammus' updated lore is arguably one of the most hilarious, and certainly one of the most goofily straight-faced pieces of writing since the Journal of Justice. While Rammus retains his Mysterious Past, it reveals that he is speculated in-universe to be an Ascended being as old as the concept of Ascension, and is worshipped as a god, leading to this gem:
    Disciples of the cult devoted to Rammus demonstrate their unwavering faith in a yearly ceremony by imitating his famous roll and somersaulting through the city in droves.
    • Additionally, it documents a time when he saved Shuriman tribesmen from Noxian forces by collapsing an ancient temple over them, causing them to retreat. While it is unknown exactly why he did it, one tribesman speculated that "Rammus was simply sleeprolling and had no intention of taking down a temple."
    • The entire concept of a cult devoted to Rammus is humorous, as it seems that sages and scholars seek him for his counsel. Keep in mind that he only has 7 lines, all of them single-word answers. One wonders if the "revelations" that they seek actually come from talking to themselves and arriving at a different conclusion.
  • Yorick's new Champion Spotlight HAD to crack a joke about "graves"...
    "Also, none of the graves can have a cigar."
  • LeBlanc's rework in the Assassin Update gave her a new ability where she can summon a clone globally to bait enemies into wasting spells. While this is hilarious on its own, the practical explanation Scarizard gave to it... is nothing short of sensational.
    "Pretend to gank top lane while you head towards bot lane. Or pretend to gank top lane... AND THEN ACTUALLY GANK TOP LANE!"
  • The adventures of intrepid Piltover writer and explorer Eduard Santangelo in Ionia to search and investigate the ancient race of the Vastaya led to some hilarious moments during his meeting with these creatures such as offending the otterfolk for asking if they were the result of human and shapeshifter reproduction and his infatuation towards Ahri when he met her bathing in a lake naked.
    "I wished to stay and ask more of the otterfolk, but one of my questions seemed to cause great offense, and I was unceremoniously ejected from the village and the creatures’ good graces in one fell swoop. My question, for those looking to avoid the same mistake, regarded whether the pairing of the two species was purely magical or more (shall we say) physical in nature."
  • Teemo rares up to take names in the video for "Mortal Reminder". Fearlessly walking through the chaos, scaling a rocky spire, readying his blowgun... before getting absentmindedly booted into the stratosphere by Kayle.
  • The Lost Tales of Ornn reveals Fizz's trident began life as Ornn's eating fork.
  • The "League of Legends New Player Promotion" trilogy features a bunch of live-action players in an Institute of War-esque building armed with the weapons of the champions they're choosing to play. It's as comical as it is incredibly endearing.
    • "Born to Spin" features a team ready to go, all except for one who's clearly a beginner and having a hard time picking a starter champion. To boot, he fumbles with Draven's machetes, fires Ashe's arrows at his teammates (which the Janna player has to shield), and blows up a window using Lux's wand.
    • "Escalation" features everyone demonstrating their weapons that do just that: The new player shows off Katarina's daggers, followed by Riven's reconstructed blade, Rhaast, Fishbones, and Tibbers, who explodes into form all in front of their eyes. By that point, it's honestly very hard to disagree with the newbie's ecstatic "We're gonna win!"
    • "The Plan" features the party returning from a lost game, with one of them suggesting a better team composition... resulting in everyone ignoring him for the most immediately cool-looking weapons and running off (with the newbie making off with Ekko's clock hand).
      Only Sane Man: Guys, this is never gonna work!
      (everyone excitedly rushes to the battlefield)
      Only Sane Man: (looks at his Darius axe) Maybe it will.
      • Some commenters have pointed out that judging by the release order of the videos, this takes place after "Escalation". So much for "We're gonna win."
  • Willump chewing on a baby Krug in the "It's Me & You" video. Not noticing the very annoyed and very large Mama Krug behind him.
  • "Just One More". Following a supremely unlucky 5-man on a big losing streak. Special mention goes to them unloading every ult on Karthus...forgetting his passive. And proceed to get nuked by his ult.
  • "Welcome Aboard", a teaser for the Odyssey skin line, framed as a recruitment video by Jinx. Combined with the blatantly obvious Guardians of the Galaxy influence, it's predictably a riot.
  • "An Explorer's Journey". Chronicling the adventures of Ezreal and his surprising lack of preparedness.
    Day 4, somewhere around lunchtime: I really should have packed a snack.
    Day 4, well past noon: Is pomade edible?
  • Veigar's color story, "The True and Ghastly Tale of the Beast of Boleham Tower", puts his own brand of "evil" on full blast, and is naturally packed with laughs.
