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League of Legends is a veritable Fountain of Memes, since the game has lasted since 2009. Granted, few of them have spread outside the community, but they tend to spread rapidly within it. It's quite telling of Riot Games how in-tune they are with their fanbase seeing how many of these memes have been ascended into the game itself or related media.

Please add entries in the following format:

  • The meme. [[labelnote:Explanation]]The explanation behind the meme, if necessary.[[/labelnote]] Explanation 
    • Further mutations and successor memes, if any.

Memes originating in the game:

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    In General 
  • Press R To Win. Explanation 
    • Ascended Meme: In the LoL Mac trailer, there actually is a Big Red Button with an R on it with this meme as the instructions. The trailer in general is chock-full of references and Ascended Memes, some more cleverly hidden than others.
      • And now with his relaunch, Karthus is going to have a joke that says "What's the incantation again... yes, erm... oh, right, R!"
    • One of the sources of this meme - the "Pro as heck Guide to Karthus", featuring Spawn Karthus.
  • Press D to Dance! Explanation 
  • When ganking, make sure you smite the enemy.Explanation 
  • Wood Division. Explanation 
  • The meme graveyard Explanation 
  • From LoL Philippines, we have Bidamere Explanation 
  • Riot Game. Explanation 
  • 200+ yearsExplanation 

    Controller Champion Memes 


  • Phil Swift here with Flex Tape. Explanation 
  • The best crowd control is death. Explanation 


  • Sona's breasts, in general. Explanation 


  • Soraka's deadly bananas.Explanation 
    Soraka: Yes, that was a banana. No one expects the banana.



  • CLICK THE LANTERN! Explanation 
    • This actually prompted Riot in patch 4.1 to add an indicator that directs allied champs' eyes to the lantern with a line of arrows... and some people still don't click it.
  • Thresh Prince of Bel-Air Explanation 
    • As an extension, commentators began ranking people based on their alleged skill with Thresh. So the reportedly best Thresh player in the EU would be called the Thresh King, and the second best will be the Thresh Prince.

    Fighter Champion Memes 


  • COME! FIGHT! Explanation 


  • Get dunked! Explanation 


  • DEEEEMMMAACIA! Explanation 
    • Yup.
    • and again.
    • In a bit of Beam Me Up, Scotty!, he screams that when he uses Courage, the defensive self-buff, not the spinning thingy everyone attributes it to. The association comes from the fact that the two skills are often activated at the same time, since his spin requires him to stay in melee range of the enemy for three seconds to achieve maximum effectiveness, and as such, he tends to draw fire.
    • Became a bit of Ascended Meme, as Lux screams "DEMACIA!" for her Ultimate as well.
    • As does Jarvan IV.
    • The Brolaf skin for Olaf puts a humorous spin on this when he activates his ultimate skill.
    Brolaf: ''BROMACIA!
    • The "Patch notes" for April Fool's Day 2011 included Galio shouting "DEMACIA!" while he channels Idol of Durand.
    • And now we have Darius, the Hand of Noxus who is a stylistically similar counterpart to Garen. His joke? He looks around for a sec to see if anyone is watching before he tries to spin around in a circle with his huge axe, screaming NOXUUUUUUS! Unfortunately, he gets really dizzy and...
    • Yet again, Quinn's /joke has Valor say something to her about one of three Demacians. Quinn's responses make it clear one of them is about Garen saying something a lot... you'll know what Valor must have been referring if you've read the rest of this section.
    • Upon being reworked "Troll King" Trundle continues the gags.
    Trundle: "TROLLMACIA!"
    • Gnar tries his best on doing an impression too, but due to Speaking Simlish, all that comes out was...
    Gnar: "DEMAGLIO!"
    • Even SION does this now after his relaunch. And when you hear him shouting, it's a REALLY bad sign for your team if he's an enemy.
    • Ekko from Zaun also wants to join in the fun when taunting Garen:
    • After VU, Irelia also joins in.


