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Heartwarming / Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

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  • Two pieces of concept art of The Old Blood are vacation photos taken by Rudi Jager of Greta, his Kampfhund. One of the photos shows Rudi embracing Greta [1], and the second photo shows Greta running with the words "Greta ran through the tall grass! So happy!" written on it [2]. Despite how cruel Rudi was during the campaign and how monstrous and vicious Kampfhunds look, one can't help but be touched by these innocent vacation photos of a man and his beloved dog. Sadly, anyone who's played through The Old Blood will know the ultimate fate of Rudi and Greta.
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  • After escaping Castle Wolfenstein, B.J. has the chance to give some money to an old drunk of a beggar. No, you don't get anything out of it, but there's nothing stopping you from doing it anyway. The softness in B.J.'s voice just sells it.
    .B.J.: Here. For soup.
  • At the end of The Old Blood, if you decided to save Annette, you can see that the friend (whose heavily implied to also be her lover) she was looking for has survived, and the last you seem of them is that they're embracing together. After all the death and tragedy suffered throughout the game, it's nice to see this small measure of comfort.

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