  • In an extremely bleak sense, the ending to "At the Edge of the World". After being unknowingly sent on what turned out to essentially be a Suicide Mission and left stranded in the horrific Shuriman jungles, Ysard Tomyri comes up with a last-ditch plan to escape with her surviving crew, ending her commands with "This place will not be the end of Ysard Tomyri." The following section hard-skips to much later, where a random villager encounters her corpse. Sorry, Ysard.
  • The 2018 "Year In Review" —a retrospective for each individual player with highlights and overall statistics — pokes fun at the champs, with a humorous quote for the whole roster.
    Alistar: Don't milk those.
    Amumu: When you invite everyone to your gank, but no one shows. Q.Q
    Azir: May I have a moment of your time to talk of Shurima?
    Evelynn: You can hear it in my growl growl growl growl.
    Garen: Not a Mage. Giant falling sword is pure coincidence.
    Karma: It doesn't matter how many seasons pass. They never expect the Karma damage.
    Karthus: You were Karthus before it was cool.note 
    Maokai: Saplings!
    Sivir: Have you considered a career in pizza delivery? Or cosplay?
    Talon: TalON = death. TalOFF = death.
    Teemo: Don’t listen to everyone. We like Teemo, too.
    Tristana: Rocket jumping out is only okay once you’ve got the penta.
    Varus: It takes two to dance with death. Wait, no, three.
    Vayne: You’re reeeeeeaaaaallly good.
    Yorick: There are dozens of us!
  • During "Roots of a Poisoned Tree":
    • The description of Malphite shifting an inner cave wall to form a face for himself entails "two deep craters that looked like closed eyes, and a projecting crag that could be a nose." While the accompanying illustration hints that that's indeed what it's supposed to be, one has to wonder if this ambiguity is a nod to the general fan consensus that Malphite's in-game head looks like a nose.
    • In the same story, as Malphite is dramatically introducing what he is, the normal human miners tell him to quit moving his face around as it's causing the tunnel to crumble around them.
  • As serious as it is, there are laughs to be found in the "Zed" comic.
    Kayn: We shoulda taken Althon's spear. We could've sold it.
    • Akali's hilarious summation of Kayn in issue 3.
    Akali: It's your eyes.
    Kayn: What?
    Akali: I mean I hate admitting it, but the abs and shirtless thing? Actually works for me. But those eyes? Crazy. You're hot. But crazy.
  • Combine one bomb loving Yordle and one completely wacko anarchist, and what do you get? "Paint The Town". A hilarious buddy comedy featuring Ziggs and Jinx.
    Devil!Ziggs: Blow him up! Nothing stops this party!
    Jinx: You both make good points. This will take a lot of soul-searching and consideration and MAMA BORED! LET'S BLOW UP MY SENSE OF MORALITY!
    • Jinx getting revenge on a bakery that she feels did her wrong. For very Jinx-like reasons.
    Jinx: I've sworn vengeance on the owner cause he wouldn't serve me unless I put on a top.
    Ziggs: Why weren't you wearing a top?
  • "A Feast Fit For A King". Full of the off the wall Toilet Humor you'd expect of a story starring Trundle.
  • The Spirit Blossom event stories. Taking champs and turning them into characters straight out of a Visual Novel. The kicker being the normally serious Riven being turned into a possessed Tsundere.
    • Thresh blushing is as if he's got a night light lit inside his head and practically turns all of it hot pink.
    • The nameless protagonist of the event in general. Thanks to multiple response choices, you can play them either as someone taking the situation rightfully seriously, or as a medium aware weirdo treating the whole thing like a game. Of particular note is their interactions with Cassiopeia, and their odd fascination with having her crush their bones. Cass herself starts getting a little creeped out by it after a bit.
    Cassiopeia: My Champion, this request is getting a little...weird.
  • We could just say that the entirety of the Don't Mess With Yordles cinematic for Wild Rift takes the cake to the moon and back with all of it's comedy, but we'd be missing out on all of the best bits:
    • When Teemo goes missing in Bilgewater, Tristana has to deal with Corki and Lulu wanting to come along. To keep them out of the way, she lies to Corki that there are enemy bogies over Piltover and has Lulu guard a rock as "the most important part of the mission".
      • Lulu's frustration shows this isn't the first time she's had to guard the rock. When she complains about the situation, she accidentally casts a spell that inflates Pix's head.
      • As Corki is flying over Piltover, he bemoans that there are no bogies whilst completely oblivious to Jinx's makeshift Hextech cannon from the "True Genius" cinematic flying around.