  • Morde es the best, # 1, best, shield es always win, never loose huehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehue. Explanation 
    • Originating here. Version 2.0 here. Popularized with these videos. Safe to say, looks like it's getting a "Weird Al" Effect on Mordekaiser, being that the meme may be dead, but "Huehuehuehue" to League Of Legends players is going to always be linked to Mordekaiser.
      • Full version of that: "Brazil?" "Gibe moni please." "I repot you." "Mordekaiser es #1. HUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUE."
  • Mordekaiser being a fountain of bugsExplanation 
  • Mordekaiser sending his enemies to the Shadow RealmExplanation 


  • Everything about Mundo. Explanation 
    • Ascended somewhat. Corporate Mundo frequently runs the champion/skin sales.
    • Mundo goes where he pleases.
      • Formally ascended with Tahm Kench's line to Mundo.
    Tahm Kench: I could show Mundo new places to go, if he pleases.
    • Mundo say his own name a lot, else he forget. Has happened before!


  • Brb need stacks Explanation 


  • Sett's Animesque appearance, combined with his Japanese VA being Takehito Koyasu, led to no end of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure jokes (even from Riot themselves: the end of Sett's showcase has him and Pantheon recreating the "Oh? You're approaching me?" scene). This has resulted in him being a Fountain of Memes which includes but not limited to:
    • "You thought it's X BUT IT'S ME, SETT!" Explanation 
    • WRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYY!! Explanation 
    • ROAD ROLLA DAAAAAAAAAAA!! Explanation 
  • "You guys are getting weapons?" Explanation 


  • Sylas The Communist. Explanation 
    • It's not your ultimate, it's OUR ultimate!Explanation 


  • Urgod Explanation 
  • SHOTGUN KNEES Explanation 

Xin Zhao

  • Xin Zhao will make a man out of you. Explanation 
    • From the same video: KIAI! KIAI! HWOAA HWOAA!!Explanation 
    • Looks on the way to be in Ascended Meme as Patch Notes, if they include and are describing Xin Zhao, will insert lyrics of "I'll Make A Man Out Of You".

    Mage Champion Memes 


  • Annie Bot is a little bitch. Explanation 
    • Ascended Meme (anyone starting to notice a trend here?) by form of a shirt reading I SURVIVED ANNIE BOT that was (but now is unfortunately removed) in the official merchandise store.
  • Have you seen my bear Tibbers? Explanation 
    • This has been addressed by Riot in her graphical rework. She keeps the iconic line, though a wider quote pool makes it more tolerable. And upon summoning Tibbers, her quotes include "Found him!" and "There he is!"


  • Her laugh is infamous for how obnoxious and unhinged it is.
  • IMMA FIRIN MAH LAZAH Explanation 


  • Neeko Neeko Nii!Explanation 


  • The Trump Wall. Explanation 
  • THROW ANOTHER ROCK Explanation 

Twisted Fate

  • Twisted Fate goes for a gank... Blue Card?!?!?Explanation 


    Marksman Champion Memes 



  • Four isn't just a number, it is ART! Explanation 
  • Never fear, the FAST is here. Explanataion 


  • Teemo is Satan. Explanation 
    • Teemo's real passive is his Global Taunt. It's why he's such an excellent tank. Explanation 
  • Teemo needs more skins. Explanation 
  • Teemo's Scrappy status has culminated into the phrase "delete Teemo".
    • When something went wrong with a Riot sale news page, filling it with broken code, players immediately accused Teemo, who is on sale, for breaking the page.
  • Not exactly a meme, but it was common for fan artists to draw Teemo as a massively buff and hunky yordle. For the game's 10th anniversary, Riot released the "Annie-versary" skin for Annie which replaces Tibbers with a giant buff Teemo.


  • "Vaarus". Explanation 
  • Varus is a walking threesome/two gays and a demon. Explanation 




    Slayer Champion Memes 


  • DARKKKKKKKKNEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, mimicking a line Nocturne might say after using his ultimate, is a popular way to distill and describe Nocturne. Similar to Fiddlesticks, many agree Hell Is That Noise.
    • Became even worse after Eternum Nocturne came out, whose ultimate has been likened to sound like Harbinger molesting a blender.
    • Even Gnar gets on the act. Of course, Speaking Simlish is at play, so....
    Gnar: "MARMNESS!"


