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Awesome / Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

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  • Toward the end of The Old Blood, you have to save either Kessler or Annette from the hoard of Shamblers. Whichever one you end up saving will pull off some impressive feats in the process. Annette, in spite of being just a young girl, manages to kill at least one zombie with a Luger she stole in the chaos, and later succeeds in liberating her friend from their burning, zombie-infested house. Kessler, on the other hand, holds off the undead hordes with nothing more than a simple hatchet. He later refuses when BJ offers him his shotgun back, and manages to single-handedly take over a Nazi airship to escape with.
  • Normal zombies are kind of dull, so what does The Old Blood do to make them suddenly and unexpectedly threatening? By making them FLAMING zombies spontaneously combusting and lighting half the town on fire! Also there are zombies that can wield guns!
    • There's also the fact that due to the air being saturated with all that green zombie gas ready to raise a corpse the second they die, you can make the nazis fight each other to a standstill as you headshot a couple of them, then watch them turn and start trying to make their former fellows the meal of the day.
  • Blazkowicz vs King Otto's monster. Blazkowicz wins.
  • BJ's simple internal monologue of "Killed your fucking dog, Rudi," after escaping from torture by Jäger. Sure, it's not the dog's fault, but given how much pride he takes in the dog mauling, murdering and feasting on prisoners, it's sure satisfying.

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