    • When Tristana arrives in Bilgewater, she's greeted by Graves' cannon gun. She goes from amazed at the contraption to an instant Oh, Crap! once he fires it off.
    • After Tristana is imprisoned with Teemo in a Ruinic Iron cage set up by Graves, Corki comes flying in to save them... except he crashes into a ship mast several feet away. He tries to use the momentum to punch Graves, only to rocket right past him into the cage.
    • Corki reveals that he was only a distraction for Lulu. Lulu then emerges from a portal grown to gigantic proportions, scaring Graves shitless and knocking him away like a ragdoll. Despite the fact she's directly complaining to Tristana for putting her on rock duty, she also completely fails to notice that she and their friends are locked in a cage.
    • Beforehand, Twisted Fate had warned Graves that Yordles are more trouble than they're worth since they're "ticking time bomb[s] of trouble". Once Lulu comes walking up three times as big as both combined, he simply puts on his hat and and nonchalantly leaves to avoid getting involved.
      Twisted Fate: Like I said: Tick, tick, tick.
    • Graves attempts to use Corki to stop the Yordles from attacking, only for Lulu to sneak up behind and transform him into a frog.
      • Twisted Fate casually collects his polymorphed partner in a box and takes him away. The Yordles see him off with vary degrees of enthusiasm, with Lulu waving goodbye like a child seeing her best friend off at the end of her birthday party.
    • We finally learn why Teemo was in Bilgewater in the first place: he wanted to earn his badge for adopting a pet. In his case, it's a soul-devouring sea worm. All the Yordles freak out and try to stop him from taking it back home.
      Teemo:"(giggles) Cute, huh?"

  • Rammus Taunts Everyone- a perfect blend of snark, memes, Shout Outs and burn.
    (to Galio) Xanatos called. He wants his bitch back.
    (to Katarina) Was that your ult, or were you having a seizure?
    (to Karma) Uh, wait... who are you?
    (to LeBlanc) Hey, try that decoy thing again, maybe I'll fall for it this time.
    (to Malphite) I can stop the rock.
    (to Tristana) Everyone does your job better. Everyone.
    I've been sent to deliver a message on behalf of the Brazillian playerbase. Taunt OP. Huehuehuehue.
    Rammus: Oh look. A fat pig. Riding a boar.
    Sejuani: WHAT DID YOU S—
    Actual Game
    Ashe, taunting Sejuani: So, which one's the pig?
  • Also from Stephanos: Tribunal chat logs as read by the champions being used by the offending players.
    Fiddlesticks: I shit in your cat's litterbox. I fucked your mother with a strap-on. I farted on your pillow.
    • Particularly this string of Fridge Logic.
      Teemo: Wait, how the fuck can I blind Lee Sin?
      Corki: How can I fly faster with boots?
      Cassiopeia: How can I turn Malphite to stone?
      • And this one from the second.
      Graves: STFU noob! No homos on Rift!
      Ahri: If there are no homos on Rift, why can I charm Riven?
      Riven: I just... I just have a lot of feelings, okay?
    • They did another one, with three major highlights.
      Tryndamere: Oh my God our Swain is so fucking rad! I want to have his babbies!
      Swain: They'll be beautiful! We'll call them... Angry Birds.
      • Then
      Jax: What the fuck is our bot lane?
      • And finally
      Ashe: OMFG please report this noob team! FF!
      Pantheon: Ashe! Clear mind from dubious intentions, and let us embrace warmer path, welcoming future victory!
      Ashe: WTF u talk noob?
      Pantheon: Ashe, we need a warrior; not a little man with little balls.
    • There's also this bit of Translation Trainwreck.
      Mordekaiser: So you wont to be gank the mid lane?
      Taric: Do you wear a helmet when you play this game?
      • Funniest of all:
        Lux: What the hell, we have Teemo going top?
        Mordekaiser: I have faith in you Teemo! Maybe he's a secret pro, give him a chance!
        Teemo: Alguno habla español? note 
        Mordekaiser: NO!!!
  • Udyr just utterly fails to give a fuck.
  • The (now discontinued) video series CholeraNinja is Bad at ''VideoGame/LeagueOfLegends'' is one Funny Moment after another. Highlights:
    • PantheonForce. How do you make Pantheon's already-badass ultimate even better? Lightning bolt sound effects, screaming, and DragonForce.
    • Kings of Dunkshire and its sequel Vengeful Conflictic. Ye Olde Butcherede Englishe meets Ham and Cheese.
    • The Xin Zhao Tutorial.