  • Baker Pantheon.Explanation 
  • The fact that he's a buff war loving spartan Expy has led people to call him "Mantheon" and his ultimate "The Man Drop".


  • The unseen X is the deadliest.Explanation 
  • Omae wa mou shindeiru.Explanation 

    Tank Champion Memes 


  • HI EVERYBODY! Explanation 
  • Has anyone seen Azir? Eggsplanation 



  • The face of old Lollipoppy Explanation 
  • NotLikeThis Explanation 


  • "Ok".Explanation 
    • When he was considered overpowered, you might have also heard "Op".


  • Sion the dank engine Explanation 

    Specialist Champion Memes 



  • "Muahahaha! Hahaha! Muhuhuhahahaha!" - Singed Explanation 
  • "DON'T CHASE SINGED!" Explanation 


  • Can't Killean The ZileanExplanation 
    • Foda-se. Explanation 
    • MAP AWARENESS Explanation 

Memes from Phreak

  • Oh God it's Yi!!!Explanation 
  • From Phreak's Champion Spotlight: Whenever he gets First Blood but ends up dying, he will say, "It was worth it." Eventually, the Summoner Showcase did a parody of it, complete with a grayed out wash (to signify a death).
    Nikasaur: WORTH IT!!
    Phreak: LOL Noob!
    • Other phrases known from Phreak's spotlights...
      • I play X as a jungler. Got better in the Lulu spotlight; near the end, Phreak said that even though she's a support, he plays her as a jungler as a joke. Hilarious in Hindsight when people start considering seriously playing Lulu as a jungler.
      • Trinity Force. - That is, Phreak building the item is a meme. Mainly because he was building it on practically anyone, for spotlights one after another for a while.
      • Tons of damage. Pretty much an Ascended Meme in the Corki spotlight where Phreak tries to keep an allied Sona alive "by doing the only thing I know how to: Dealing tons of damage."
      • Tons of damage also showed up in the 69th Summoner Showcase, said by the man himself.
      • The two memes above have been combined into one Ascended Meme; Trinity Force's description in the 'Recommended Items' tab of the item shop simply reads 'Tons of Damage'.
      • Also, in Tahm Kench's champion spotlight, he refers to Kench's Tongue Lash ability as "Tongues of Damage."
  • Phreak is manly. / WTF Phreak? Explanation 

E-sport/Tournament Memes:

