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  • The Excuse Plot of Hearthstone is pretty heartwarming, once you realise what it is. Top-ranking members of the Alliance and Horde calling a truce to sit down with a mug of ale and a card game? D'awww...
    • It also seems to be Blizzards way of addressing fan's who say "Why can't everyone be friends," given how many great characters are on both sides it can be a bit bittersweet to have missions to kill them.
    • It's commonplace to receive a friend request from an opponent right after a game, only to have them angrily trash-talk you. But every now and then, post-game friend requests can lead to compliments, exchanging of tips, and an all-around absence of hostility. While those moments are rare, they're also cherished by many.
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  • Now that Alleria Windrunner is a purchasable Hero and her younger sister Sylvanas Windrunner is a Legendary minion you can reunite the family and have them fight together...or each other.
  • The Grand Tournament adds a couple:
    • The flavor text for one of the cards references a Hearthstone fan who was suffering from cancer, one that received overwhelming support from the fanbase and even the devs. The card in question is Dreadsteed, a minion that effectively can't die at all.
      Crescendo himself summoned this steed, riding it to victory in the Grand Tournament. Wherever he rides, an army of riders ride behind him, supporting the legendary champion.
      • Feeling down after reading this? Don't, there's a happy ending! The guy's alive, playing hearthstone and the doctors are saying there is a likelihood of full recovery!
      • A common derogatory term for 'aggro decks' that throw all they have at your hero is 'cancer decks' because they are percieved as boring and stale to play against - people are naming their anti-aggro decks after this guy because as far as they're concerned, he beat cancer!
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    • Varian Wrynn has a unique line when summoned against his son, Anduin. Unlike other hero interactions, which are antagonistic, he shows that he couldn't be more proud of him.
      Your skills are growing, Anduin.
      • Which is then followed up by Varian summoning whatever minions is on the top three cards of the opponent's deck, as if the father is saying to the son 'Now, give me everything you've got!'
    • Much like the Excuse Plot above, The Grand Tournament itself can count as its a time when the Horde and Alliance come together for a fun festival celebrating the time they set aside their rivalry and came together to stop a great evil.
  • Whispers of the Old Gods added Fiery Bat to the game, a nice little homage to the first Hearthstone World Champion, a then unknown player named Firebat who rocketed in popularity after his surprise win. Made even better by the affectionate flavor text:
    He'll always be our first.
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  • Despite coming out in the middle of the Whispers of the Old Gods expansion, One Night at Karazhan is a Lighter and Softer adventure about Medivh throwing a party at his tower and inviting (nearly) everyone. Yes, (nearly) everyone regardless of their origin or allegiance, such as Illidan, Majordomo Executus, the League of Explorers, Jaraxxusnote  and more. And even then, the only one to get snubbed, Malchezarnote , is eventually welcomed back to the party.
  • Sir Finley Murrgltons interaction with Morgl the Oracle certainly counts:
    Hello old friend, let's meet for tea after the match shall we?
    • Considering the way murlocs are usually treated in usual World of Warcraft, it's nice to see that these two break the norm.
  • While most heroes open battle with an antagonistic or battle-ready line, Ruling Couple Malfurion Stormrage and Tyrande Whisperwind greet each other as lovers.
    My dear Malfurion.
    My beloved Tyrande.
  • The alternate Druid hero, Lunara, has a unique greeting with Malfurion Stormrage:
    Ishnu'alah, Archdruid.
  • Elise Starseeker took a backseat to the other explorers in League of Explorers, mostly providing information and snarky commentary. Not only is Elise the Trailblazer leading an expedition of her own in Journey to Un'Goro, the new flavor text points out who was responsible for inspiring her.
    Reno taught her that blazing her own trail is a lot more fun than following someone else's map.
    • Especially poignant when one considers that decks revolving around her are based around chasing a map.
  • While Tirion's entire "I Know You Are in There Somewhere" Fight against Frost Lich Jaina in the Prologue of the Knights of the Frozen Throne while ends in failure due to having terrible minions, he successfully breaks her out of the Lich King's control.
  • See the first entry of this Page? Now there's an animation just what hearthstone is about. And. It. Is. Glorious
  • If you play a Snowflipper Penguin against The Lich King, he has this to say:
    The Lich King: I... I love him.
  • When selecting Tess Greymane in Monster Hunt, Genn Greymane will ask her to be careful, not wanting to lose his daughter as well as his son.
  • The return of Prince Liam Greymane in the Witchwood. Despite his death at the hands of Sylvanas Windrunner, he continues to serve his people from the Great Beyond as a ghost and appears to those in great danger to help them do extraordinary, incredible things.

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