      • What makes this video funny is his insistence to be in-character and yelling everything Xin Zhao attacks... in all the extreme Large Ham glory
        CholeraNinja: KIAI! KIAI! KIAI!! KIAI!!
      • He also makes running away manly and epic (including the comeback):
        CholeraNinja: OHHHH BE A MAN BE A MAN BE A MAN! BE A MAN! RUN AWAY! BE A MAN! EVERYBODY SAVE ME RIGHT NOW! Oh god help me.... I CAN'T BE A MAN.... But now I can be a man. (... cue ass kicking...) I'm Xin Zhao, and I don't give A FUUUUUUUCCCCKKK!!!
      • Possibly an Ascended Meme as of the 5.5 Patch.
        As a jungler on the borderline of viability, we're giving X to the Z a bump towards his strengths (sustain and skirmishing) to help him get down to business.
      • And it continues in 5.9:
        He'll still need additional follow-up from his team to not splat immediately afterwards, but at least he'll hit with all the force of a great typhoon before going down.
  • Angry Legends, a series of Fan videos by Dante Axe (same guy who made the second 'Rammus Taunts Everyone' video) which is basically League of Legends meets Angry Birds.
    • Mundo identifying any poor victims he'll come across with "Birdy!"
    • Kayle's muffled protests when she was about to be vaulted, all done with extremely quickened voice recording, making her sound like a chipmunk protesting. All ends with being vaulted while saying "I HATE YOOOUUU...."
    • This exchange between Garen and Darius, playing the pigs:
    Garen: Goddammit, Darius! It's Triple Oink and Double Oink-Oink! Is that so hard!?
    Darius: Don't teach me how to oink!
    • How to catch Swain for the game: Tryndamere pulls out a cardboard with Garen's hair above and shoulder pads on the side, written "Demacia #1", and then yell "Ooga booga booga!". Swain goes Raven mode and then vaulted.
    • "Hey, Jaaarvaaaannnn... I don't hear you oinkiiiiing..."
    • Kayle suckering Morgana into 'flying lessons', just so that she gets to be the next person vaulted, and Morgana completely fell for it. Of course, karma bit Kayle back in the ass so she gets to fly again, same way with the 2nd bullet point.
    • Quinn trying to evade being vaulted by summoning Valor... but Valor pooped right on her arm in response, and she gets vaulted anyway.
    • Followed by Aatrox barging in:
    Aatrox: It's my turn now!
    Zac: Uh, b-but you need to...
    Aatrox: Shut up, noobz! I don't need anything! Watch and learn... *flies on his own* BOOYAH!
  • There's this guy named Crazy Boris who made various animation videos. Well animated... and hilarious.
    • Darius High-Fives Teemo Where Teemo did something useful saving Darius and the two has an epic build up to just do a high-five... only to be brought down together with Karthus' ultimate, and Karthus immediately gives his Ben Chang shout out to top it off: "HA! GAYYYYY!"
    • Can't Killean The Zilean Epic taunting with Zilean's Chronoshift and catchy dancing (to the point that it gave a Colbert Bump to the song "Oh My Little Baby Boy", the song used to Zilean's dance)... Oh wait, here comes Darius with his Noxian Guillotine!! Zilean is doomed... NOPE, Shen already used Stand United to protect Zilean. Cue Darius' disappointed face and Shen joining Zilean's silly dance. MAP AWARENESS.
    • The Rise and Fall of Pantheon Pantheon interrupts Draven trying to kill Ziggs by stating that he will deliver justice to Draven... justice with well mantained six-pack abs and toned biceps. So Pantheon executes the Grand Skyfall, going up to high-five Urf at heavens and about to strike the ground... but he ended up not doing any shockwave at all, and the skyfall only ends up to fracture his bones.
    Pantheon: Oh GOD! Oww!
    • Braum's Pleasant Bot-Lane Escapade, in which Braum and Lucian started out like gentlemen drinking tea until Braum suggest taking bot-lane turret. What follows is Braum and Lucian, in the tune of an instrumental jazzy version of Crazy In Love, doing a very swag walk in bot lane, with Braum blocking every projectile that comes across (including a thrown Teemo). It ends with them encountering Ezreal, in which Braum defeats him singlehandedly by lifting him by the collar and channeling Angus the Puncher, slapping Ezreal three times across the face, each slap giving him a bigger and bigger mustache!
      • Teemo getting thrown becomes Hilarious in Hindsight at Kalista's release and having an ultimate that throws her ally to her opponent. The video was made before Kalista was even in concept phase.