  • Cheering for ward kills. Explanation 
  • Kassadin should be banned every game Explanation 
    • XPEKE! XPEKE! XPEKEEEEEE!!! Explanation 
  • (Nidalee's spear hits someone) Ooh! Explanation 
  • *picks Teemo* YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! *picks someone else* BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Explanation 
    • Hold the phone, Teemo was finally picked during a professional Tournament game by TSM's Reginald. Granted, it was against the lowest ranking team at the time but it was clear that both teams were just having fun with the game since both were to be eliminated from the Group Stage of Season 3. It counts as a double Throw the Dog a Bone for going easy on Gaming Gear (leading to their only win of the Group Stage) and for the fans everywhere that have been waiting for someone to lock in Teemo for real for 3 seasons now.
    • Incredibly, Cloud 9 actually picked Teemo in a SERIOUS game in the first match of the 2014 NA Spring Split LCS. The crowd loved it, the commentators obsessed over it all game and it utterly flummoxed their opposition who simply never saw it coming.
    • And how about Mordekaiser in another SERIOUS game by Roccat in the second week of the 2014 EU Spring Split? No one saw it coming either, and Mordekaiser proceeded to dominate the mid lane.
  • Chunk (down), Chunking - v. to deal damage, sometimes accompanied by a description of the victim's remaining health (e.g. Taric face-tanks Nidalee's spear, [it] chunks him down to 30%.) Explanation 
  • WildTurtle's smile. Explanation 
    • Played completely for laughs here: These Machinima skits promoting their involved coverage of the esports scenesalso play off other well-known memes of professional players like The Odd One's hatred of yordles, Doublelift's tendency to trash-talk and call people "trash", Ocelote's love of scarfs, etc.
  • If you're Jungling, watch out for Janna's Howling Gale. It steals everything. Explanation 
  • Enter !skincode for a chance to receive a free skin! Explanation 
  • Mineski Pain Train Explanation 
  • Bjerger King Explanation 
  • Memes coming from the Analyst Desk of the Season 3 World Championships: Explanation 
    • Shots fired! Explanation 
  • Fnatic Death Bush Explanation 
  • REMAKE Explanation 
  • Deman cannot believe. Explanation 
  • X-senpai pls notice meExplanation 
    • Specifically with regards to Faker, his handshakes have reached memetic level as well, with jokes perpetuated that whosoever manages to shake Faker's hand receives Faker's blessing and instantly increases in skill.
    • On the other side of the spectrum is the "hug of death," which claims that whosoever is hugged by Faker will retire from the professional gaming scene within months.
  • SAINT SMITESExplanation 
    • Saintvicious does not care about your Fantasy Points. Explanation 
  • DIGNITOSSExplanation 
  • Speaking of Dignitas, almost everything scarra saysExplanation :
    • "Up until they lose the game, they're winning."Explanation 
    • "... I hate this game."Explanation 
    • "I need the reset SO BADLY"Explanation 
  • Puns of DamageExplanation 
  • CLG SpinnerExplanation 
    • Split Push with Solo AD Carry: reference to CLG's ADC Doublelift, who in previous seasons would ineffectually farm for long periods of time in an attempt to build as much gold and therefore items as possible, while the rest of the team got stomped on the other side of the map.
    • Trash Talk to Mind Game the Enemy: reference again to Doublelift, who is also infamous for writing checks with his mouth that he cannot personally cash
    • Win 1 Game to Give Fans False Hope: reference to CLG's inability to produce major tournament results of recent years, despite being apparently skilled enough to at least take a game off of most teams. Particularly bittersweet given CLG's near defeat of perennial fan-favorites TSM in the 2014 Spring Split Playoffs, which, appropriately enough, included winning one game to produce false hope.
  • Bubbadub's mustache Explanation 
  • The '4th' Meme (a.k.a. the Curse Curse) Explanation 
  • Hai and reverse sweeps. Explanation 
  • Doublelift's trophy case Explanation 
    • NO THREAD IS SAFE Explanation 
    • Jensen's trophy case Explanation 
  • Donezo / Sivir Comp. Explanation 
  • AnnualShallowBlackwidowspider Explanation 
  • "Life is one's journey... through life, I guess."Explanation 
    • "I like girls."
  • "Dyrus gets to play League of Legends." Explanation 
  • LUSTCENA Explanation 
  • By far.Explanation 
  • Crumbzz the Prophet Explanation 
  • LOSEcian Explanation 
  • ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ X TAKE MY ENERGY ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Explanation 
    • (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ X TAKE MY FAITH (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ Explanation 
  • X is a worrying trend for Y.Explanation 
    • Diamond 2 Explanation 
  • Same. Explanation 
  • Tahm Kench got several from the 2015 Worlds:
    • "Un/Bench the Kench!"Explanation 
    • "Noodling for Tahm Kench"/"The proper counter to Tahm Kench, is proper catfishing technique" Explanation 
  • Yo Jensen, body these fools. Explanation 
  • Bug Catcher Sneaky Explanation 
  • Top Die explanation 
    • C9 runs into Faker, cue "Mid die" Explanation 
  • 17-0 perfect split. Explanation 
    • The White Whale deleted TSM's loss. Explanation 
  • Pocket Pick Lucian Explanation 
  • 200 IQ play Explanation 
  • Bjergsen counters Aurelion Sol. Explanation 
  • Syndra Outplays. Explanation 
  • The Echo Fox Streaming Dream Meme Team Explanation 
  • 2016 and 2017 has had Team Liquid of the NA LCS producing a number of memes, often for all the wrong reasons:
    • Breaking PointExplanation 
    • Dardoch'd Explanation 
    • Midlet Explanation 
    • "This message is paid for by Steve" Explanation 
  • 612Explanation 
  • Bannon MinionExplanation 
  • Silver ScrapesExplanation 

