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Nightmare Fuel / Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

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  • At one point during your escape from the Prison, you'll stumble upon Rudi Jäger feeding a prisoner to his dogs. A live prisoner. Hearing him casually and lovingly talk to his pets while his victim is begging for his life at the top of his lungs is a horrifying sight, not to mention how he seems to only view the prisoner as a lump of meat instead of a person.
    Jäger: Lots of nutritious fat still on that one, yes?
  • Jäger's breakdown after you kill his dog is also horrifying as well as it is sad to watch. Cue him hunting you down into and through Paderborn and ambushing you in a Tavern with his men before smashing down the door in a suit of Powered Armor, going completely insane with vindictive fury.
  • The latter parts of "The Dark Secrets of Helga von Schabbs" — after the Nazis release a deadly curse that kills half the population of Wulfburg and reanimates them as horrible flaming zombies. Any bad guy you kill runs the risk of becoming one after this point, so a normal stealth segment or firefight could turn horrifying in a second. Goes from scary to heart-wrenching when it happens to Agent Two and potentially Annette as well, forcing you to put them down.
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  • King Otto I's horrifying little secret.

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