    • Corki Uncoptered After Twisted Fate and Viktor disabled Corki's copter... Corki unmounted, revealing himself to be a very tall dude. He proceeds to run and dodge everything the two threw, gets close to Viktor and after displaying some Fascinating Eyebrows, delivers a German Suplex to Viktor, and then drop-kicked the fleeing Twisted Fate to a field full of Teemo's mushrooms. To add insult to the injury, suddenly Maokai's sapling approached the fallen Twisted Fate and exploded right on spot.
    • Crazy Boris Production must have loved Zilean very much as after making several videos later, he made another animation: "Bungle in the Jungle" where Zilean trolls both Hecarim and Rammus while wearing very casual clothes with a cap with "Foxy Grandpa" written on it, all to the tune of Masterjam's 'Rhythm's in Your Mind'... by outspeeding them and killing a Dragon in one blow, before speeding off with another silly dance. Hecarim's words sums it up:
    Getting real tired of this eurodance bullshit...
  • The League of Fail video is chock full of these: 
    • Annie sounding like a grouchy grown man.
    • Ashe dwindling into a Cluster F-Bomb-driven spiel on how Alistar died to a tower... only for Blitzcrank to grab dat Ashe and reduces her into a Bald Woman.
    Ashe: No, please...! I didn't mean anything wrong—AAH!
    • Garen being reduced to saying nothing but "DEMACIA!!"
    • Karthus' finishing line as he preps his Requiem:
    Karthus: It'd be a real dick move if I were to pop my ult right now... Real dick move... *PENTAKILL*
  • As already established, Adam Harrington isn't above getting in on the jokes himself, and this time, he's brought Erik Braa, Melissa Hutchinson, Danielle McRae and Brian Sommer along. All together now, "Fuck off, clown!" Poor Shaco...
  • Every Single League of Legends Champion in a Nutshell. It takes (almost) every champion and gives a funny line for them.
  • Someone has performed a dramatic reading of a 700 ELO game. If you fancy ruining your liver in six minutes, take a shot every time they demand someone be reported.
  • Lucian has an official translated name for the Chinese client. The Chinese League of Legends community, including the casters, prefer to call him by the name of a certain American president instead. Even in professional League of Legends matches, Lucian will most often be referred to as Obama.
  • According to a Riot member on Reddit, the reason why Graves doesn't have a cigar anymore is because he vapes now. The funniest part is Cactopus talking about Graves' vape collection:
    Cactopus: He doesn't want people to think he's a hipster so he's super lowkey about his vaping habit. But if you saw his collection you'd be hella jelly: his most prized pen has four built-in heat settings and the battery is mad fresh like 100 full heat cycles between recharges.

    Graves don't play.
  • An Ezreal player rage-quits. So the remaining players on the field, including the entire enemy team, join up to help Tahm Kench across the field and into the enemy base, past the turrets and all the way to the fountain, where he spits Ezreal under giant laser. Clip starts here.
  • YouTuber Kiandymundi joking during his Xayah video about Riot eventually releasing a champ who just carries the shop with them. 4 months later, cue the release of Ornn. Who does exactly that.
  • Youtuber Kshaway has a series called "Wood Division Adventures", montages of community-submitted Epic Fail moments from games, including hilarious bugs and glitches and displays of jaw-dropping stupidity. The fact that the series is up to well over one hundred episodes in its third season alone (eventually scaling up to more than 10 minutes long over more than 4 years) is a hilarious indictment of what a clown fiesta LoL is capable of being.


  • This channel is a rich source of almost every hilarious moment ever in professional LoL.
  • During the ban/pick phase of a season 3 TSM vs. GGU, Phreak has Kobe speculate on who GGU's first ban will be, which he does, but then immediately stops himself upon realizing their timer had run out without banning anybody. It turns out GGU received a penalty from their last game and lost a ban, now having to wait for the timer to run out, which Kobe must've forgotten about. Phreak's reaction is absolutely priceless.
  • Even professional teams can have a good sense of humor. Case in point: Season 3 World Championships, Group B, Fnatic vs. Mineski. For the record, Team Mineski had lost every match during the group stage up to this point, while Team Fnatic had a score of 6-1. Team Mineski knew that they couldn't enter the quarterfinals while Fnatic were almost guaranteed to get there. So what does Team Mineski do? Create a four man support + 1 ADC team, where each lane plays a support. note  While Mineski pushed the towers early, they lacked any form of damage, and eventually Fnatic won the match. However, the crowd cheered for Mineski and a fan following was created because despite losing, Mineski at least has some fun and had good team spirit while showing great sportsmanship playing in the world championship, a rare accomplishment from a Southeast Asian team (since most teams rarely manage to enter the world championship).