Memes originating on the forums:

  • When Riot releases a champion, people will inevitably be disappointed because it's not:
    • Lee Sin, the blind monk (Done)
    • Plant King (Done, sort of - Maokai)
      • Done properly - Zyra.
      • Done even more properly - Ivern.
    • Nasus's brother (Done - Renekton)
    • Female tank (Done - Leona)
    • Armored bear (Done - Volibear)
    • Spider Queen (Done - Elise)
    • Water mage (Done - Nami)
    • Kog'Maw's "daddy"
    • Kassadin's daughter (Done - Kai'Sa)
    • Irelia's brother, Zelos (unlikely, he's dead in the current version of Irelia's lore)
    • Vi's sister (Possible, judging from the recent changes to Vi's page)
    • Caitlyn's rival note  (Done, sort of - Jinx note )
    • And now Jinx's sister (mentioned with her in-game quotenote )
    • Manly support (Done - Braum)
  • Riot seems to have a few tropers....
  • Lady Gragas. It's gaining momentum.
  • "Passion Princess Katarina." A rewrite to Katarina's background rather overused the word "passion", among other things. It was fortunately rewritten again, but an unserious answer to any discussion involving Katarina remains liable to involve this word.
  • When is the new map/champion/feature/etc coming out? Soon™.
  • "The answer is always Karthus." Explanation 
  • Olaf is commonly referred to as Brolaf, likely just because it's such an easy pun. Brolaf skin came out.
    • When the skin was released, some of the Riot employees temporarily changed their names slightly to add "Bro" to it.
  • riot, pls. riot pls. riot pls. riot pls.
    • we r fixin tha bugs.
    • "riot plz fix" is so notorious that it's spread to other MOBAs, such as Dota 2.
    • rito plz
  • "/singed" and "/Mad Chemist" are fairly common responses to petitions on the forums (a joke on possibly misspelling /signed).
    • In a similar fashion, forum-goers will also use "Shen'd" in the same manner than members of another forum would use "ninja'd".
  • "Purple Caster Minion is OP." Explanation 
  • Patch preview comic. Riot is making videos where their employees discuss the upcoming patch. Some of the frames are kind of funny. Long story short...
  • Jarvan IV
  • Some people created a meme involving Gangplank. but I ate some oranges and it was k ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) Explanation 
    Phreak:Whether facing crowd control, sustained damage, or vitamin-C deficiency, all Gangplank has to do is eat an orange -
    Gangplank: *chomp*
    Phreak:- and it's K.
  • Ezreal's release and Bishōnen appearance was quickly accompanied with humorously considering him The Twink and being paired with the Ambiguously Gay Taric. It is rare everyone in the match will let this meme slide by when Ezreal and Taric are chosen by a team to lane together.
  • (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ Explanation 
    • Now an Ascended Meme from Vi's login music, including the lyric "Have you ever really wanted to be a total rebel flipping tables on the enemy" while her gameplay does not involves flipping or tables, or any of the usual connotations from the Flipping the Table trope whatsoever.
      • The emoji itself actually predates this, but it has become popular in the League of Legends community.
  • The season 2 popularity of the Atmogs-Triforce (Warmog's Armor, Atma's Impaler, Trinity Force) on tanky DPS characters has become a meme. Particularly on /v/, building Atmogs or Trinity Force or running Flash on all of your champions will cause people to shout METAGAME. Originates from this comic. By extension, the "angry Nasus" meme, involving a picture of a dog's head with Nasus's characteristic headdress badly drawn around it, accompanied by vigorous ranting about the Flash summoner spell.
    • Similarly, putting together those items with Mercury Treads (which pretty much every melee champion in the game, and thus as well tanky DPS champions) and Frozen Mallet (an alternative to Warmog's Armor) for the picture METAGOLEM.
  • Riot, hire this man Explanation 
  • Any phrase about saying Griftrix is not a designer. This meme started after the Rioter Griftrix tried to discuss the thoughts behind some of the game's design over the forums, with a disclaimer that his thoughts were solely his own as he wasn't a game designer.