  • The Korean text for 'Annie' also is the same text that begins 'Anivia' - as such, in the Korean tournament OGN Champions Winter 2013-2014, Anivia has been repeatedly banned instead of Annie, much to the chagrin of the teams that do it.
  • The Road to the Cup video trailer is trying so hard to be awesome that it's hilarious. Watching animated renditions of fairly normal-looking pro-gamers in T-shirts and pants leaping around doing martial arts kata and unleashing flashy special moves of their most-played characters is cool, but endearingly ridiculous.
  • Casters vs. Doom Bots of Doom. 38 minutes of unbridled hilarity, including casters taking the piss out of a few of the pro teams in the scene and having Poro plushies stand in as live audience (and doom Bot players, complete with audience cheering!) in the studio.
  • URF Mode, an April Fools' Joke, turned into one of the most popular game modes implemented. However, the Team Solomid vs. Cloud 9 Gaming exhibition was completely chaotic, awesome, and hilarious all at the same time.
    • URF was funny. The 2015 URFitational Grand Finals was the single most side-splittingly hilarious thing Riot has EVER done. The entire thing was one big case of the company trolling the playerbase, teasing them with the supposed upcoming "NURF" mode where every single aspect of the champions is gutted to the point that they can barely move, let alone fight, claiming this would make the game more "thoughtful" and "dignified" and they played this up to the nines in the URFitational event, arranging duels between two "old, esteemed gaming clubs", the Ye Olde League Organisation and the Society of Worth Assessing Gentlemen, with everyone dressing up like classy ladies and gentlemennote  and putting on shamefully fake posh English accents. Only to reveal that the event had been "sabotaged" by unknown parties (actually pro player Froggen and former pro player and current shoutcaster Krepo) who snuck into Riot HQ the night before the match and inserted slices of ham into the NURF serversnote , forcing them to instead fall back on the old URF mode that everyone had been begging Riot for the return of for the last year. The entire thing was so utterly, poker-facedly deadpan that it's incredible that the Riot staff were able to get through it without Corpsing.
  • At the end of the EU 2015 Spring Challenger Series, bottom-ranked team Mousesports take on the 2nd place team Gamers 2 and, knowing they have nothing to lose, bring out the most absurd compositions ever seen in professional LoL, including a Teemo mid in BOTH games. That would be hilarious enough- except they WIN. At the end of the 2nd game, where Mousesports turn a really bad situation into a total wipeout thanks to the use of Teemo's Ambush passive, the commentators are just lost for words.
    "That! Is! Ace! Five! And! Zero! Gamers 2 in a 50-minute slugfest, in a composition that should be coming away with the win at this point of the game, get beaten by a Teemo."note 
    *Cut back to the studio where the commentators just stare silently at each other, then turn and stare at the camera.*
    "...history in the making, ladies and gentlemen."
  • During Worlds 2015's quarterfinals, the shoutcasters start wondering why the dragons keep coming to the rift just to die repeatedly? The answer they came up with? Dragon Fun Land.
  • During the 2014 NA LCS Summer Split, week 8 day 1, the match between compLexity vs. Curse is remembered for two reasons: the first being the fact it's the absolute longest LCS game at 80:35 minutes, with COL winning the game by just a hair's length. The second reason is caster Rivington The 3rd's absolutely epic Precision F-Strike of "Holy shit, they win the game!" upon seeing the nexus fall.
  • During the Season 4 World Championship, Samsung White's Imp was interviewed, and when asked about his excitement of the giant stadium they're playing in, he responded with "In all honesty, I just want to roll around in all that grass." Cut to footage of him doing so with the happiest smile on his face.
  • This little compilation of the most amusing plays of competitive LoL in 2015. It's the little emoticons and speech bubbles that Riot added that make it.
    Nami: <after almost her entire team gets wiped out in an ambush attempt that backfires horribly> Stand in the bush they said... It will be fun they said...
  • During the 2015 All-Stars event, players from various regions got to play a lot of fun modes, like full assassin/marksman comps, One-For-All and Snowdown Showdown AKA the 1 vs 1 Howling Abyss mode. In one of the Snowdown semifinals, Froggen is playing Olaf and Doublelift is playing Twitch, when Doublelift tries to recall and Froggen hits him with the Mark/Dash summoner spell at the last moments of the recall. However, it turns out that the channel was NOT cancelled, and Froggen reactivates the spell to dash to Doublelift, the latter succesfully recalling to his fountain and bringing the Olaf with him, insta-killing Froggen in the process. Even Doublelift cannot help but burst in laughs.