  • The "Look of Disapproval" (ಠ_ಠ) is well-known meme in other parts of the Internet, but is linked within the League of Legends community especially to the senior concept artist IronStylus, having used this as a response to claims of Perverse Sexual Lust over the character he visually-designed, Leona... because he got there first. You may look, but not touch. An Ascended Meme for the Iron Solari Leona skin splash art, where ಠ_ಠ can be seen imprinted on the structures at the lower-left corner.
    • Mentioning Leona or parrots is considered bait for a response by IronStylus (he indeed owns a parrot, and a red parrot from the Bilgewater Swain skin splash art serves as his forum avatar). Pictures of either work too. A parrot is also frequently used to represent him amongst fan discussions.
    • Since he had a heavy hand in developing Diana and Quinn too, jokes abound about him and his "women-in-armor fetish". Ex: a recurring joke is asking a Rioter to place a Barbie doll at his workstation with a note saying "Use this as a reference next time".
  • "Morello did X, so he nerfed Irelia." Explanation 
    • X Y-ed. Better nerf Irelia. Explanation 
      • Nowadays, people snowclone the meme with whatever the most nerfed champion in the latest patches is. Examples include Kassadin, Azir and Rek'Sai.
  • Xin. Shhh. Explanation 
  • I'm Jarvan. I'm helping. Explanation 
  • Xerath is aiming his Q at me as I'm editing this page.
    • Edit: dodged it. Explanation 
  • The forum war between Riot staff members Morello (lead champion designer) and IronStylus (senior concept artist) regarding a remark Morello made about Leona, a League of Legends character. Has merged with the armored bear dispute, with Rioters and forumgoers everywhere taking sides, complete with its own Risk map.
  • Hello Troper, thanks for reaching out to us! Have you taken a look around General Discussion lately? There are TONS of threads about this particular subject. As a courtesy to the rest of our community we try not to split conversations up into multiple threads, so I won't be able to give in-depth answers to these questions here. Take a look in General Discussion and contribute your voice to the existing threads! -The Beard Explanation 
  • EVE 2012. Explanation 
  • DAT ASHE! Explanation 
    • Ascended in a way. Riot now has merchandise in their store that that clearly displays the meme.
    • To a lesser extent, Fiora has often attracted the normal form of the existing meme "DAT ASS!" due to... well... you know...
    • Irelia in her Frostblade skin is memetically considered to have the finest ass in the game, to the point of many players not merely calling it "Frotbooty Irelia''.
  • Pendragowned. Explanation 
    • Alternatively, "PENDRAKILL". Explanation 
    • Such threads are also usually accompanied with players asking Pendragon to come into it and "smite" the thread poster.
    • Now replaced by 'Lyte Smites,' Lyte being Riot's lead social systems designer.
  • Bad LoL Player/Twitch Noob gallery. Explanation 
  • Anivia is naked.Explanation 
    • Nocturne is black.Explanation 
  • Crying Ashe. Explanation 
    • In extension, the male champions dissing her and saying they have to go *** Ahri now.
    • Nah, her husband is just going bowling.
    • No, her white hair is not because she is old!
    • Probably in response, Riot just massively buffed her attack speed (along with Tristana's attack speed).
  • Draven's mustache on everything... Explanation 
  • Korean Shaco. Prepare your anus. Explanation 
  • Just pink ward Explanation 
    • Just dodge the spears Explanation 
      • Just pink ward the spears. Explanation 
      • Just QSS, Zhonya, pink ward and use a Thornmail against the spears. Explanation 
  • Lucian stole my bike. Explanation 
  • Better give NA RP Explanation 
  • #LCSBigPlays, Big Plays, Muh Esports/E$port$Explanation 
  • X has Y, but Graves can't have his cigar? Explanation  This has been ascended multiple times by Riot a few times.
    • One of post-VU Gangplank's taunts to Graves is "Can't light cigars at the bottom of the sea."
    • A more blatant reference was in Yorick's Champion Spotlight, where while describing Yorick's Grave mechanic, Phreak notes "Also, none of the graves can have a cigar."
    • In his Snow Day Graves skin, while tampering with his snowblower shotgun, he accidentally shoots a snowman head into his face, with a carrot as a cigar.
  • SEX KING IS COMING Explanation 
  • This game is Rated T. Explanation 
  • Olaf'd. Explanation 
  • "i will change ur experience of yasuo." Explanation 

Memes originating outside of the official forums:

  • I want you to be like the wind: always by my side. [[labelnote:Explanation]]A meme that originated in the Facebook group LOL Mexico Army in which people would text this variation of Yasuo's champion pick quote to a person they liked and post the reaction. If the reaction was favorable, the poster had to ruin it with "SORIEKETON!" (when Yasuo casts his ult).
  • Official LOL advice from major brands. Explanation 
  • Meme(X). Explanation 
  • Le <[adjective] noun> of free/infinite <stat/ability>. Explanation 
  • Dubs chooses X.Explanation 
  • >riven mainsExplanation 
  • X coded as minions.Explanation  Addendum 
    • "Spaghetti code." Explanation 
    • Azir disabled. Explanation 
  • Urgot has a dark, secret past.Explanation 
    • Urgot's light and dark form.Explanation 
  • Today, an episode of <usually negative story that happened in the game>. Explanation 
  • Ezreal kissing Shyvana's leg Explanation 
  • ARH-WOOOOO Explanation 
  • 1000 DEGREE CLAWS Explanation 
  • 5 AD. Explanation 
  • Fluid Champ Design. Explanation 
  • Varus is two gays and a demon in a trenchcoatExplanation 

Memes originating from Streamers

  • Anything Trick2G says.Explanation 
    • "I'mma Trick2G them" - Doublelift Explanation 
    • THE GODYR! Explanation 
  • I WAS IN ALPHA!Explanation 
    • Ascended Meme as of 6.21: the phrase was used as one of the patch headlines for Master Yi regarding Alpha bugfixes. Nevertheless, Alpha incidents still occur.

Memes originating in the fan works

  • Gentleman Cho'Gath. Explanation 
    • Similarly, Human Anivia, Catgirl Ezreal and other common reinterpretations via fanart.
  • From The Nunu Bot Show:
  • From Grasshyren's channel:
    • Yes™
    • Ghosting to battle!
  • Memetic Badass: Jesse Perring.
  • Ryze Bot makes you ragequit your own IP farm games. Explanation 
    • Annie and Soraka bots had even more of this, one of the first things this Troper was told upon playing league was to run if they saw Annie bot. And it was true, due to Annie's simple playstyle, like Ryze she was very easy for the AI to play and because she also deals more damage, Annie bot can even give lvl 30 players a hard time if left to farm. Soraka was almost as bad
  • From "pro as heck guide to master yi"
    • "Get dunked!"
      • This one recently ascended: it's one of Vi's quotes when using her ultimate, and further when there's a Dunkmaster Legendary skin... only that it's for Darius, who also dunks for his ultimate.
    • "Watch out! It's the Swordboots."
      • Ascended with Yasuo as well. Taunting an enemy Yi prompts him to possibly comment on them and sound utterly baffled while doing so.
  • "F**k off, clown." Explanation 
  • "Not even close, baby!" Explanation 
  • "There is no team in Teemo", now in the form of a song.
  • "Now Im putting a wall behind Olaf" "We are doing a good job" Explanation 
  • "Brushy-brushy never fails! Solid tactic!" Explanation 
  • The Spanish-speaking community often says "bronza" instead of "bronce". Explanation 
  • Sona 'speaking' in emoticons. Explanation 
  • Spin2Win Explanation 
  • Better Call Sol, based on this fanmade poster made shortly after Aurelion Sol's announcement. Within a few days, it got the attention of not just Riot, but NetflixDE's Twitter itself!


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