  • In a blazing incompetent series of hilarious misplays that would likely get you laughed out in Bronze division, during a Renegades Vs. Dignitas game during the Season 6 NALCS Spring Split, Dignitas loses 2 members within moments of each other while taking down an uncontested turret. Less than a minute later on the other side of the map, Renegades also loses 2 members trying to take down an also uncontested Rift Herald!
  • Week 8 of the Season 6 (2016) NALCS Summer Split, former Team SoloMid toplaner turned Riot Analyst Desk member Marcus "Dyrus" Hill tweeted out before TSM (1st place, 14-0 at the time) vs Phoenix 1 (9th place, 3-11), that if TSM loses to P1, he will shave his head. Sure enough, Phoenix 1 pulls off a Reverse Sweep match victory, winning games 2 and 3 of the match thanks to their Jungler, Rami “Inori” Charagh, pulling out his trump card in the form of Rengar, going 12/2/7 and back-dooring TSM's Nexus in game 2. The concern of a repeat is so real, TSM bans Rengar in game 3, only for Inori to carry Phoenix 1 again with Rek'Sai in game 3. Dyrus is less than pleased, especially when the others at the analyst desk "gently" reminded Dyrus and the viewers about his tweets, while flapping their arms like wings.
    Dyrus: (right before TSM lost) "wait I was just joking please"
    Dyrus: (Later) "I'm tilted"
  • Summer Split Week 6, 2016 NA LCS, casters Dash and Zirene get distracted by the release of Pokémon GO a few days earlier. Right in the middle of discussing what will happen in game 2 of TSM vs C9.
  • Week 9 of Season 6 (2016) NLCS: Reginald promises that if this tweet is retweeted 20,000 times, his team will use Teemo during the match the next day (vs NRG E-Sports). The milestone is broken quickly. Bjergsen locks it in right at the last second on game 2 (alongside Doublelift's Ashe). While the casters and nearly all the fans expected Biergsen to play it, he had Biofrost pick Taliyah instead, with Hauntzer playing Teemo. Hauntzer promptly becomes the victim of first blood and the team loses the game. At least they won the match. This is Hilarious in Hindsight because Korean players had been caught hovering Teemo to troll the fans to the last minute and being forced to play him (having not switched back to the real picks before time expired) in earlier weeks - resulting in unnecessary losses.
  • In the Chinese League, there's the game 2 between Invictus and LGD for the last week of the 2015 regular season. The context is that both teams are fighting for the 5th place and whoever wins this series claims it - except NONE of the teams wants the 5th place, because due to the seeding in the LPL, the 5th place would face the powerhouse Edward Gaming earlier than the 6th place. And, due to league rules, the teams can't simply forfeit or go full troll mode. The result was a game so filled with intentional bad plays that "clown fiesta" doesn't even begin to describe it. Oh, and if you want to know who "won", Invictus won, and LGD ended up being the champions of the season. This game was so bad that, in the next split, the LPL immediately went for an Obvious Rule Patch that made it completely impossible for the bigger seeds to have worst paths than the lower ones.
  • The All-Stars Tandem Mode. An unofficial custom mode where two players control each champion, one of them controlling the mouse and the other controlling the keyboard. Hilarity Ensues as some of the best players in the world face the unexpected challenge of ten people trying to shotcall, lack of synchrony between the players leading to Bronze-like skillshot misses and generally comical reactions as they finally get something right.
    • The 2016 edition had Riot Games taking the chance to make as many portmanteau-based puns with the players' names as they could. Such as Bjergsen + Faker = Baker, Karsa + Maple = Kappa, Mouse + Ziv = The Miz, and the best of all, xPeke + Mithy (two EU players) = Xmithie (a NA player). And of course, Doublelift and Aphromoo, formerly known as "the Rush Hour botlane", are named Rush Hour 2.
  • You can't talk about hilarious without mentions of Brazil.
    • There was a case of a player named Daniquest that was hired by the Red Canids team, only to be banned thanks to being caught elo-boosting. The time between the announcement of the player and the ban? 12 minutes. Cue Flash jokes.
    "My name is Daniquest and i'm the fastest banned player alive."
    Schaeppi (in Portuguese): "That's a problem that Zuao has between his screen and his chair."
  • Before he was picked up for the LCS, shoutcaster Clayton "CaptainFlowers" Raines already had a cult following for his excitable Large Ham Announcer tendencies while casting other leagues. In particular, people love this moment during early season 6 where he absolutely loses his mind during a stressful teamfight, and it's truly a sight to behold.
  • G2 eSports toplaner Expect takes his time to draw a PENTAGRAM with Gangplank barrels. On the middle of a finals game against Unicorns of Love.
    Quickshot: "Quick! Change the screen!"
  • During EU LCS Week 10, with teams not able to compete for standings placement, played not only off-meta champions but also roles outside their primary ones. The players were having lots of fun, even celebrating survival or kill often with BMexplanation 
    • Roccat and Misfits - Game 1 featured Master Yi, Heimerdinger and Kayle; Game 2 featured Malphite, Yasuo, Nasus, Karthus and Lux. Deficio had hoped that Hjarnan would take Heimerdinger top lane and that did take place. Hams Sama even hovered Teemo (to a chorus of boos) before choosing Lux. It was at times more like an ARAM than a standard game.
    Pyratechnics:: "Raise Your Dongers" [Scoreboard on stream displays "ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ"]
    • Vitality and Splyce continue this with Jungle Bard and Twitch, Top-lane Kayn and Shaco, Mid-lane Fiddlesticks and Gragas and Bottom-lane Garen in Game 1. Game 2 provided Top-lane Thresh and Irelia, Jungle Nocturne and Kog'maw, Mid-lane Gragas and Twisted Fate, Bottom Lane Heimerdinger and Pantheon with support Lee Sin and Bard. The coaches got into it as well (YamatoCannon was wearing what amounted to "Deal-with-it" glasses).
  • Riot sure do love their April Fools Day matches, with 2018 bringing us the NA LCS Civil War match, between the American and Canadian players in the region. 59 minutes and 52 seconds of non-stop hilarity. Just the opening disclaimer alone is screamingly funny, and that's before everyone shows up dressed in ridiculously stereotypical cosplay (including Huni, who's Korean, dressed as a Mountie and being made a Canadian citizen by getting him to sing the first few lines of "O Canada") and the USA team reveal they're running a pigeon as their star player in the midlane.
    WARNING: The following may contain trace amounts of cringe.
    Alright, lots.
    This program may also contain above normal levels of bad camera moves, lazy scenework, and sketchy acting. Phreakishly sketchy acting.
    Viewers suffering a warm sensation in their loins should avert their eyes from Sneaky.
    Floss daily.
    The NA LCS is not responsible for any loss of brain cells.
    Consult a physician if exposed to Twitch chat for longer than four hours.

    "Production Value is Meaningless."
  • From MSI 2018's groupstage, the entirety of the game between SuperMassive and KaBuM! e-Sports. For context: SuperMassive had already locked in their spot in the group stages with a 5-0 lead, so knowing they were secure in going to the next round, they decided to have some fun, complete with Ezreal top, Kai'Sa mid, and Irelia support, coupled with KaBuM running Rammus top and Draven bot. What follows is a complete bloodbath with 75 kills across the board (helped by Rammus dealing a serious number against the heavy-AA-based enemy team), and it ends with KaBuM managing to successfully push SuperMassive to their base, only to lose a teamfight as they begin breaking the nexus... and then for SuperMassive to surrender anyway. As if to cap off the ridiculousness, the game ends with the client crashing and sending a Bugsplat prompt.
    Peter Dunnote : Judging by the Irelia, Yasuo and 1-13 Lee Sin Riot broadcast seems to accidentally be broadcasting one of my solo queue games (right down to the end of game bugsplat). Everyone knows Rammus is OP in solo queue, pls report for no ban.
  • April Fools 2019 and Riot have done it again, with the CAT vs DOG show match in the LCS. Rather than spoil any of the constant stream of laughs coming from it, just go watch it already.
  • Believe it or not, the LCS Pigeon actually has its own player profile page on LoL's gamepedia wiki. Apparently its favourite champions are Anivia, Azir, and Valor (and Quinn).
  • Following Worlds 2020, LEC host Eefje "Sjokz" Depoortere ended up becoming infamous surrounding a tendency to deliver passionate monologues in favor of teams that were performing well the instant before they end up seriously dropping the ball and losing, creating a widespread joke that she somehow amassed the power to curse teams with her monologues. As this reputation settled in by the 2021 Summer Split, Sjokz tried to exploit this in week 5 in favor of G2 Esports (who had been in the middle of a shockingly bad losing streak) by giving a pre-game monologue about how they were going to fail horriblynote .
    Sjokz: It all comes down to this next game. Demons can be slayed, expectations be damned, and Rekkles and G2 can cement themselves as the biggest flop of summer, something they've always tried to prove. In this next game, it's all up to G2 to realize their dreams of going 0-5.


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